Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195874 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gant, C. M. Gant, C. M. SECTION HIGH SCHOOL AL Bridging Generations with HortiCORPS (Connecting with Outside Resources for Program Success
0204171 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Casey, J. Torrico, L. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV., FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Bridging the GAP (Gateway to Agriculture Professions)
0204815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cotton, C. P. Corrie Cotton UNIV OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE MD Broadening Perspectives: Educating Under-Represented Youth About Food and Agricultural Sciences Through Experiential Learning
0204013 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jurena, P. N. Jurena, P. N. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Building a Research Based Bridge Between an HIS and a Land-Grant University for Graduate Studies in Environmental Sciences
0210390 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sanderson, R. L. Beel, J. A. LAKE LAND COLLEGE IL Building a Secondary Agriculture Education Program
0214539 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Garza, R. Garza, R. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Building Agricultural and Environmental Research Capacity at HSI`s: The USDA Faculty and Student Team (FaST) Program
0207092 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smith, H. Smith, H. RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY COLLEGE CA Building Bridges Across Riverside Through Water Quality Research
0199877 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Field, M. K. Field, M. K. Greenfield Community College MA Building Bridges Between Agricultural and Environmental Studies: An On-Line Approach
0204127 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ferris, A. M. Ferris, A. M. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Building Cultural Competence Through Development of a Coordinated Sequence of Service-Learning Courses
0207085 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Negron, J. A. Negron-Berrios,Juan A. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Building for the Future through Modern Biology and Biotechnology
0207175 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Durnovo, M. Durnovo, M. Houston Community College TX Building New Career Tracks for Underrepresented Students
0196176 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Clary, C. Clary, C. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Building Resources for Retention and Maximum Achievement of First-Generation Culturally-Identified Hispanic Agricultural Students
0206395 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jin, B. Jin, B. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Building U. S. Competitiveness in Natural-Fiber and Related Industries by Preparing Students and Small Business Leaders for Global Markets
0196705 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evers, W. D. Trent Perry PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Can Computer-Assisted Instruction Enhance Communication Skills of Nutrition Professionals Who Educate Consumers About Healthy Food Choices
0195017 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Yang, J. Brown, J. W. UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Career opportunity for Pacific Islanders in general food and agricultural sciences
0196737 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thompson, Y. Thompson, Y. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT CDKC Extension Service-Increasing Community Resources and Economic Development
0207894 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Eivazi, F. Eivazi, F. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Center for Agricultural/Environmental Experiential Learning
0206987 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Malladi, A. Malladi, A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Certificate Program in Organic Agriculture at the University of Georgia
0196133 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, T. Nichols, T. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Cohort Graduate Program for Tribal College Faculty and Agriculture/Food Systems Professionals
0203669 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Boggs, D. Boggs, D. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Collaborative Agricultural and Food Sciences Distance Education Programs in the Heartland
0206389 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Trexler, C. Trexler, C. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Collaborative Agricultural Research & Development: A Vietnamese Context for Internationalizing UC Davis Curriculum through Service Learning
0196207 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Owens, C. Owens, C. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Collaborative Development of a Multi-Media, Modular Poultry Processing, Products, and Food Safety Curriculum
0210680 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hodges, N. N. Hodges, N. N. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA NC Collaborative Development of Global Fiber, Fabric, and Related Products Industry based Problem-Solving Modules for Undergraduate Curricula
0207163 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wessel-Beaver, L. Linda Wessel-Beaver RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO MAYAGUEZ PR Collaborative Initiative for Plant Breeding Education
0210411 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ellis, B. Rios-Ellis, B. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY LONG BEACH FOUNDATION CA Comienzo Sano: Familia Saludable / Healthy Start:Healthy Family
0210239 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hester, J. Jamie Hester BOYLE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL KY Community Based Natural Resources: Exploring Elk in Eastern Kentucky
0196142 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nef, D. L. Nef, D. L. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Community College Outreach and Recruitment (C-COR)
0198913 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Etulain, K. S. Etulain, K. S. UNIV OF ALASKA SOUTHEAST SITKA CAMPUS AK Community Wellness Training in Alaska
0201308 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lochmann, S. E. Steve Lochmann UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Competence and Confidence: Building Professionals by Building a Museum Collection