Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0203120 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Walton, B. Walton, Brian States Pride, LLC SD Cultural Tourism: Marketing of Culturally Authentic Places and Products Along America's Backroads
0203121 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT VerDuin, W. H. Taylor, R. A. Spray Redux, LLC OH A New Formulation Method to Reduce Pesticide Application Rates
0203141 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Karr, G. S. Karr, G. S. AGRENEW, INC. KS Poly (Lactic Acid)/Starch Blend for a Degradable Agricultural Mulch Film
0203143 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kennedy, V. Kennedy, V. MAYATERIALS, INC. MI Cubic Octafunctional Silsesquioxanes, Nanobuilding Blocks from Rich Hull Ash
0203497 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Poche, R. M. Poche, R. M. NewCo. c/o Genesis Laboratories, Inc. CO Development of a Rat-Selective Toxicant: Microencapsulation, Bait Formulation, and Platform Technology for Species-Selective Toxicants
0204090 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shekarriz, R. Shekarriz, R. MICROENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. OR A Low Cost Electrocatalytic Sensor for ppb Determination of Ethylene in Air
0204093 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Paulk, C. G. Paulk, C. G. Muscadine Products Corporation GA Phase II Research and Development of the Manufacturing Systems for Muscadine Grape Extracts and Nutraceutical Products
0204096 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schlager, K. J. Schlager, K. J. HierComm, Inc. WI Broadband Telecommunications for Rural America
0204154 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Colgan, R. Tom McCool TNC2 INDUSTRIES, INC. ID Small Crawler Tractor for Wildland Fire Suppression and Management
0204158 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hanson, R. E. Hanson, R. E. ALKAR-RAPIDPAK, INC. WI Integrated System for Surface Pasteurization of Food
0204440 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Heyman, J. Wendy Vogt LUNA INNOVATIONS, INC. VA High Resolution Acoustic Groundwater Flow Monitor
0205433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shorter, J. H. Shorter, J. H. Aerodyne Research, Inc. MA Development of a Sensitive, Autonomous Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Detector for Ammonia
0206433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Beavers, R. L. Beavers, R. L. SLEEPY HOLLOW FARM GA Goldenseal, Germplasm Improvement through Micropropagation
0206471 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Longie, E. S. Longie, E. S. SPIRIT LAKE CONSULTING, INC. ND Spirit Lake Leadership Training Project: Software to Bridge the Cultural & Digital Divide
0206472 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT O'Brien, F. J. O'Brien, F. J. SYSTEM SCIENCE APPLICATIONS CA An Analysis System for Operations and Environmental Impact of Offshore Tuna Farms
0206487 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kim, M. Kim, M. MILLIE KIM HI A Hawaiian Green Tea Cooperative for Rural Development
0206492 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carter, M. T. Michael T. Carter ELTRON RESEARCH INCORPORATED CO Ammonia Point Sensor for Intensive Livestock Operations
0206505 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Blanchard, A. N. Andre Blanchard VENTURE INNOVATIONS, INC. (THE VENTURE GROUP) LA The Hermetia System (Commercial Potential of the Black Soldier Fly: A cost Effective and Value Added Solution to Manure Management
0206507 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Isabelle, G. B. Gillian Isabelle EDENSCAPES, INC. MA A New Technique for the Microbial Production of Xylitol Using Perfusion Culture
0206508 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Farquharson, S. Stuart Farquharson REAL-TIME ANALYZERS, INC. CT Field-Portable Pesticide Residue Analyzer
0206512 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kremer, R. Kremer, R. HERITAGE ACRES FOODS, LLC MO Verifying the Feasibility of Marketing Heritage Organic Pork
0206536 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Henry, T. Theodore Henry BLACK BEAR BIOTECHNOLOGY TN Novel Biosensor to Detect Off-Flavor Compounds in Aquaculture Ponds
0206537 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bikson, B. Bikson, B. POROGEN CORPORATION MA Biofuel Production by Continuous Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Ferementation Coupled with Membrane Separation
0206541 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ashraf, A. Ashraf, A. CENTRAL SIGNAL LLC WI An Innovative Cost-Effective Active Warning System for Improved Safety at Rural Railroad Crossings
0206542 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hewlett, T. E. Kelly Smith PASTEURIA BIOSCIENCE, LLC FL Efficacy of Pasteuria to Control Existing Infestations of Meloidogyne on Potted Gardenia
0206544 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jodoin-Reitman, L. Jodoin-Reitman, L. I. GLOBAL WELLNESS ME A Business Model for Productive Successful Aging in Place in Rural Maine
0206556 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Gardner, P. F. Freund's Farm Inc FREUND'S FARM INC. CT Development of Horticultural Containers from Anaerobically-digested Cow Manure
0206564 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jing, H. Hansong Jing INDUSTRY VISION AUTOMATION CORPORATION MD Automated X-ray & Laser Imaging System for Detecting Bone Fragments on Poultry De-boning Lines
0206565 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT fletcher, K. Fletcher, K. OREGON SOIL CORP. OR Effects of Aqueous Extracts from Vermicomposts (teas) on Crop Growth and in Suppressing Plant Diseases, Nematodes and Arthropod Pests
0206566 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kung, I. Olivia Huang INTELLIGENT OPTICAL SYSTEMS, INC. CA Synthetic Influenza Detection with Real-Time Results and Extended Shelf-Life