Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0201030 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vadhwa, O. P. Vadhwa, O. P. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Use of Functional Genomics for Pyramiding Favorable Allele Combinations for Enhancing the Technology to Produce Seedless Watermelon
0215204 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kalavacharla, V. Kalavacharla, V. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Use of Legume Comparative Genomics for Understanding Common Bean Rust Resistance
1023805 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, T. Larson,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM WI Using Comprehensive Financial Technical Assistance to Increase Capital Infusion for Beginning Farmers
1022601 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kowalczak, C. Kowalczak,Courtney FOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Using eDNA to Track Invasive Species Across Tribal Lands
1020491 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caldeira Rocateli, A. Caldeira Rocateli,Alexandre OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars To Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, And Forage Quality In Water-Limited Environments
1018141 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perera, D. A. Perera,Dayan Anselm UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Using Reproductive Physiology to Increase Aquaculture Capacity at The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB).
0230468 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kelly, J. Williams-Wheeler,Meeshay NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Using Technology to Deliver Parent Education and Information
1023521 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, N. C. Anderson,Nichole C UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Using virtual reality to increase student understanding and interest in farm animal welfare
1027405 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Forsyth, C. Lyberger,Debra AGRICULTURE AND FOOD, UTAH DEPARTMENT OF UT Utah Farm Stress Assistance
1024345 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wickings, K. G. Wickings,Kyle N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Utilizing Acoustics to Enhance the Monitoring and Management of Belowground Pests and Their Aboveground Predators
0206934 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Latimore, Jr., M. Latimore, Jr., M. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Utilizing GIS to Enhance the Environmental Soil Science Instructional Program
0192446 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Day, J. W. Bates, J. L. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Utilizing Mississippi River Diversions for Nutrient Management in a Louisiana Coastal Watershed (NUMAN)
0219985 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bradford, T. Bradford,Timothy MISSISSIPPI VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY MS Valley Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers
1023763 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sorrells, M. Sorrells,Mark CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Value-Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems
1017577 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Leon Gonzalez, R. G. Leon Gonzalez,Ramon Gonzalo NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Variable Precision Planting For Site-Specific Maximization Of Weed Suppression And Yield In Row Crop Systems
1024482 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hamilton, D. Hardy,Koy FRESH APPROACH CA VeggieRx Program: Prescribing Produce to Improve Community Health through a Trauma-Informed Nutrition Education Approach
1027204 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hazelrigg, A. L. Hazelrigg,Ann L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Vermont IPM Extension Implementation Program (VT EIP): 2021-2024
1027249 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bothfeld, D. Willard,Abbey AGRICULTURE, FOOD & MARKETS, VERMONT AGENCY OF VT Vermont`s Plan for Further Developing the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1023272 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bowie, M. V. Bowie,Michael V UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Vet Start Mentoring Program
1020053 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sorensen, M. Sorensen,Mark PAINTED DESERT DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS, INC. AZ Veterans Agricultural Education and Apprenticeship Program in the Southwest
1019932 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, J. R. Butler,John Robert AGRICENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. TN Veterans Employed in Technology and Service in Agriculture (VETSA)
1020299 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, R. Elliott,Robert VETERAN'S FARM OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC., THE NC Veteran`s Agricultural Training and Education Program
1020754 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Payne, C. A. Payne,Craig A. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Veterinary Education and Training in Beef Cattle Reproduction and Genomics
1017264 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Naikare, H. Naikare,Hemant UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Veterinary Microbiology Residency Program At The Tifton Veterinary Diagnostic And Investigational Laboratory
0199948 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hilgenberg, G. Hilgenberg, G. Crowder College MO Veterinary Technology Program
1024605 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kuo, Y. Kuo,Yen-Wen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA VIGS-driven RNAi using insect specific viruses to manipulate psyllids and their endosymbionts as a strategy to control citrus greening/HLB
1026982 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Frank, D. Frank,Daniel VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION, VA POLYTECH INST. VA Virginia Extension Implementation Program
1027305 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Seymour, A. Green,Charles AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VA Virginia Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1023543 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Magee, C. Magee,Christianne COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Virtual Bovine Anatomy