Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1000800 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Straley, J. Straley,Jan Univerisity of Alaska Southeast AK Getting Rural Alaskans into Science Professions (Enhancing Education in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science for Under-Served Alaskans)
1020367 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schulte, P. Schulte,Priscilla Univerisity of Alaska Southeast AK Transforming ecosystems of Alaska: an interdisciplinary FANH program for dual enrollment students
1028928 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morton-Eggleston, E. Morton-Eggleston,Emma UNIVERSITY HEALTHCARE PHYSICIANS, INC. WV "Farm To You Mobile" Produce Prescription Program: Increasing Access To Local Produce And Nutrition/Cooking Education Via Mobile Outreach
1023459 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stevens, C. Stevens,Carrie UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Investing in Sustainable Stewardship
1026757 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stevens, C. Stevens,Carrie UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Invigorating Alaska Native Food & Energy Sovereignty
1027212 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Matney, C. Matney,Casey UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Protecting and Supporting Northern Farms
0214439 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Crow, A. C. Crow, A. C. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK Community Quota Entity Capacity Building
0227284 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Russell, S. Russell,Stephen UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Military Family Readiness Training System
0230980 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jones, C. K. Jones,Christopher Kevin UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ eXtension Community of Practice (CoP): Climate, Forests & Woodlands
1010536 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rock, C. Rock,Channah UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Seeds for increasing tribal knowledge in food safety
1016403 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Limesand, K. H. Limesand,Kirsten H. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Precision Nutrition: Emerging Solutions for Chronic Disease
1018077 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hingle, M. D. Hingle,Melanie Daniela UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ University of Arizona Multicultural scholars program in culinary medicine
1020297 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Slinski, S. L. Slinski,Stephanie Leigh UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Developing A Trans-Disciplinary Approach For Improving Leafy Greens Production In Arid And Semi-Arid U.S. Growing Regions
1023749 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carriere, Y. Carriere,Yves UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Genomic Resistance Risk Assessment for Vip3-Producing Transgenic Crops in Helicoverpa zea
1024273 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, J. Perkins,Jamie UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Delivering a Comprehensive Food Safety Database to Support Early Career Veterinarians in Rural, Large Animal Practice as an Amazon Alexa Skill
1024421 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Francis-Begay, K. R. Sierra-Cajas,Kimberly UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Advancing Postsecondary Attainment & Research in STEAM for Tribal Students (APARSTS)
1026306 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ruyle, G. B. Dalke,Amber M UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Expanding Extension Capacity Through RangeDocs: Searchable Rangeland Science
1027065 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ellsworth, P. Ellsworth,Peter UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ The Arizona Pest Management Center: Supporting Adoption Of High-Impact Ipm Programs In Diverse Environments
1027148 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mpanga, I. Brown,Judith K. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Assessing Soil and Plant Health Response to Composted and Solarized Grape Pomace with manure in Semi-arid Soil
1028707 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Li, S. Li,Shujuan UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Increasing Accessibility of Food Safety Resources to Tribal Growers in Arizona to Advance Resilience of Native Nations
1028861 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gornish, E. S. Gornish,Elise UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ EcoRestore: Online Portal and Community of Practice for ecological restoration for Southwest rangelands and forests
1029248 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dhar, A. Dhar,Arun UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Development of PCR-based diagnostic assays in support of disease free attestations of formulated aquafeed.
1023534 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Estepp, C. Estepp,Christopher UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR PREPARES: Providing Relevant Experiences and Pedagogy in Agriculture to Retain and Engage Students
1023536 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rucker, J. Rucker,Jill UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Teaching Agricultural Communications for Career Success (TACCS)
1026873 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rojas, C. GOGGIN,FIONA UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Imaging Technologies for Plant, Animal and Soil Health and Productivity
1029256 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Threlfall, R. Threlfall,Renee UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Through the Grapevine: Building Research and Extension Potential between Subgenera Vitis and Muscadinia for the U.S. Grape Industry
1029342 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lafontaine, S. R. Lafontaine,Scott Robert UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Enabling the characterization, identification, and production of raw materials/ value added products with next generation flavors
1009789 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lu, F. Lu,Flora UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA Diversifying Food Studies and Fostering Community Food Security
0208113 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Suslow, T. Suslow, T. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Novel Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide Treatments for Disinfection of Lettuce and Leafy Greens to Enhance Food Safety and Preserve Quality