Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024124 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State
1024134 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McMoran, D. McMoran,Don WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program
1024137 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Turner, S. C. Green,John MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS FY 20 Integrated Activities
1024179 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Huttenga, B. Huttenga,Becky OTTAWA, COUNTY OF MI Transferring Land and Downloading Knowledge: Catalyzing New Farmer Development in West Michigan.
1024180 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cass, R. Cass,Randall IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Next Generation of Midwest Beekeepers: Leveraging Resources in Nebraska and Iowa to Reach New and Underserved Communities
1024203 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Purdue University's Proposal To Host NCRCRD
1024242 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Poitra, C. Sorroche,Emily MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Growing Native American Student Pathways into Agriculture
1024298 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Liu, Z. Liu,Zhongzhe CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, BAKERSFIELD CA Acquisition of a GC-TCD for Analyzing Agriculture-Derived Gases and Integrating Engineering with Natural Science in Research/Training/Extension
1024317 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gent, S. P. Gent,Stephen Patrick SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Advancing the National Bioeconomy Through Regional Sun Grant Centers: 2020-2024
1024386 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ligrani, R. Lerner,Jennifer CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF PUTNAM COUNTY NY Establishing the Putnam County Food System Coalition to Conduct a Community Food Assessment
1024399 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Comeau, R. Comeau,Richard TULSA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OK Double Up Oklahoma | Expanding access to fruits and vegetables for low-income Oklahomans
1024421 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Francis-Begay, K. R. Francis-Begay,Karen R UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Advancing Postsecondary Attainment & Research in STEAM for Tribal Students (APARSTS)
1024475 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Albrecht, D. E. Albrecht,Don Earl UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Rural Development Center 2021
1024482 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hamilton, D. Hamilton,Danielle FRESH APPROACH CA VeggieRx Program: Prescribing Produce to Improve Community Health through a Trauma-Informed Nutrition Education Approach
1024564 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shatters, R. G. Shatters,Robert G USDA-ARS, GENETICS AND PRECISION AGRICULTURE UNIT MS CAP: Therapeutic Molecule Evaluation and Field Delivery Pipeline for Solutions to HLB
1024571 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perret-Gentil, A. Perret-Gentil,Abigail GRACE GROWS INC FL Linking the Agricultural and Cultural Roots of Southeast Gainesville to Increase Food Access and Sovereignty
1024590 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Urquidi, K. T. Urquidi,Kodi T. NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Efficiency and Durability of Photovoltaic System Components in Agricultural Settings
1024604 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roper, C. Roper,Caroline UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA CAP: Combining cultural and genetic approaches for grove success to unravel and enhance resistance/tolerance to Huanglongbing
1024613 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Manker, D. C. Manker,Denise C. Citrus Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) FL CAP Collaborative approach between academics, growers and agrochemical industry to discover, develop and commercialize therapies for citrus huanglongbing (HLB)
1024638 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sjolie, S. Sjolie,Sarah WELLBEING PARTNERS, THE NE Healthy Neighborhood Store: A Business Development Catalyst for Latinex Markets
1024813 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1025073 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hicks, A. Hicks,Austin CAPITAL AREA FOOD BANK DC Curbside Groceries: The Grocery Store That Comes to You
1026223 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Villafane-Santiago, M. Villafane-Santiago,Marilia UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO IN PONCE PR UPRP Distance Education Service Facilities Improvement Instrumentation Project
1026224 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Villafane-Santiago, M. Villafane-Santiago,Marilia UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO IN PONCE PR UPRP Distance Education Service Facilities Improvement Instrumentation Project
1026285 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Klair, K. Klair,Kevin UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Digital Center for Risk Management Education
1026309 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wolinski, L. G. Wolinski,Laurie G UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE The Agriculture Risk Management Education Partnerships (ARME) Competitive Grants Program
1026396 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Malekian, F. Malekian,Fatemeh SOUTHERN UNIV LA Center of Excellence for Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life
1026405 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,Joseph Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving the Economic Viability of Agricultural Producers Through Risk Management Education