Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027171 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Riggs, N. Riggs,Nathaniel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado State University Sustainable Community Project
1029147 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Riggs, N. Riggs,Nathaniel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Sustainable Community Project for a Family-Inclusive Lifestyle Intervention for Teenagers in Rural Colorado
1017429 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Riley, D. G. Riley,David G UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A MultiState Approach To Quantifying And Managing Insecticide Resistance In Plutella Xylostella The Diamondback Moth In Cole Crops
1022414 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rimal, A. Busdieker-Jesse,Nichole L MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY MO Challenging the system: are U.S. beginning farmer programs debilitating or advancing the progress of agriculture?
1021780 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ringer, J. Ringer,Joshua LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Rural to Urban Small Farms Agripreneurship Program
1024152 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rivera, N. White,Kenneth SEGAR ADVOCACY INSTITUTE INCORPORATED PR Reviving Food Production in Puerto Rico through the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program- COVID19 Pandemic Relief Supplement Project
1027128 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robak, O. Williams-Helm,Alison AGRICULTURE, COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CO Colorado Farmer and Rancher Mental Health Support Grant
0198167 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robb, J. G. Robb, J. G. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Livestock Marketing Information Center: Multi-State Research Support
1024213 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roberge, S. Roberge,Steven UNH Cooperative Extension NH Landowner Engagement Improves Eastern White Pine (EWP) Resilience and Value in a Changing Environment
1020301 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roberts, P. D. Roberts,Pamela UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Management of endemic and emerging bacterial diseases of Capsicum by plant resistance, novel compounds, and understanding pathogen diversity
1029112 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robertson, M. Buys,David Russell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Ag Family Friendly Training for Healthcare Professionals
1016601 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. Robinson,Jillian INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. NY The Phoenix New Roots Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program
1021746 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. N. Robinson,Jenelle Nicole FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Enhancing Student Success through Performance-Based Nutrition Leadership and Performing Arts-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum Development
1024290 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. P. Robinson,Joseph Paul PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Pathogen-safe Sorter for the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue University
1010536 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rock, C. Rock,Channah UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Seeds for increasing tribal knowledge in food safety
1028743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez,Alan UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR LATINO Farm to Table & Food Safety Culinary Arts Initiative @ UPRCa
1021961 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodríguez, L. F. Rodríguez,Luis Felipe UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Project Based Education via Community Engagement for Disaster Relief and Resiliency
1026793 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez-Perez, R. Rodriguez-Perez,Robinson UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Using Distance Education to Enhance Aquaponic Production in Puerto Rico’s Model Forest
1026835 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roesch-McNally, G. Roesch-McNally,Gabrielle AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, INC DC Veteran Women for the Land will shed light on the unique experiences of farmers and farmland owners who are navigating the complex intersection of gender identity and veteran’s status.
1026873 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rojas, C. GOGGIN,FIONA UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Imaging Technologies for Plant, Animal and Soil Health and Productivity
1023435 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roman, F. R. Roman,Felix R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Replacement of obsolete FT-IR and GC-MS in Analytical Laboratory of Food, Soils and Environmental Chemistry (ALSFEC)
1023436 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roman, F. R. Roman,Felix R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Enhancement of soft skills and entrepreneurship in undergraduate and graduate students from Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences (FANS) by their involvement in Experiential Learning Activities
1027300 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Romano, N. Romano,Nicholas UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Technical and economic feasibility of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) production under conventional and novel stacked system
1023358 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Romero, A. Romero,Alvaro NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Enhancing Hispanic Access to Natural Resource and Agricultural careers through Education Mentorship and Training "ENHANCEMENT"
1024604 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roper, C. Roper,Caroline UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA CAP: Combining cultural and genetic approaches for grove success to unravel and enhance resistance/tolerance to Huanglongbing
1028799 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roque, H. Roque,Hilda Nuestras Raices MA Nuestra Comida (Our Food) Project: Increasing access to culturally-relevant produce/products and creating more economic opportunities for low-income Latino residents, farmers, and food entrepreneurs
1016514 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rosen, C. Rosen,Carl UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Enhancing Soil Health in US Potato Production Systems
1026282 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rosser, T. G. Rosser,Thomas Graham MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Management Of Fish-Borne Trematodes In Pond-Raised Ictalurid Catfish
1020858 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rost, C. Rost,Caroline KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Summer Program For Aspiring Rural Kansas (Spark) Veterinarians