Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0231025 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Main, D. Main,Doreen S. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Snap Pea: Enhanced production of nutrient-dense vegetable legumes
1016359 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moyer, M. M. Moyer,Michelle WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA FRAME: Fungicide Resistance Assessment, Mitigation and Extension Network for Wine, Table, and Raisin Grapes
1016494 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pappu, H. R. Pappu,Hanu R WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Development and Delivery of Integrated Management Packages for the Most Serious Pest and Diseases Threatening US Allium Industries
1016886 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,Joseph Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Western Extension Risk Management Education Center
1020143 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gardner, C. Gardner,Courtney WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Assessing Risks of Transport and Uptake of Antibiotic Resistance and RNA Silencing Transgenes in Soils via Experiments and Modeling
1020312 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS du Toit, L. J. du Toit,Lindsey J WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Stop the rot: Combating onion bacterial diseases with pathogenomic tools and enhanced management strategies
1020313 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeVetter, L. DeVetter,Lisa Wasko WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Planning Grant: Implementation of New Technologies and Improved End-of-Life Management for Sustainable Use of Agricultural Plastics
1020900 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Norberg, S. Norberg,Steven WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Determining Genetic Factors that Influence Protein Quality and Yield in Alfalfa
1023501 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Keller, M. Keller,Markus WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA High-Resolution Vineyard Nutrient Management
1023630 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ganjyal, G. Ganjyal,Girish WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Innovative and supplementary food safety training, education, and outreach program for small and medium-sized food producers and processors
1024025 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Critzer, F. M. Critzer,Faith Michelle WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Bridging the Gap: Expanding a HACCP-based Curriculum to Help Produce Growers Treat Agricultural Water
1024088 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Weybright, E. Weybright,Elizabeth WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Universal Prevention Approaches To Addressing Opioid Use: Building Capacity Within Rural Families And Extension Personnel
1024134 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McMoran, D. McMoran,Don WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program
1024419 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Amiri, A. Amiri,Achour WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Epidemiology-Based Tactics To Abate Gray Mold Of Apple And Pear In The Pacific Northwest
1026405 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,Joseph Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving the Economic Viability of Agricultural Producers Through Risk Management Education
1027027 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Washington State IPM Extension Implementation Program 2021-2024
1027553 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Henderson, H. Post,Ava WATTS LABOR COMMUNITY ACTION COMMITTEE CA Regenerating Watts Farmers, Renewing Watts Farms
1017206 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, Y. Zhang,Yifan WAYNE STATE UNIV MI Evaluating Antibiotic Resistance in Locally-Grown Fresh Produce with the Aim to Enhance Urban Food Sustainability
1024638 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sjolie, S. Sjolie,Sarah WELLBEING PARTNERS, THE NE Healthy Neighborhood Store: A Business Development Catalyst for Latinex Markets
1019709 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, M. L. Stewart,Melissa L WEST VIRGINIA NATIONAL GUARD FOUNDATION, INC. WV Patriot Guardens: Providing Pathways for Production and Processing for Military Veterans
1017246 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Smith,Ami M WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV West Virginia State University`s 1890 Facilities Five-year Plan of Work (2018-2022)
1018104 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Huber, D. H. Huber,David H. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Healthy Rivers: Environmental Stressors and Resilience in Riverine Microbial Ecosystems
1021743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Natarajan, P. Natarajan,Purushothaman WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Integrating Data Science with Speed Breeding for Gummy Stem Blight Resistance in Watermelon and Nurturing Next Generation Minority Scientists
1021894 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Muthan, B. Muthan,Bagyalakshmi WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Strengthening Bioenergy Research and Educational Programs with Biotechnology Tools for Oilseed Crop Yield Improvement
1022359 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Zaman,Naveed WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV 1890 Scholarships Program at West Virginia State University
0204266 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, G. Brown, G. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Diabetes Detection and Prevention Project at West Virginia
1014935 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, R. Burns,Robert WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Developing a Regional Education Program in Sustainable Land Reclamation Management in Central Appalachia
1017168 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kotcon, J. Kotcon,James WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Overcoming barriers to transitioning small ruminants to organic production: Effects of feeding birdsfoot trefoil on parasite control, nutritional status and profitability
1027310 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chandran, R. S. Chandran,Rakesh S WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV WV Extension Implementation Program