Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029182 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Smith, C. Smith,Craig FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Increasing Participation in STEAM programs at Fort Peck Community College
1017407 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Smith, D. L. Smith,Damon Lee UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A multi-pronged approach to controlling Sclerotinia stem rot
1020859 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Smith, E. W. Smith,Erin W. JACKSON MEDICAL MALL FOUNDATION MS Innovating To Take Snap Incentives To The Next Level In Mississippi
1026608 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Smith, K. Smith,Kasee UNIV OF IDAHO ID Increasing Agricultural Teacher Candidate Proficiency in Food Security Education
1021859 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. D. Smith,Sigrid D.P. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Assessing the impacts of sea level rise on agriculture and wetland ecosystem services provisioning in Delaware
1023990 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sneed, C. T. Sneed,Christopher T. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Time to Talk: Facilitating Cost of Care Conversations
0211651 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snowball, C. D. Snowball LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Be Strong and Educate My Children
1020496 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. Snyder,William UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Balancing soil nutrition for sustainable weed and pest-insect management
0201274 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sohail, S. S. Sohail, S. S. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Improving Recruitment and Education in Food and Nutritional Sciences Through Mobile Classroom and Online Instruction
1021256 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sohn, S. Sohn,Sarah FUTURE HARVEST INCORPORATED: A CHESAPEAKE ALLIANCE FOR SUST MD Chesapeake Grows: A Regional Approach to New Farmer Success
0197468 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Soliman, K. M. Soliman, K. M. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Genomics of Cotton Fiber Using Suppression Subtractive Hybridization (SSH) and Microarrays
1023763 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sorrells, M. Sorrells,Mark CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Value-Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems
1024242 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Poitra, C. Sorroche,Emily MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Growing Native American Student Pathways into Agriculture
1013353 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS COLLIER, S. M. Spear,Melissa Seattle Tilth Association WA The Beginning Farmer Support Collective is an effort to enhance the services provided to beginning farmers in King County by joining resources of three farmer training organizations and the County.
0230373 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Spielmaker, D. Spielmaker,Debra UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION UT National Agriculture in the Classroom
1024388 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Spreen, C. Spreen,Constance EXPERIMENTAL STATION: 6100 BLACKSTONE, THE IL Link Up Illinois Statewide Nutrition Incentive Program
0201327 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Sriharan, S VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Globalization of Virginia State University's Agricultural Sciences Programs Through Faculty Development and Student Case Studies
0201353 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Sriharan, S. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Environmental Science: Curriculum Development, Teacher Preparation and Recruitment of Community College and High School Students
0204852 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Sriharan, S. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Collaborative Approach for Geographic Information System Instruction: Curricula Design, Faculity Development and Joint Degree
1021920 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS SRIPATHI, V. SRIPATHI,VENKATESWARA ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening the Capacity of Microbiome and Metagenome Research and Hands-on Student Training at Alabama A&M University
1027268 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stack, J. P. Stack,James P KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Great Plains Plant Diagnostic Network
1029168 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stack, J. P. Stack,James P KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Great Plains Diagnostic Network
1027228 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stamm, M. Stamm,Michael J KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development and Management of Canola in the Great Plains Region
0201446 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stanley, V. G. Stanley, V. G. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Diversifying the Professional Pool of Animal Science Majors Through Biotechnology
1016357 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS States, S. L. States,Sarah L PHIPPS CONSERVATORY AND BOTANICAL GARDENS, INC. PA Homegrown: Edible Garden Installation
0214603 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Staton, P. S. Staton, P. J. MARSHALL UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CORPORATION WV Water Pollutants, WV Project at Marshall University
0222617 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Staton, P. Staton,Pam MARSHALL UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CORPORATION WV WV Water Quality: Bacterial Source Tracking and Pathogen Profiling
0188333 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stein, L. D. Stein, L. D. COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY NY Gramene: A Resource for Comparative Grass Genomics
1027743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stelinski, K. S. Stelinski,Kirsten Suzanne UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: Targeting the Asian citrus psyllid gut to block Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus transmission