Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017489 REVISED HATCH Tiffany, JE. Tiffany, JE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Employing Measures of Positive Youth Development in Real World Program Settings
1017715 REVISED HATCH Walter, MI, TO. Walter, MI, TO. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Testing Online Nutrient Management Decision Support Tool
1017785 REVISED HATCH Hajek, AN, E.. Hajek, AN, E.. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Impact of the Microsporidian Pathogen Nosema Maddoxi on Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs and Fungal Pathogens Infecting Spotted Lanternflies
1017811 REVISED HATCH Moroni, PA. Moroni, PA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Mycoplasma in Dairy Farms: Evaluation of a Novel Enrichment Real-Time PCR Strategy for Fapid Management
1018540 REVISED HATCH Ditommaso, AN. Ditommaso, AN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Development of a Weed Emergence Model for the Northeastern United States
1020796 REVISED HATCH Nydam, D. Nydam, DA, V.. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY The Effect of Premilking Stimulation on Teat Tissue Condition and Milking Performance in Holstein Dairy Cows
1020955 REVISED HATCH Martinez, CA, EN. Martinez, CA, EN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Glyphosate Reactions with Soil Organic Matter
1021118 REVISED HATCH Goula, MA, . Goula, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Increasing Aplicability and Performance of Carbon Sequestration Methods by Visualizing/Modeling and Assessing Opportunities for Land Cover Change within the Erie Canal Heritage Corridor
1021160 REVISED HATCH Behling-Kelly, ER, L. Behling-Kelly, ER. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Rapid High-Resolution Electrophoresis for Phenotyping Lipoproteins and as Novel Diagnostic Targets in the Dairy Cow
1021479 REVISED HATCH Timmons, MI, B. Mattson, NE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Resource Optimization in Controlled Environment Agriculture
0063381 REVISED HATCH Wintersteen, W. K. Robison, DA, J.. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Regional Research Coordination, North Central Region
1007173 REVISED HATCH Nair, AJ, . Nair, AJ, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Production Systems
1007349 REVISED HATCH Wilson, LE. Lamsal, BU, P. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Engineering for food safety and quality
1008416 REVISED HATCH Gabler, NI, . Gabler, NI, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Nutritional approaches to optimize efficient resource utilization in the production of animal products
1010028 REVISED HATCH Whitham, ST, A. Whitham, ST, AL. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Reponses to Biotic Stresses
1010162 REVISED HATCH Dixon, PH, M. Dixon, PH, M. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving, communicating, and applying statistical methods for designing and analyzing agricultural, ecological, genetic, nutritional, and environmental studies
1010309 REVISED HATCH Crespi, JO, M. Crespi, JO, M. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Economics of the Food Sector: Consumption, Production, Trade and Marketing
1010444 REVISED HATCH Sawyer, JO. McDaniel, MA. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Enhancing nitrogen utilization in corn based cropping systems to increase yield, improve profitability and minimize environmental impacts
1010446 REVISED HATCH Lawrence, JO, D. Helmers, MA. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Innovation in Reducing the Loss of Nutrients to Iowa Surface Waters
1010865 REVISED HATCH Huffman, WA. Moschini, GI. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research (NC1034)
1011809 REVISED HATCH Greder, KI. Greder, KI, AN. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Iowa Rural Latino Family Project: Exploration of Individual and Family Influences on Health and Well-being
1013987 REVISED HATCH Nikolau, BA, . Nikolau, BA. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Lipids In Plants: Improving and Developing Sustainability of Crops ("LIPIDS of Crops")
1015641 REVISED HATCH Schwab, CH, V. Schwab, CH, V. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Exploring the phenomenon that influences the extraction forces for victims entrapped in grain
1017042 REVISED HATCH Keating, AI, . Keating, AI, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Physiological basis of animal production, health and welfare
1017235 REVISED HATCH Mosher, GR, A. Mosher, GR, A. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and BioProcess Coproducts
1017381 REVISED HATCH Choi, EU, . Choi, EU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment
1017842 REVISED HATCH Ramirez-Ramirez, HU, A. Appuhamy Jayasooriya, RA, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows
1020745 REVISED HATCH Francis, SA, LU. Francis, SA, LU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving the health span of aging adults through diet and physical activity.
1020989 REVISED HATCH Archontoulis, SO, . Archontoulis, SO. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Predicting Genotype by Management by Environment Interactions across Scales