Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0214083 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lima, M. Marybeth Lima LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA A community engaged fellows program to combat childhood obesity
0219715 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS westhoff, P. Wilcox, L. J. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO A Comprehensive Financial and Risk Management Solution for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers - A Farm Level Approach
0229258 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cotterall, Y. Cotterall,Yolanda Latino Economic Development Center MN A Comprehensive Intercultural Training for Beginning Latino and Hmong Farmers and Ranchers.
0225776 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, A. R. Marshall,Andrew Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association ME A Comprehensive New Farmer Support and Training Program for Maine
1007651 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MacPhee, D. MacPhee,Daniel Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association ME A comprehensive new farmer training program for Maine
0219010 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wineman,C Wineman,Claire CENTRAL COAST RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL CA A Comprehensive Risk Management Training Program for Spanish-Speaking Farmers in Santa Maria Valley
0186518 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cogburn, L. A. Cogburn, L. A. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE A Consortium for Functional Mapping of Growth-Regulating Genes in Broiler Chickens
0226988 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hartman, K. Hartman,Kerry FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND A Cooperative Investigation into Nutritional Analyses of Selected Wild and Domesticated Amelanchier Cultivars
0188578 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lemenager, R. P. Lemenager, R. P. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Cooperative Partnership for Small- and Medium-size Beef Producers in the Eastern Corn Belt: PhaseII
0223356 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shelton, A. M. Burr, T. J. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY A Critical Assessment of the Effect of Cry Proteins on Beneficial Arthropods Through the Use of Cry-Resistant Hosts
1010354 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, K. Wang,Kan IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Data-Driven Approach to CRISPR Design for Reduced Off-Target Activity in Plant Genome Editing
1014125 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kisekka, I. Kisekka,Isaya UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Decision Support Tool for Predicting Alfalfa Yield and Quality to Enhance Resource Use Efficiency
0222811 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rudell, D. R. Rudell,David R. USDA, ARS, Tree Fruit Research Laboratory WA A diagnostic toolbox for integrated management of apple postharvest necrotic disorders
0195613 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coulson, R. N. Coulson, R. N. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX A Facilitated Workshop to Address Planning, Evaluating, and Monitoring a Southern Pine Beetle Research and Development Program
0226006 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Solimon, R. Solimon,Ronald INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS NM A Feasibility Study of an Integrated Curriculum in Agriculture
0214225 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhao, X. Zhao,Xin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Florida-Spain partnership for strengthening organic agriculture research and education
0212308 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McGill,D,W McGill,David W WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV A Forest Conservation Outreach Program Using the Netflix Model in West Virginia and Western Maryland
0198072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Radcliffe, D. E. Radcliffe, D. E. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A Framework for Trading Phosphorus Credits in the Lake Allatoona Watershed
1012622 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bidgood, E. Bidgood,Emily APPALACHIAN RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL TN A fruit and vegetable prescription pilot program for northeast TN and southwest VA, impacting 100 SNAP-recipient families in Washington County, TN
0215277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, X. Wang,Xiaofei TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A genomic and proteomic search for segregating adipose genes in broilers
0223050 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ozbay,G Ozbay,Gulnihal DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE A geospatial teaching laboratory for student education
0219259 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wilcox, B. Krutovsky,Konstantin V. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A Graduate Program in Forest Resources: Developing Integrated Expertise in Forest Resource, Management, Conservation, and Restoration
1002301 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS PHANEUF, D. J. PHANEUF,DANIEL J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A graduate program in resource economics at the University of Wisconsin - Adaptation to climate change and policy
0219236 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pawlak, J. J. Pawlak,Joel NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Graduate Program of Study in Biological Processing of Forest Materials
1012172 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fletcher, D. J. Fletcher,Daniel John CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY A High-Fidelity Veterinary Clinical Simulation Platform
0186433 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Saylor, W. W. Saylor, W. W. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE A Holistic Evaluation of Phosphorus Management Practices for Animal Agriculture
0189965 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crawford, H. R. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Land Grant Network to Enhance Tribal College Community Natural Resources Education Programs
0211995 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schoen, R. Schoen, R. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DC A Leadership Summitt to Effect Change in Teaching and Learning
0231213 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sleeper, F. Sleeper,Faye Regents of the University of Minnesota MN A Management Tool for Small Community Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: The Community System Owner`s Guide