Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027305 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Seymour, A. Jackson,Monica AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VA Virginia Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027732 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Seymour, D. K. Seymour,Danelle Kathleen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA SP: Use performance of 300 hybrids in established trials to map Huanglongbing tolerance/resistance genes and release superior new rootstocks
1023444 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shade, J. Sciligo,Amber ORGANIC CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PROMOTION VT BOA: Organic Confluences: Developing Open-Access And Scale-Agnostic Technology For Organic Farmers
1026684 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shade, J. Sciligo,Amber ORGANIC CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PROMOTION VT Organic Confluences: Reducing Plastic across the Organic Supply Chain
1020353 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shafer, S. Shafer,Stuart JOHNSON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE KS Building Pathways for Sustainable Agriculture Secondary and Post-Secondary Education in Kansas
1018115 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shanks, B. Shanks,Bruce LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Efficient Nanotechnology Methods to Remove Contaminants for Improving Water Quality
1024564 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shatters, R. G. Heck,Michelle Lynn USDA-ARS, GENETICS AND PRECISION AGRICULTURE UNIT MS CAP: Therapeutic Molecule Evaluation and Field Delivery Pipeline for Solutions to HLB
1015178 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh,Mehboob B. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Muscadine Grape: Exploitation of Berry Nutraceuticals as Anti-cancer Functional Food
1026206 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh,Mehboob Basha FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Capacity in Agro-Nutraceuticals to Study Muscadine Grape as a Potential Prebiotic and Probiotic Source to Promote Gut Health
1022508 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shew, A. M. Latour,Mickey Adams ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Improving Crop Residue Burning and Management Recommendations in the Arkansas Delta Region
1029327 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Short-Azure, M. Short-Azure,Michelle TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Maximizing Turtle Mountain Family Resources Project
1023628 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shumaker, E. Ruzante,Juliana RESEARCH TRIANGLE INSTITUTE NC Immersive Food Safety Training to Support Technical Assistance for Small and Mid-Sized Farmers
1026962 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sial, A. Sial,Ashfaq UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Implementation of Systems-based IPM Programs in Key Production Systems in Georgia
1023475 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sial, A. A. Sial,Ashfaq Ahmad UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Moving from crisis response to long-term integrated management of SWD: A keystone pest of fruit crops in the United States
1026089 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Siddiqui, R. A. Siddiqui,Rafat A VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Evaluation of ginger varieties for promoting its cultivation and consumption for preventing obesity
0218197 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Siedenburg, K. Fisher, Andrew COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY COALITION OR Community Food Project Learning Communities: Shared Experience, Stronger Programs
1022531 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sikalidis, A. Sikalidis,Angelos CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Capacity Strengthening Undertaking - Farm Organized Response of Workers Against Risk for Diabetes: (C.S.U. - F.O.R W.A.R.D. with CalPoly)
1024414 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sikes, M. E. Sikes,Melissa Elizabeth FAIRBANKS SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT AK Alternative Fairbanks Farm Educational and Cooperative Training (AFFECT)
0190184 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Silander, J. A. Silander, J. A. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Early Detection and Rapid Assessment of Invasive Plant Species and Noxious Weeds
0222064 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Silliman, B. Silliman, B. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Enhancing Evaluation Systems in Extension
1020528 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS SILVA, E. M. SILVA,ERIN UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Organic Alternatives to Conventional Celery Powder as a Meat Curing Agent
1026815 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Silva-Araya, W. F. Silva-Araya,Walter F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Strengthening Multidisciplinary Integration in Agriculture and Natural Resources Education by Using Advanced Technologies and Computer Simulations
1027043 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simion, K. Ehmes,Delihna COLLEGE OF MICRONESIA FM Micronesia Grows Technology: A Program to Facilitate Distance Learning for Agriculture and Extension Students at the College of Micronesia-FSM
1027161 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simion, K. Young-Uhk,Steven COLLEGE OF MICRONESIA FM Yap Prepare to Grow: Facilities and Equipment for Agriculture in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia
1026960 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simonsen, J. Simonsen,Jon UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Collaboratively Breaking Down Barriers for Farm Financial Benchmarking to Grow the National Database
1028709 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simonsen, J. Simonsen,Jon UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Amplifying the relevancy of Financial Benchmarking through Expanded Outreach and Environmental Emphasis to grow the National Database
1023591 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simpson, C. R. Simpson,Catherine Ross TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX MASTERS (Mentoring Agriculture Students through Training, Experiential learning, and Research Skills) for the Future Agricultural Workforce
1024023 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simpson, R. B. Summerlin,Tiffany OPERATION WELCOME HOME, INC. WV Operation Welcome Home: Veterans Agriculture Training Program
1027251 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sims, V. A. Sims,Venessa A. GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE GA Georgia Farmer Healthy Mindset