Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210422 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears,Mindy Malynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Pre-Harvest Critical Control Points in Feed Yards to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Pathogens onto Cattle and other Environmental Areas
1023509 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Heins, B. Heins,Bradley UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Pre-Weaned Calf Rearing Options for Organic Dairy Systems
1023632 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, T. L. Robinson,Terence L. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Precision Crop Load Management for Apples
1016403 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Limesand, K. H. Limesand,Kirsten H. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Precision Nutrition: Emerging Solutions for Chronic Disease
1021921 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zheng, Y. Sarigul,Erol ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Predicting Vineyard Canopy Coverage Using Airborne Images and Neural Network
1021027 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tilmon, K. Tilmon,Kelley OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Prediction and management of Asiatic garden beetle, a pest of corn and other field crops in the Great Lakes region
1023534 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Estepp, C. Estepp,Christopher UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR PREPARES: Providing Relevant Experiences and Pedagogy in Agriculture to Retain and Engage Students
1026737 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ulmer, M. McKibben,Jason D. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Preparing Emergency Education Responders through Sustainable Learning Network Modules (PEER-SLN)
0223098 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Grant, D. S. Grant,Denise SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Preparing for Readiness in the Environmental Profession (PREP)
1021847 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kim, C. Kim,Chyer VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Preparing for the Future: Building Capacity for Food Safety Compliance at Farmers` Markets
1027026 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bales, D. Bales,Diane UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Preventing Opioid Misuse in Rural Georgia
1020345 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perez-Jimenez, J. R. Rosario,Jose J. SISTEMA UNIVERSITARIO ANA G. MENDEZ, INC. PR Primer Tropical Bioprospecting Venture Based on Forest Microbiology
1027347 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Derryck, D. Samad,Ismail CORBIN HILL FOOD PROJECT, INC., THE NY Produce Prescription in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan
1024359 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Odom, K. Lipman,Jesse Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services HI Produce Prescription Pilot Program
1020937 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. Tressler,Elizabeth K YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Produce Prescription Program
0199507 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kagan, A. Kagan, A. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Produce Pricing - Phase IV
1028893 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kuyper, E. Kuyper,Edye COMMUNICARE HEALTH CENTERS CA Produce Rx: Health Centers Leveraging Local Produce For Wellness
0203152 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Singh, S. K. Singh, S. K. Sinte Gleska University SD Production Techniques and Analysis of Native and Non-Native Sage Grown on the Rosebud Indian Reservation for Medicinal and Ceremonial Uses
1028633 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Andrews-Brown,Danielle M. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development for Teaching/Continuing Education Project Based on Research on Remote Sensing in Environmental Science
1028559 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fernando, H. Fernando,Harshica PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Professional Development In Assessing The Food Safety Using The Chemically Activated Luciferase Gene Expression (Calux) Bioassay
1018054 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nandwani, D. Nandwani,Dilip TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in Assessing the Impact on Organically Managed Horticultural Crops to Enhance Research at Tennessee State University
1029086 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Huff, N. L. Huff,Nichole Langley UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY PROFIT: Promoting Recovery Online through Financial Instruction and Addiction Training
1021075 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barnes, M. A. Barnes,Matthew A TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Program in Inquiry and Investigation (Pi^2): Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences
1021961 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodríguez, L. F. Rodríguez,Luis Felipe UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Project Based Education via Community Engagement for Disaster Relief and Resiliency
1029468 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Li, O. Li,Olive CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Project BRIDGE: Building Relationships for Innovating, Diversifying, Growing and Enhancing Food Science Programs in Southern California
0214337 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kazen, S. Kazen, MS, MPH,RD,LD,Susan NORTHEAST LAKEVIEW COLLEGE TX Project La Cena (Central Texas Education for Nutrition Advancement)
1007065 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Flory, J. Blyth,Aaron Latino Economic Development Center MN Project to link low income community members and immigrant farmers together to form healthy local food system.
0203396 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Macfarlane, M. S. Michelle Macfarlane, M. S. SIERRA COLLEGE CA Project-Based Learning: Sustainable Poultry Production/Processing: A Community Partnership
1029378 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Real Bird, S. G. LaForge,Kirt LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Promoting Agriculture Capacity and Equity in the Crow Reservation