Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0186753 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Barlow, J. Barlow, J. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Methods to monitor and assess animal health and food safety on dairy farms
0186547 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Macpherson, M. L. Macpherson, M. L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Insulin-like Growth Factor System and Stallion Infertility
0186545 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Simmen, R. C. Simmen, R. C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Insulin-like Growth Factor System and Stallion Infertility
0186513 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Siefker, C. Siefker, C. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Immunobiology of Bovine Intestinal Nematodes
0186483 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Frasca, S. Hart, I. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Molecular Characterization and Phylogeny of Chlamydia-Like Bacteria from Branchial Epithelium of Farmed Salmonids
0186473 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Lester, G. D. Lester, G. D. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Pathophysiology and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease in Horses
0185768 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Courtney, C. H. Courtney, C. H. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Rational Control of Equine Helminthiases in Florida.
0185634 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Rae, D. O. Rae, D. O. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Raising the Calf Crop in Florida Beef Cattle
0185633 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Cardeilhac, P. T. Cardeilhac, P. T. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Organochlorine Pesticides in Alligator Egg Yolks and their Association with Fertility of Alligator Populations on Florida Lakes.
0185632 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Burridge, M. J. Burridge, M. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Control of Ticks and Tickborne Diseases Threatening Animal and Public Health in Florida.
0185598 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Boyle, C. R. Boyle, C. R. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Synergism in Veterinary Medical Research Through Statistical Collaboration and Consulting
0185404 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Riggs, M. W. Riggs, M. W. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Characterization of Cryptosporidium Parvum Molecules Involved in the Pathogenesis of Infection
0185240 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Forrester, D. J. Forrester, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Surveillance for Parasites and Diseases of Wildlife in Florida
0185233 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Cooper, S. R. Cooper, S. R. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Calcium and Phosphorus Requirements and Bioavailability in the Horse
0185214 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Appleton, J. A. Gilmour, R. F. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY P. tenuis: Identificaiton of candidate antigens for diagnosis and vaccination
0185213 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Schukken, Y. Gilmour, R. F. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Molecular Epidemiology of Antibiotic Resistance in Bovine Intramammary S. aureus Infection
0185157 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Maxwell, C. V. Maxwell, C. V. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Effect of Segregated Early Weaning on Gut Immune Status in Neonatal Pigs
0185123 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Strickland, J. Strickland, J. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Improving Animal Tolerance of Environmental Toxins Through Understanding Mechanisms of Toxic Action
0185080 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Mount, M. E. Mount, M. E. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Synthesis of Gossypol Derivatives capable of Coupling to Protein
0185079 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Boyce, W. B. Boyce, W. B. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Vectors and vector-borne diseases of food animals.
0185073 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Beck, M. M. Beck, M. M. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Estrogen-calcium relationships during onset of metabolic bone disease in the aging hen
0184867 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Barbet, A. F. Barbet, A. F. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Antigenic conservation in Anaplasma marginale
0184834 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Panangala, V. S. Pnnangala, V. S. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Mycoplasma gallisepticum cell adherence: Adhesins and acccessory regulatory mechanisms
0184801 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Risco, C. A. Risco, C. A. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Retained Fetal Membranes in Dairy Cows: Treatment Comparison and Effect on Calcium and Energy Status
0184776 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Giguere, S. Giguere, S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of horses
0184662 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Barletta, R. G. Barletta, R. G. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Molecular Genetic Analysis of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis and Related Mycobacterial Pathogens
0184616 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Allred, D. R. Allred, D. R. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Genetic Basis for Antigenic Variation in Babesia bovis
0184247 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Vickroy, T. W. Carey, S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Continuous Monitoring Of Drug Residues In Tissues Of Free Moving Domestic Large Animal Species
0184200 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH GROOMS, D. Grooms, D. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Pathogenesis of Acute Infection With Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus