Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027045 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, J. Thompson,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Food Scholars: Nurturing Cross-Institutional Relationships To Diversify Sustainable Food Systems Education
1012108 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, K. R. Thompson,Kenneth R. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Integrating aquaculture in and outside the classroom through innovative hands-on learning opportunities that support STEM education in Kentucky
1026016 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, K. R. Thompson,Kenneth Rolland KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Engaging Underrepresented Students in Real-World Investigations in the High School Classroom to Foster the Next Generation of Agriculture Scientists
1020009 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, Y. Thompson,Yvonneda CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT FY18 Chief Dull Knife College Extension Service Capacity Grant
1029458 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, Y. Thompson,Yvonneda CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT CDKC Extension Service Capacity Grant
1008606 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thornton, J. Rucks,Lucas GRAYS HARBOR COLLEGE WA Washington Forestry Training Initiative
0203791 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Threadgill, P. Threadgill, P. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extenison, Stoneville, MS
1029256 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Threlfall, R. Threlfall,Renee UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Through the Grapevine: Building Research and Extension Potential between Subgenera Vitis and Muscadinia for the U.S. Grape Industry
1021730 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tilahun, Y. Tilahun,Yonathan LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Aquaponics education: The solution for food deserts in America`s Heartland
1020893 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tiles, K. Tiles,Kristen UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Building Extension Capacity Around Legacy Planning for Woodland Owners
1021027 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tilmon, K. Tilmon,Kelley OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Prediction and management of Asiatic garden beetle, a pest of corn and other field crops in the Great Lakes region
1017246 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Smith,Ami Marie WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV West Virginia State University`s 1890 Facilities Five-year Plan of Work (2018-2022)
1022359 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Zaman,Naveed WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV 1890 Scholarships Program at West Virginia State University
1027316 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Zaman,Naveed WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV 1890 Scholarships Program at West Virginia State University
1020322 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tomasino, E. Tomasino,Elizabeth OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Smoke taint risk from vineyards exposed to wildfire smoke: assessment and management strategies.
1003290 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Torgerson, D. Henke,Leland NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Native Path Educational Model- coursework incorporating native relevance and increasing science literacy
1026495 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tormoehlen, R. Tormoehlen,Roger PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Drones, Robotics and Tractors - Agricultural Mechatronics in High School Agricultural Classrooms
1020937 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. Tressler,Elizabeth K YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Produce Prescription Program
1016722 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tronstad, R. Tronstad,Russell UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Developing Opportunities and Growing Business of Limited-Resource and Native American Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Arizona
1026951 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Trybus, J. A. Trybus,James A Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory NC NAHLN - NIFA Support 2021-2022
1029299 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tyner, M. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK College of the Muscogee Nation Extension Program
1026737 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ulmer, M. McKibben,Jason D. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Preparing Emergency Education Responders through Sustainable Learning Network Modules (PEER-SLN)
1020284 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Urban, J. M. Urban,Julie Marie PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA SCRI CAP Proposal: Biology, Management, and Reducing the Impact of the Spotted Lanternfly in Specialty Crops in the Eastern USA
1024590 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Urquidi, K. T. Urquidi,Kodi T. NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Efficiency and Durability of Photovoltaic System Components in Agricultural Settings
0201030 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vadhwa, O. P. Vadhwa, O. P. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Use of Functional Genomics for Pyramiding Favorable Allele Combinations for Enhancing the Technology to Produce Seedless Watermelon
1026986 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vafaie, E. Kerns,David L TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Integrated pest management of the European Pepper Moth
1016816 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Van Dam, A. Van Dam,Alex RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO MAYAGUEZ PR Integrative Taxonomic Training for the next generation of Puerto Rican Entomologist
1013094 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Van Den Berghe, G. Padget,Gregory PRACTICAL FARMERS OF IOWA IA Groundtruthing Farm Viability: Providing a Continuum of Advice, Support, Education and Outreach to Create Long-Term Sustainability for Beginning Farmers
1023811 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Van Dis, K. Maier-Kennelly,Sharon HIGH DESERT FOOD & FARM ALLIANCE OR Enhancing the Success and Viability of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Central Oregon