Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0211989 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hyps, B. M. Hyps, B. M. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANT BIOLOGISTS MD USDA-CSREES Plant and Pest Biology Stakeholders' Workshop
1027035 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lemmel, N. C. Lemmel,Nicholas Cory ANIMAL CLINIC WEST O STREET PC NE NE 206: Rural Practice Enhancement For Garden And Deuel Counties
1028832 NEW OTHER GRANTS Schaffer, A. Schaffer,Aaron APOGEE ANIMAL HEALTH INC KS KS222_Apogee Animal Health, Inc: Serving Food Animal Producers
1020248 NEW OTHER GRANTS Schaller, L. Schaller,Leslie APPALACHIAN CENTER FOR ECONOMIC NETWORKS, INC. OH Appalachian Beginning Farmers Product Diversification Project
1027252 NEW OTHER GRANTS McKinney, S. McVeigh,Rosie APPALACHIAN RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL TN The Field School: A Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program in the Appalachian Highlands
1028888 NEW OTHER GRANTS Armor, R. Armor,Rachel APPALACHIAN RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL TN Appalachian Farmacy: A Produce Prescription Program for the Appalachian Highlands
1028951 NEW OTHER GRANTS Oguntoyinbo, F. Oguntoyinbo,Folarin APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY NC Experiential Learning for Women and Minority Youth Through Fermentation Science to Promote Career Paths in STEM Fields
1027407 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nicholie, M. Nicholie,Molly Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project NC Farm Fresh Prescription Program
1029184 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nicholie, M. Nicholie,Molly Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project NC Enhancing Farm Fresh Produce Prescriptions
1029295 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nicholie, M. Nicholie,Molly Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project NC Building Farmer Resilience with Direct Markets
1024069 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulder, M. Mulder,Matthew ARCADIA FOOD VA Veteran Farmer Training and Incubation
1024008 NEW OTHER GRANTS Briscoe, G. S. Briscoe,George S ARISE VETERAN FOUNDATION MO The We Are All Related (WAAR) project aligns various federal agency, non-profits, and educational institutions to create opportunites for American Indian Veterans
0196186 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kagan, A. Kagan, A. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Produce Pricing in Electronic Markets - Phase lll
1023742 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blackwell, S. M. Blackwell,Sarah Morgan ARK VETERINARY SERVICES LLC SC Veterinary Services Grant Program - Rural Practice Enhancement application(SC163)
1024209 NEW OTHER GRANTS Butts, T. Butts,Thomas ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Effect of Cultural Strategies and Application Technologies on Weed Control in Flooded and Furrow-Irrigated Rice
1029146 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mader, B. Mader,Bryan ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Extension Health Ambassadors: A Community-Based Volunteer Health Education Training Program For Improving Health In Rural Arkansas Communities
1029281 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rainey, R. Rainey,Ron ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Southern ERME Meat and Poultry Processing Grant
1027579 NEW OTHER GRANTS Betancourt, K. Betancourt,Katrina ARKANSAS COALITION FOR OBESITY PREVENTION AR The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP) Double Up Food Bucks Grocery Store Expansion
1028879 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kirksey, J. B. Kirksey,Jami Brianne ARKANSAS HUNGER RELIEF ALLIANCE AR Arkansas Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program
1027465 NEW OTHER GRANTS King, C. King,Calvin ARKANSAS LAND AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AR Opportunity Justice for Black, Socially Disadvantaged, and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers
1026029 NEW OTHER GRANTS Izadyar, A. Izadyar,Anahita ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Development of a Nano-biosensor to Detect Glucose for Diabetics using Recombinant Manganese Peroxidase from Corn Grain
1028753 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wijeratne, A. Wijeratne,Asela ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Effect Of DNA Methylation On Soybean-Phytopthora sojae Interaction
1024444 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jennings, S. D. Jennings,Susan Down ARTHUR MORGAN INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, THE OH McCain Acres: Increasing access to local foods and growing community self-reliance and resilience through urban agriculture and education
0212009 NEW OTHER GRANTS Solis, P. Patricia Solis ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS DC My Community, Our Earth Partnership Strategic Planning Activities
1027359 NEW OTHER GRANTS Merrifield, J. Merrifield,Justin Athens Land Trust GA Strengthening innovative tools and resources for farmland access, transfer, and succession for beginning farmers in Georgia
1029741 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roberts, M. Stone,Emmanuel Athens Land Trust GA Georgia FarmLink: At the Kitchen Table with farmers to build capacity and align opportunities
0216853 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulvaney, D. R. Mulvaney,Donald AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Auburn University Multicultural Scholars for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine
1025165 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lindner, J. R. Lindner,James R. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Reclaiming the Story of Agriculture Fellows Program: Preparing the Next Generation of Agricultural Education and Communication Leaders
1025526 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulvaney, D. Mulvaney,Donald AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Sustainable, Efficient, Profitable Beef Production Future