Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210411 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ellis, B. Rios-Ellis, B. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY LONG BEACH FOUNDATION CA Comienzo Sano: Familia Saludable / Healthy Start:Healthy Family
0211996 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dutto, L. S. Larry Dutto, L. S. College of the Sequoias CA Veterinarian Technician Training Program
0213769 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Culbertson, J. W. Culbertson,Judy CALIFORNIA FOUNDATION FOR AGRIC IN THE CLASSROOM CA National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
0190264 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McConnell, S. McConnell, S. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Virtual Farm Animal Anatomy
0196145 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Armstrong, T. Armstrong, T. Otero Junior College CO Southeast Colorado Agriculture Initiative
0200296 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fenwick, J. R. Fenwick, J. R. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Seed Science Distance Education Program
0200336 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smith, T. J. Smith, T. J. Trinidad State Junior College, Valley Campus CO Aquaculture Education: Creating Career Pathways and Innovative Training for Hispanics
0203628 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wilusz, J. Wilusz, J. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Animal Infectious Disease Training Program
0203690 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Niswender, G. D. Niswender, G. D. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancing the Quality and Accessibility of Education for Land Managers
0207013 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Littrell, M. A. Littrell, M. A. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Socially Responsible Advertising and Promotion of Food, Fiber and Related Products: Developing an Integrated Set of Undergraduate Courses
0210320 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smith, T. J. Theodore J. Smith Trinidad State Junior College, Valley Campus CO TSJC Fish Processing Project
0210391 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rankin, R. L. Rankin, R. L. TRINIDAD STATE JUNIOR COLLEGE CO TSJC Associate of Science Transfer Program Improvements
0199896 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Swanson, J. L. Swanson, J. L. Edwin O. Smith High School CT A Learning Module and Lab Manual to Teach Students How Protein Structure is Related to Function, at the Molecular, Cell & Whole Plant Level
0199950 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kendall, E. L. Kendall, E. L. Capitol Region Education Council CT Rivers to the Sea
0204127 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ferris, A. M. Ferris, A. M. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Building Cultural Competence Through Development of a Coordinated Sequence of Service-Learning Courses
0206377 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Palaniswamy, U. Palaniswamy, U. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT International Farming Systems: Sustainable Farming and Natural Resources Management Practices in the Developing World
0197907 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tucker, A. O. Tucker, A. O. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Recruitment of Minorities into Plant Systematics and Related Plant Sciences
0197944 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Yost, S. E. Yost, S. E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Curriculum Enhancement in Plant Science
0200294 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schmidt, C. J. Schmidt, C. J. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Undergraduate Experimental Learning in Agriculture: Genomics and Bioinformatics
0201275 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ozbay, G. Gulnihal Ozbay DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Enhancement of the Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Program at Delaware State University
0201305 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Maciarello, M. J. Maciarello, M. J. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Instructional Delivery Systems in Agriculture Education, Phase II
0204791 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Naczi, R. Naczi, R. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Tropical Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Conservation in Belize
0204816 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Guo, M. Labreveux, M. E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Teaching Analytical Techniques to Enhance Forage, Soil and Water Quality Sciences
0206031 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dickson, M. A. Judith Trefsger UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Social Responsibility in Textile, Apparel, and Footwear Industry Supply Chains Development of a Post-Baccalaureate Core
0207802 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Besong, S. A. Besong, S. A. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Prepare Students for a Career in Nutrigenomics through Integration of Nutrition and Molecular Biology
0215602 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Oh, J. Oh, J. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE From the farm to the runway
0191358 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Milla, K. A. Milla, K. A. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Development of a Web-Based Resource Center for Spatial Applications in Agricultural Sciences
0195014 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ralston, P.A. Ralston, P.A. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Advancing Multicultural Students in the Food and Nutritional Sciences
0195093 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rockwood, D. L. Rockwood, D. L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Cooperative Multicultural Scholars Program in Natural Resources and Forestry Between Florida A&M University and the University of Florida