Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027188 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Studebaker, G. Studebaker,Glenn ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR 2021 Arkansas Extension Implementation Project
1027190 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dominguez, C. Dominguez,Cristina La Semilla Food Center NM Growing the Culture, Collaboration, and Capacity of Farmer to Farmer Food Safety Trainings
1027193 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hall, J. Hall,Janice AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Building a Food Safety Training Program to Empower Disadvantaged Producers in Alabama
1027194 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schneider, K. R. Schneider,Keith R UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Southern Regional Center for Food Safety Training, Outreach and Lead Regional Coordination Center
1027199 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dill, J. Dill,James UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME UMaine Integrated Pest Management CPPM-EIP
1027201 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Feng, Y. Feng,Yaohua PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Developing an active-learning outreach program to support small and very-small dried fruit processors’ food safety management
1027203 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Reay-Jones, F. P. Reay-Jones,Francis CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Crop Protection and Pest Management Extension Implementation Program for South Carolina
1027204 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hazelrigg, A. L. Hazelrigg,Ann L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Vermont IPM Extension Implementation Program (VT EIP): 2021-2024
1027205 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Leppla, N. C. Leppla,Norman C UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Crop Protection and Pest Management Extension Implementation Program for the University of Florida
1027206 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Windham, E. Windham,Erin AGRICULTURE, CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF CT Developing and Building a Comprehensive Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network in Connecticut
1027207 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Seth-Carley, D. Seth-Carley,Danesha NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Modernizing North Carolina IPM Extension Programs to Address Stakeholder Needs
1027212 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Matney, C. Matney,Casey UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Protecting and Supporting Northern Farms
1027213 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McDonald, C. C. McDonald,Carol Coley AGRICULTURE, TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF TN TN Expansion: Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027214 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Machado, R. Machado,Robson UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Jumpstart to Farm Food Safety - Farm Food Safety Planning for Small and Medium-Sized Farms
1027222 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tewksbury, E. A. Tewksbury,Elizabeth A UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Promoting Integrated Pest Management for Farms, Nurseries and Landscapes
1027223 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Calixto, A. Calixto,Alejandro CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Integrated Pest Management Program for New York State, 2021-2024
1027224 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schneider, B. Schneider,Betty NORTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ND Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN)
1027226 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Almodovar, W. Almodovar,Wanda UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO EXTENSION PR Divided by Water, United by Need: IPM Program for Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands
1027227 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Development and Characterization of Diverse Hemp Germplasm for Submission to the NPGS
1027228 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stamm, M. Stamm,Michael J KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development and Management of Canola in the Great Plains Region
1027233 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lucier-Greer, M. J. Lucier-Greer,Mallory Joy AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL 2022 Military REACH
1027235 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moore, V. Moore,Virginia CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Breeding Alfalfa for Intercropping with Intermediate Wheatgrass: Towards perennial grain-forage systems
1027237 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Concklin, M. Goltz,Nicholas UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Connecticut Extension Implementation Program
1027240 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Krull, J. Krull,Jayne AGRICULTURE, TRADE AND CONSUMER PROTECTION, WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF WI Expanding and Promoting Wisconsin`s Farmer Mental Health Resources
1027241 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gao, Y. Gao,Ying MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Evaluating disease prevention methods for organic American ginseng production in Appalachia, an integrated research, education, and extension approach
1027242 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Melanson, R. A. Melanson,Rebecca A. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Mississippi State University Extension IPM Implementation Program, 2021-2024
1027244 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wu-Smart, J. Wu-Smart,Judy UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Great Plains Master Beekeeping Farmer Open Apiaries and Educational Training Kits
1027245 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Muna-Brecht, C. Muna-Brecht,Chelsa GOVERNMENT OF GUAM- DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION GU Guam DOAG Farm and Ranch Stress Assessment and Support
1027249 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bothfeld, D. Willard,Abbey AGRICULTURE, FOOD & MARKETS, VERMONT AGENCY OF VT Vermont`s Plan for Further Developing the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027250 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Coop, L. B. Coop,Leonard Bryan OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Oregon Extension IPM: Meeting Critical Needs Through Adoption, Education, Decision Support and Pest Impact Assessment