Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1018099 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ricketts, J. C. Ricketts,John Clifton TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Advancing Capacity in FANH Sciences through Professional Development in and about Online Learning, Virtual Reality, and 360° Video at Tennessee State University
1019932 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, J. R. Butler,John Robert AGRICENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. TN Veterans Employed in Technology and Service in Agriculture (VETSA)
1020752 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, D. M. Butler,David Michael UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing indigenous soil microflora to facilitate organic strawberry transition in the southeastern US
1021790 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aziz, A. N. Aziz,Ahmad Naseer TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Mobile Experiential Learning Towards Creating a High School Pipeline in Middle Tennessee through Integrated Research on Crops’ Wild Relatives
1022338 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Young, D. Young,De`Etra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN TSU 1890 Scholarship Program: Training and Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders in Food and Agricultural Sciences
1022513 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS El Kadiri, R. El Kadiri,Racha MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Integrated Approach for the Assessment of Watershed Sensitivity to Agricultural Conservation Practices under a Changing Climate
1022532 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Johnston, T. Johnston,Tony MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Partnership to Develop Fermentation Science Curricular Enhancements to Basic Undergraduate STEM Classes
1023403 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Addesso, K. Addesso,Karla TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Flatheaded Borer Management in Specialty Crops
1023621 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jagadamma, S. Jagadamma,Sindhu UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Designing Farmer`s Goal-Oriented Organic Grain Rotations To Optimize Agronomic, Economic And Ecological Outcomes In Tennessee
1023724 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jurat-Fuentes, J. L. Jurat-Fuentes,Juan Luis UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Addressing Risks of Resistance to RNAi as Plant Incorporated Protectant versus Non-GE RNAi Approaches
1023989 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wallace, H. S. Wallace,Heather Sedges UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network: Southern Region
1024260 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bullock, F. D. Omondi,Emmanuel Chiwo TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN COVID-19 Relief: Enhancing Food Security, Community, and Rural Development
1024261 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Taheri, A. Taheri,Ali TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Acquisition of a Zeiss confocal microscope for advancements in research and training purposes at Tennessee State University
1024364 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Klingeman, W. E. Klingeman,William E. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Sustainable Agricultural Products from Healthy Oaks: Protecting the economy of American oak resources
1025996 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mosley, C. Mosley,Chaney MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Soil, Animal, Food, and Economic (SAFE) Research, Education, and Outreach
1027213 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McDonald, C. C. McDonald,Carol Coley AGRICULTURE, TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF TN TN Expansion: Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027241 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gao, Y. Gao,Ying MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Evaluating disease prevention methods for organic American ginseng production in Appalachia, an integrated research, education, and extension approach
1027265 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kelly, H. M. Kelly,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN IPM Implementation for agronomic crops, housing, schools, pesticide applicators, specialty crops, and pollinators
1028607 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Reddy, C. Reddy,Chandra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN 1890 Center of Excellence for Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, and the Environment: A Climate Smart Approach
1030394 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Blair, M. W. Blair,Matthew TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN High-throughput Plant DiTech phenotyping for Climate Resiliency in Legumes Species
0196104 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears, M. M. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Center For Food Industry Excellence
0199612 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears, M. M. TEXAS TECH UNIV TX Center for Food Industry Excellence
0200358 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Harveson, L. A. Harveson, L. A. SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Enhancing Educational Equity for Hispanics in Higher Education
0201446 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stanley, V. G. Stanley, V. G. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Diversifying the Professional Pool of Animal Science Majors Through Biotechnology
0203244 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Garza, R. Garza, R. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Hispanic Leadership Program in Agriculture for Research on Food and Agriculture and Sciences
0207270 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McKinney, D. C. McKinney, D. C. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN TX Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Physical Assessment, TX
0209767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Price, E. Price,Edwin C TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX Iraq Agricultural Extension Revitalization: Second Implementation Phase
0210422 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears,Mindy Malynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Pre-Harvest Critical Control Points in Feed Yards to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Pathogens onto Cattle and other Environmental Areas
0214337 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kazen, S. Kazen, MS, MPH,RD,LD,Susan NORTHEAST LAKEVIEW COLLEGE TX Project La Cena (Central Texas Education for Nutrition Advancement)