Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1025770 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Leggett, C. G. Leggett,Carol G MEREDIAN BIOPLASTICS, INC. GA Pennycress, a Non-Edible Oil, Used in the Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) to Manufacture Biodegradable Plastics
1025769 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Laicer, C. Laicer,Castro GINER, INC. MA A Rapid, Field-Portable Sensor For Detection Of E. Coli O157:H7 In Irrigation Water Used For Fresh Produce Cultivation
1025763 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hugenroth, J. Hugenroth,Jason Hugenroth INVENTHERM, L.L.C. LA Aseptic Soft Serve and Slush Machines
1025762 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sulakvelidze, A. Sulakvelidze,Alexander Intralytix, Inc. MD Phage biocontrol of Vibrio parahaemolyticus for enhancing seafood safety
1025761 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Darchuk, E. Darchuk,Emily WHEYWARD SPIRIT, LLC OR Commercialization to Convert Whey to an Artisanal Clear Spirit
1025756 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sillick, M. Sillick,Matthew PARAGON FLAVORS, INC. NJ Wholegrain functional rice flours
1025751 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lundberg, B. M. Lundberg,Brock Matthew FIBERSTAR, INC. WI Highly Functional Weighting Agent By Green Modification of Natural Fibers to Stabilize Flavored Oils in Beverages
1025750 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Yildirim, O. E. Jones,Ben STIXFRESH USA, INC. WA Dose response curves of essential oil compounds in postharvest spoilage prevention of fresh produce
1025749 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kang, T. Kang,Taiyoung JUN INNOVATIONS, INC. HI Enhanced Bacterial Viability of Freeze-dried Probiotics using the Supercooling Pretreatment
1025745 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wallace, J. Wallace,Jared HAGEN LOGISTICS LLC WI Improving Food Safety and Security via Blockchain Technology to Track Tanker Washes and Commodity History for Liquid Food Grade and Dairy Industries
1025742 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Contreras, A. Contreras,Adam BIOSTONE ANIMAL HEALTH LLC TX An Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) for Detecting African Swine Fever Antibodies and Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals (DIVA)
1025732 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnson, R. Johnson,Rick APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC OH Investigation of Passive Phosphorus Reduction Through Use Of An Innovative Hydrogel Technology
1025731 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Pitesky, M. Pitesky,Maurice AGRINERDS, INC. CA Connecting the Dots: Linking a Novel Egg Counting Device to Machine Learning Based Software to Facilitate Improved Food Safety and Production Efficiency in Poultry Production
1025730 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Liang, D. Liang,Dangshang APEX BAIT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA APEX-FLB: A Safe and Inexpensive Formulation for the Control of Stable Fly in Livestock Industries
1025724 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Latham, E. Latham,Elizabeth BEZOAR LABORATORIES, LLC TX Investigate effects of denitrifying probiotic, Paenibacillus fortis, and nitrate in beef steers, and their potential to decrease methane while providing ancillary benefits.
1025389 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Brown, C. A. Brown,Cynthia A. ENERGY INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT, L.L.C. LA A Feasibility Study of a Cooling Technology for Internal Combustion Engines in Off-road Diesel Vehicles, Including Tractors, Combines, Spreaders and Applicators
1024736 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lee, J. Lee,Joun PANI CLEAN INC IA A Hybrid Electrodialysis/Electrolysis Unit for Combined Nitrate Removal and Conversion from Agricultural Wastewater
1024708 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rotshtein, R. Rotshtein,Regina THINKING HABITATS LLC MI Empowering rural high school students to use local news as a knowledge source to make informed decisions about their lives and rural communities.
1024683 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT MAFRA-NETO, A. MAFRA-NETO,AGENOR ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA "Shielding Spruce and Douglas Fir Trees from Bark Beetle Attack"
1024675 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Williams, C. Williams,Christopher INTELLISENSE SYSTEMS, INC. CA Fire Weather Observation Sensor (FWOS) System
1024569 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bradley, C. Bradley,Clifford MONTANA BIOAGRICULTURE INC. MT Curvularia: Fungal Symbiosis for Drought Protection in Wheat
1024536 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Crosby, B. C. Crosby,Brett Clive CUSTOM AG SOLUTIONS, INC. WY Research and Development of a Cattle Marketing Portal to Improve Small and Mid-Size Cattle Producers` Market Awareness, Planning, and Decisions
1024534 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lanning, C. Lanning,Christopher FOREST CONCEPTS, LLC WA Advanced Lab Equipment and Modeling Tools for Dryer Design
1024527 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Starr, E. Starr,Emily STARRMATICA LEARNING SYSTEMS, INC. IA STEM lesson creation coaching framework to improve the pedagogy of K-5 teachers implementing the NGSS
1024505 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Weissman, J. Weissman,Jeffrey Precision Combustion, Inc. CT Effective Reduction of Ammonia in Poultry Facilities
1024427 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Pagels, W. R. Pagels,William Robert APOLLODX , LLC UT COVID-19 Rapid Response: Development of a Coronavirus Antigen Early Diagnostic Detection Platform: Point-of-Need, Fast, Easy-to-Use with Integration into Contact Tracing
1024418 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schultink, A. Schultink,Alex FORTIPHYTE, INC. CA Development of a tomato variety with durable resistance to Bacterial Spot
1024405 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rock, K. P. Rock,Kelly Peter Micronic Technologies, Inc. VA Scaling Tornadic One Pass™ Wastewater Treatment Technology to Conserve Natural Resources
1024332 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cornish, K. Fontana,Thomas R ENERGYENE INC. OH GRIPS: Guayule Radiation-Attenuation Innovative Gloves as a Price-Effective Route to Natural Rubber Security
1024312 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Orrey, J. Orrey,Jeffrey GEOVISUAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. CO Precision Harvest Forecasting of Fresh Vegetable Crops