Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1028602 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Winstead, C. Winstead,Cherese DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Emerging IoT Technologies for Smart Agriculture
1028607 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Reddy, C. Reddy,Chandra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN 1890 Center of Excellence for Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, and the Environment: A Climate Smart Approach
1028633 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Andrews-Brown,Danielle M. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development for Teaching/Continuing Education Project Based on Research on Remote Sensing in Environmental Science
1028637 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Herring, J. Herring,Joshua ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL An HBCU Mini-Sabbatical in Food Science Focusing on Extrusion and Sensory Science
1028640 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmed, K. Ahmed,Khaled SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIV IL Artificial Intelligence for Greener Livestock: Educational and Research
1028661 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Meddaugh, M. Meddaugh,Melinda CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF SULLIVAN COUNTY NY Sullivan County Food Safety Outreach Program
1028672 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Liu, P. Liu,Pei UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Establishing a food safety model farm as a training center to advance food safety for Hmong farmers in Missouri
1028680 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Clark, J. Clark,Jessica WALLA WALLA COMMUNITY COLLEGE INC WA Walla Walla Agricultural Leadership: Expanding Opportunities for Latinx Ag Students
1028697 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pashow, L. Pashow,Lindsey CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Overcoming Food Safety Educational Barriers within NY Plain Communities
1028702 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Klair, K. Klair,Kevin UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN New Approaches to Farm Financial Benchmarking
1028707 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Li, S. Li,Shujuan UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Increasing Accessibility of Food Safety Resources to Tribal Growers in Arizona to Advance Resilience of Native Nations
1028709 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simonsen, J. Simonsen,Jon UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Amplifying the relevancy of Financial Benchmarking through Expanded Outreach and Environmental Emphasis to grow the National Database
1028718 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Feiereisel, K. Feiereisel,Kali COMMUNITY ALLIANCE WITH FAMILY FARMERS FOUNDATION CA Relationship Driven Food Safety Technical Assistance to California Small Farmers
1028733 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Willms, T. Willms,Timothy COMMUNITY PANTRY, THE NM Linking Sustainable Tribal Rancher Protein Project with Community Based Businesses and Food Banks
1028737 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Richard, N. L. Richard,Nicole L UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Building Capacity: Customized Food Safety Education and Outreach in Rhode Island.
1028743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez,Alan UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR LATINO Farm to Table & Food Safety Culinary Arts Initiative @ UPRCa
1028753 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wijeratne, A. Wijeratne,Asela ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Effect Of DNA Methylation On Soybean-Phytopthora sojae Interaction
1028799 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roque, H. Roque,Hilda Nuestras Raices MA Nuestra Comida (Our Food) Project: Increasing access to culturally-relevant produce/products and creating more economic opportunities for low-income Latino residents, farmers, and food entrepreneurs
1028816 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS INGHAM, B. H. INGHAM,BARBARA H UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Food Safety Training for Small Businesses Engaged in Canning
1028836 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mcghee, M. Mcghee,Morgan FOODCORPS, INC. OR FoodCorps FASLP: Developing the Next Generation of School Nutrition Leaders
1028845 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Magarey, R. D. Magarey,Roger D. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Southern IPM Center: A Regional Approach to Networking, Collaboration and Services
1028851 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baur, M. E. Baur,Matthew E. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Western Integrated Pest Management Center led by California, Arizona, Oregon, and Utah
1028853 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Himmelgreen, D. Himmelgreen,David UNIV OF SOUTH FLORIDA FL 15th Street-Farm Nutrition Education Program
1028854 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Redfern, T. Redfern,Tom RURAL ACTION INC OH Engaging Students and Community through Food and Agricultural Experiences in Appalachian Ohio
1028856 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chopra, S. Chopra,Surinder PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Plant Compounds for Controlling Fungal Pathogens and Insect Pests on Edible Mushrooms
1028859 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN NCRCRD-Resilient Rural Communities
1028861 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gornish, E. S. Gornish,Elise UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ EcoRestore: Online Portal and Community of Practice for ecological restoration for Southwest rangelands and forests
1028864 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Goetz, S. J. Goetz,Stephan J PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development 2022
1028866 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Iles, L. C. Iles,Laura Christine J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA North Central Integrated Pest Management Center(NCIPMC): A Regional Approach to Pest Management Implementation