Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1028493 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Govoni, K. Govoni,Kristen UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT 2022 Aspen Perinatal Biology Symposium
1028492 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jackwood, D. J. Jackwood,Daral J LARAD INC. OH Differentiating between Marek’s Disease Virus infected and Herpesvirus of Turkeys vectored vaccinated poultry.
1028489 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zeece, E. Zeece,Eric THYREOS, INC IL The first non-neuroinvasive live-attenuated bovine herpesvirus type 1 vaccine
1028487 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Yang, S. Yang,Stephen SILVEC BIOLOGICS, INC. MD Defeating Boytrytis in grapevines with siRNAs
1028485 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Xu, J. Xu,Jeff LEAPTRAN, INC. TX Rural and Community Solar PV Production Aggregating Forecast Solution
1028482 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Barham, T. A. Barham,Tanya A COMMUNITY ENERGY LABS, LLC OR Advanced Grid Interactive Load Efficiency (AGILE)
1028480 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnson, M. A. Johnson,Marie Ann LOON MEDICAL LLC MN Smartphone Application for collection of clinical-quality respiratory signs and symptoms
1028478 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jensen, D. Jensen,David ISOTRUSS INDUSTRIES LLC UT Versatile network access through lightweight, space saving, and durable IsoTruss mobile cell sites
1028477 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Simpson, P. K. Simpson,Patrick Kenneth PKS CONSULTING, INC. AK Mobile PET Plastic Ocean Waste Recycler (POWER) Module
1028476 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Niewohner, S. Niewohner,Scott BIRD'S EYE ROBOTICS, INC. NE Development of computer vision and grapple mechanism to improve poultry welfare across life cycle through autonomous robotic solutions.
1028470 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT O`Brochta, D. O`Brochta,David GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES, INC RI 2022 Genetic Biocontrol Gordon Research Conference
1028462 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hochman, G. Hochman,Gal COUNCIL ON FOOD, AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS, INC., THE NJ An interdisciplinary approach to transforming agricultural and food systems into more resilient and sustainable circular systems: A Mentoring Workshop
1028461 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jeffries, T. W. Jeffries,Thomas William XYLOME CORPORATION WI Heterologous Synthesis of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Aquaculture
1028456 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chander, Y. Chander,Yogesh VARIGEN BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION WI Development of a Simple and Easy to Use Diagnostic Assay for Rapid Detection of Virulent Strains of Aeromonas hydrophila (vAh)
1028453 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Malone, R. Malone,Ronald AQUACULTURE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC LA Start Up Beads to Mitigate Stock Losses in the RAS Acclimation Process
1028448 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wyatt, L. Wyatt,Levi YAKIMA CHIEF HOPS, INC. WA Feasibility Study for a BioCO2 and Renewable Natural Gas Anaerobic Digester Upgrading Plant
1028447 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Deemer, M. Powell,Richard PITTMOSS LLC PA Feasibility and Application of Industrial Hemp Fiber as an Agricultural Substrate Incorporated in Growing Mixes
1028446 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shrestha, R. P. Shrestha,Roshan P PHYCOVAX LLC CA Development and Initial Testing of Diatom-Based Self-adjuvanting Antigen-Adjuvant Fusion Subunit Protein Oral Vaccines against Piscine Francisellosis in Nile Tilapia
1028442 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Grismer, M. Grismer,Melinda PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Creating Connections at Every Crossroad at NACDEP 2022
1028438 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rudberg, E. A. Rudberg,Edgar Atwood NUCLEIC SENSING SYSTEMS LLC MN Detecting and Genetically Verifying Key Aquaculture Viruses Autonomously and Continuously
1028436 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Burghardt, L. Burghardt,Liana PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Changing Microbiomes: A symposium hosted by the Microbiome Center at the Pennsylvania State University
1028432 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Gavazzi, S. M. Gavazzi,Stephen Michael OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH 1994-1862 Land-Grant Institutional Partnerships Conference 2022
1028428 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schofield, M. A. Schofield,Marvin A CONOVATE, INC. WI Domestic Bio-Renewable Products as New Supply Chain for Advance ECOphite Battery Anode Materials
1028422 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sheth, R. Sheth,Ravi IMVELA CORP. NY SBIR Phase I: Novel Biopreservatives to Improve The Shelf Life Of Processed Bread Goods
1028421 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Smiechowski, M. Smiechowski,Matthew GUILD ASSOCIATES, INC. OH Immobilization of Enzymes for Enhanced Production of Protein Hydrolysate and Lactose Free Products from Whey
1028419 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Xiong, X. Yu,Liang INTEGRATED LIPID BIOFUELS LLC WA SBIR Phase I: Sequential Hydrothermal Extraction (SeqHTE) for Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Potato Peels and Agricultural By-products
1028412 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lubberstedt, T. Lubberstedt,Thomas IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) Meeting 2022 - "Past, Present, and Future of Plant Breeding"
1028407 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sutterlin, W. R. Sutterlin,William Rusty AMERICAN RENEWABLE METALS, LLC AL Glycerol Derived Compounds as Substitutes for Conventional Solvents
1028405 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT O`Rourke, E. C. Jackson,Karin RADIANT INNOVATION LLC CO Solar-Powered Refrigeration for Reliable Off-Grid Storage and Distribution of Fresh Produce