Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1001875 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hooks, C. R. Hooks,Cerruti UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Moving IPM in Maryland to Greater Economic and Ecological Sustainability
1001870 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Phills, B. R. Haseeb,Muhammad -- FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Florida A&M University Extension Integrated Pest Management Coordination Program
1001823 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ellis, D. R. Ellis,Donna UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Connecticut Extension Integrated Pest Management Program
1001753 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Giraud, D. D. Espinoza,Dorina M UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA The Northwest California Tribal Communities Extension Program
1001752 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Allen, C. T. Allen,Charles T. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Texas IPM Program
1001586 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Bechinski, E. J. Bechinski,Edward J. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Coordination of Extension IPM Programs for Communities, Specialty Crops and Pesticide Applicators in Idaho
1001503 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Rush, C. M. Rush,Charles M. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Integrated Management of Mite-Vectored Virus Diseases of Wheat
1001500 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ratcliffe, S. Ratcliffe,Susan T UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL North Central Region IPM Grants Program Management FY13
1001452 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Wang, C. Wang,Changlu RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Reducing Insecticide Use and Labor through Precision Bed Bug IPM
1001387 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Jepsen, S. D. Jepsen,Dee OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH The Ohio AgrAbility Project
1001366 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Guedot, C. Guedot,Christelle UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Developing and delivering sustainable SWD management solutions for North Central region berry growers
1001347 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Krushelnycky, P. D. Krushelnycky,Paul D. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Assessment of Secusio extensa for the biological control of fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) in Hawaii
1001346 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Sandler, H. A. Sandler,Hilary A UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Advancing IPM on Diversified and Organic Farms in Massachusetts
1001324 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Young, D. Young,Deborah COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado IPM Coordination 2013 - 2016
1001316 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Mueller, D. S. Mueller,Daren Shane IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management
1001312 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Knodel, J. J. Knodel,Janet NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND EIPM-CS Program in North Dakota
1001307 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hamilton, G. Hamilton,George RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Coordination and Delivery of Specialty Crop IPM for NJ Fruit Crops: Apples, Peaches and Nectarines, Blueberries and Wine Grapes
1001252 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Royer, T. A. Royer,Tom OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK IPM Oklahoma! Implementing IPM in Agronomic Crops, Animal Agriculture, Specialty Crops and Housing
1001239 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hazelrigg, A. Hazelrigg,Ann UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT The Transdisciplinary Vermont Extension IPM Program Addressing Stakeholder Priorities and Needs for 2013-2016
1001236 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Wang, K. Wang,Koon-Hui UNIV OF HAWAII HI Non-Chemical based IPM plans against insect pests in aquaponic vegetable and wetland taro agroecosystems
1001213 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Grasswitz, T. Goldberg,Natalie NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Coordination Program for Extension IPM in New Mexico
1001207 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Schlub, R. L. Schlub,Robert UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Extension Integrated Pest Management Standard Coordination Program for Guam
1001160 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Carley, D. S. Carley,Danesha Seth NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Delivery, Monitoring, Evaluation and Needs Assessment Tools and Programs to Magnify Statewide IPM Impacts in North Carolina
1001156 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Dill, J. F. Dill,James UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Maine Integrated Pest Management Coordination and Implementation - 2013
1001145 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Borden, L. Borden,Lynne M UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN CYFAR Professional Development and Technical Assistance (CYFAR PDTA)
1001142 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Wright, R. J. Wright,Robert J UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Corn Rootworm Management Education in the transgenic era
1001140 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ahmad, A. AHMAD,ASHFAQ UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA IPM in Southeastern Agroecosystems
1001133 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Casagrande, R. A. Casagrande,Richard A UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI IPM in Rhode Island: Building on the Past, Addressing the Future
1001123 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Torres, N. Torres,Nayda UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Children, Youth and Families at Risk Liaison