Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1011463 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Roth, AM, . Roth, AM, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Wildlife Diversity and Habitat Quality as Indicators of Forest Management and Ecosystem Health
1011284 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Preisser, EV, L. Preisser, EV, LA. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Understanding and exploiting host plant resistance as a tool for eastern hemlock restoration in PA forests – a combined field and laboratory approach
1011235 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Stouffer, P. Stouffer, P. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Understanding the effects of landscape change on populations and communities of forest birds
1011208 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Smallidge, PE. Smallidge, PE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improving Maple Sap Quality, Efficiency, Production and Profitability Through Collection and Processing Enhancements
1011184 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Orr, B. Orr, B. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Earthworm sampling and analysis on the Ottawa National Forest
1011182 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Cavaleri, M. Cavaleri, M. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Comparing source water and rooting depth of jack pine from different post-harvest site preparation treatments and tree age classes
1011138 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lemos, MA, CA. Lemos, MA, CA. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI McIntire Stennis 2017 Administrative Project
1011137 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Agrawal, A, . Agrawal, A, . UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Incentives or Information? Supporting stronger public-private forest management partnerships in Michigan
1011136 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lindquist, MA, . Lindquist, MA, . UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Evaluating Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs in the Design, Planning & Management of Urban Forests: Synthesizing SDM, Scenario Planning and Landscape Visualization
1011135 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Fischer, AL, PA. Fischer, AL, PA. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Human Adaptation to Climate Change and Effects on Upper Midwest Forests
1011134 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ibanez, IN. Ibanez, IN. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Establishing a Network of Forest Inventory Plots across U. Michigan Properties to Assess and Inform About Forest Performance Under Global Change
1011022 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Auty, DA, . Auty, DA, . NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Wood Quality Assessment in Support of Landscape Scale Forest Restoration
1010991 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Madsen, EU, . Buckley, DA, H. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Impacts of Forest-Tree Species on Carbon Cycling by Microbial Communities and Carbon Sequestration in Soil – Part 2
1010961 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Busov, V. Busov, VI. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Regulation of biomass growth in poplar under nitrogen and water deprivation
1010950 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Webster, C. Webster, C. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Ungulate foraging and sustainable forest management in northern temperate forest ecosystems
1010895 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Williams, H, . Williams, H, . STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY TX Administrative Support for the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program at SFASU
1010848 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Akumu, CL, . Clement Elumpe, AK, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Mapping and Monitoring of Southern Yellow Pine Species in Tennessee, Using an Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS approach
1010804 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bishop, TR, . Bishop, TR, . University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Squeezed from all sides: Urbanization, invasive species, and climate change threaten function of riparian forest buffers
1010731 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Demchik, M. Demchik, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Exploring Factors Related to Dark Heart of Hard Maple in Wisconsin
1010730 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Demchik, M. Demchik, M, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Is Operator-Select, Every Fifth-Row Thinning Viable for Red Pine Thinning in Wisconsin?
1010723 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Anderson McIntyre, LA, . Anderson McIntyre, LA, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Unplug or Plugging in? Understanding Visitor Connections to Technology on Remote and Urban-Proximate Forests
1010712 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Masters, RO, . Prater, JA, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Northern Highlands Ecosystem Responses to Thinning and Fire Frequency
1010675 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gunn, JO, . Gunn, JO, . UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Invasive plant impacts on New Hampshire forest ecosystem services.
1010653 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Smallidge, PE. Smallidge, PE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Forest Vegetation Management Protocols that Support Forest Regeneration
1010634 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Conner, W. Conner, W. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Long-Term Responses of Coastal Freshwater Forested Wetland Ecosystems to Climate Change
1010629 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Olson, MA, . TAPPE, PH, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Silvicultural Practices for Addressing Contemporary Challenges to Sustainable Forestry
1010519 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lockwood, J, . Lockwood, JU, L. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Does setting aside forest in open space protection ensure persistence of native birds?
1010515 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Beier, P, . Beier, P, . NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Using geodiversity to prioritize sites for species representation
1010485 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Catanzaro, PA. Catanzaro, PA, F. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Deciding the Future of the Land: The Estate Planning Decisions of Family Forest Owners