Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020863 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yaroch, A. L. Yaroch,Amy CHN NEBRASKA NE Comprehensive and Integrated Center for Nutrition Incentive Program Training, Technical Assistance, Evaluation and Reporting
1029301 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jessup, R. Jessup,Russell W. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Compliant Hemp Accelerated Improvement Network (CHAIN)
1029151 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Clark, M. Clark,Matt UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Completing the Grapevine Powdery Mildew Resistance Pipeline: From Genes-on-the-Shelf to Sticks-in-the-Ground
0206624 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Klein, R. C. Klein, R. C. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Comparing Establishment and Growth Characteristics of Juneberry Cultivars in the Northern Great Plains
1027015 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diaz Rios, L. K. Diaz Rios,Lillian Karina UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Community-Informed Capacity Bridging to Increase Access to Health Education in Rural Areas Via Telehealth
1010320 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Davila, M. Davila,Marisol University of Puerto Rico - Utuado PR Community service as an active learning strategy for agriculture undergraduate students
0214439 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Crow, A. C. Crow, A. C. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK Community Quota Entity Capacity Building
0217850 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zevon, A. Ela Chapin LOCAL AGRICULTURAL COMMUNITY EXCHANGE VT Community Kitchen Incubator Project
1029376 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nipp, K. R. Nipp,Kelly Richard LEECH LAKE TRIBAL COLLEGE MN Community Health and Vitality: Enhancing Indigenous STEM Programs for a Brighter Future in Ojibwe Communities
0218197 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Siedenburg, K. Fisher, Andrew COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY COALITION OR Community Food Project Learning Communities: Shared Experience, Stronger Programs
1029063 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gunn, J. Gunn,Joshua MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Community Capacity Building for Emergency Planning
1024189 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chanes, C. Chanes,Christina M UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Communities Overcoming Various Injustices to Defend Rural Health (COVID) is a pilot outreach program to inform the community of C-19 by leveraging access and information in health to limit the spread
0189271 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thames, S. F. Thames, S. F. UNIV OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI MS Commercializing Alternative Crops
1021031 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gleason, M. L. Gleason,Mark L IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Combining advanced spray technology with IPM tactics to sustain apple production
1027171 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Riggs, N. Riggs,Nathaniel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado State University Sustainable Community Project
1020671 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Card, A. B. LaShell,Beth COLORADO FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GROWERS ASSOCIATION CO Colorado Produce Safety Collaborative: Regionally Adapted Training and Outreach
1027128 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robak, O. Williams-Helm,Alison AGRICULTURE, COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CO Colorado Farmer and Rancher Mental Health Support Grant
1027125 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Szczepaniec, A. Szczepaniec,Adrianna COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado Extension Implementation Program
1029299 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tyner, M. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK College of the Muscogee Nation Extension Program
1024281 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gollnow, M. Gollnow,Miranda COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI College of Menominee Nation Micro-credentialing Extension Program
1027159 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ellison, S. Ellison,Shelby UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Collection, Pre-Characterization, And Preservation Of American Hemp Germplasm
1026960 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simonsen, J. Simonsen,Jon UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Collaboratively Breaking Down Barriers for Farm Financial Benchmarking to Grow the National Database
0190192 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Harrison Jr, F. Harrison Jr, F. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Collaborative Research and Outreach for Small Farm Enterprises and Community Development in the Black Belt South
1023494 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dawson, J. C. Dawson,Julie C UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Collaborative plant breeding network development for organic systems in the Upper Midwest
1026773 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, H. Wilson,Houston UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Collaborative Knowledge Networks for Planning Organic Agriculture Research and Extension in California
0210014 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hartman, K. E. Hartman,Kerry FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Collaborative Investigation into Propagation Methods for Expansion of Native Juneberry Stands
0222705 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Milne, B. T. Milne,Bruce T Sustainability Studies Program NM Collaborative for Sustainable Foodshed Development
1020575 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Xu, W. Watts,Evelyn LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Collaborative Food Safety Education Program for Louisiana Retail/Manufacturing Crossover Businesses
1027428 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ryu, D. Ryu,Dojin UNIV OF IDAHO ID Collaborative Food Safety Education and Training for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Farmers in the Pacific Northwest