Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031555 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lindemann, M. D. Lindemann,Merlin D UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Repair/Replacement Of The Ventilation System At The University Of Kentucky Swine Research Unit
1031553 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, R. M. Johnson,Reed M. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Developing and deploying novel tools to support varroa mite IPM for enhancing honey bee health for pollinating specialty crops
1031550 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fischbach, J. A. Fischbach,Jason A UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Increasing Crop Diversity in Wisconsin Through the WI Emerging Crops Coalition
1031548 NEW OTHER GRANTS Shi, A. Shi,Ainong UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Development of germplasm resources and molecular breeding tools to combat endemic and emerging diseases in US spinach production
1031546 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gude, V. Gude,Veera Gnaneswar PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Women and Minorities Participation in Water and Energy Sectors
1031545 NEW OTHER GRANTS Martin, K. E. Martin,Kenneth E. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Building Community Capacity to Support Mental Health and Prevent Substance Use Disorders in Rural Ohio
1031544 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ghanem, L. Ghanem,Lina INADVANCE CA Fresh5x Nutrition Incentive Program Expansion & Ready-To-Eat Produce Packs Pilot
1031543 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nicholie, M. Nicholie,Molly Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project NC WNC Farm Fresh Double SNAP Network
1031542 NEW OTHER GRANTS Haeussler, C. Haeussler,Carla FUNDACION MMM INC PR Fresh Access to Puerto Rico: increasing fruit and vegetable purchases for NAP participants
1031541 NEW OTHER GRANTS Irish, V. Irish,Vivian YALE UNIVERSITY CT SP: Analyses of susceptibility genes in a library of multiplex gene edited citrus plants
1031540 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coleman, S. M. Coleman,Shannon Monique IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Introduction of food science and safety practices to 4-H youth
1031539 NEW OTHER GRANTS Laborde, M. J. Laborde,MarĂ­a J. BANCO DE ALIMENTOS PUERTO RICO, INC. PR Financial incentive provided with the purchase of fruits and vegetables from local NAP approved vendors to be used in the acquisition of food products in Banco de Alimento Puerto Rico.
1031538 NEW OTHER GRANTS Copenheaver, C. A. Copenheaver,Carolyn A VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Partnering Award-Winning Teachers and Teachers with Promise: Enhancing the Disciplinary Diversity of USDA Teaching Excellence Award Winners
1031537 NEW OTHER GRANTS Derr, J. F. Derr,Jeffrey F VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Greenhouse Construction Support For Integrated Controlled-Environment Agricultural Research
1031536 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lu, R. Lu,Renfu AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL AIMS for Apple Harvest and in-field Sorting
1031535 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stang, S. Stang,Stephanie NORTON SOUND HEALTH CORP AK Norton Sound Health Corporation Produce Prescription Program
1031534 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kuhr, E. Kuhr,Erika HAWAII INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC AGRICULTURE HI Seed to Service: A Problem-solving Approach Towards A Sustainable Local Food System.
1031533 NEW OTHER GRANTS Guffey, A. Guffey,Andy NATIONAL AGRICULTURE IN THE CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION (NAITC) INC. FL Increasing Agricultural Literacy in K-12 Education
1031532 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hood, L. Hood,Lanae LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGRICULTURE PROJECT, INCORPORATED VA Virginia Fresh Match: Adapt, Expand and Sustain the Nutrition Incentive Network through Innovative Collaboration
1031531 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li, L. Li,Ling UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Sustainable Engineering Leaders of the Future-Residential Summer Institute for Girls
1031530 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harris-Hollingsworth, N. Harris-Hollingsworth,Nicole HMH HOSPITALS CORPORATION NJ Hackensack Meridian Health Fresh Match Initiative (HMHFM)
1031529 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mazar, J. Mazar,Jessie LOST SIERRA FOOD PROJECT CA Feather River Food System Initiative: Bridging Disciplines and Bright Futures in Rural Agricultural Education
1031527 NEW OTHER GRANTS Well, J. Well,Jay OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Adaptive Agriculture in a Changing Climate
1031526 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mata-Gonzalez, R. Mata-Gonzalez,Ricardo OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Multicultural Scholars Program: Training the Next Generation of Diverse Global Food and Agricultural System Leaders
1031525 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ruth, T. Ruth,Taylor UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Science, Engagement, and Leadership Academy (SELA): Promoting the Role of MANRRS at Community Colleges to Develop Capacity and Community
1031524 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ozmaeian, M. Ozmaeian,Masoumeh WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Empowering Young Women and Educators: Promoting the Significance of STEM Education in Agricultural Practices through Hydrologic Sciences
1031521 NEW OTHER GRANTS Karim, B. Karim,Bibi BRONXWORKS, INC NY The BronxWorks Nutrition Incentive Program (BNIP)
1031519 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thompson, K. R. Thompson,Kenneth Rolland KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Engaging Secondary School Students in Real-World Investigations in the High School Classroom to Increase their Interest in STEM Subjects and Careers and Enhancement of Leadership
1031518 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pearson, M. Pearson,Mitchell PHI GLOBAL LLC MO The Spanish Lake Local Food Network will Expand Urban Farm School Programs
1031517 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gornish, E. S. Gornish,Elise S UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ GALS Arizona & Michigan: Girls on outdoor Adventure for Leadership and Science in Arizona and Michigan