Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0215614 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Erickson, J. E. Erickson, J. E. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Displacing Imported Petroleum with Renewables
0206423 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Tranel, P. J. Tranel, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Understanding the Weedy Chenopodium Complex as a First Step Towards its IPM
0214752 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Presting, G. Presting, G. UNIV OF HAWAII HI A DNA Barcode Database for Invasive and Native Plant Species Identification in Hawaii
0214274 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kerley, M. S. Monty S. Kerley UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Beef Improvement Research
0221748 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT ojiambo, P. S. Ojiambo, P. S. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Enhancing The Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasting System
0213819 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Watson, D. W. Watson, W. E. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Push-Pull Fly Management For Deep Bedded Swine Barns
0221265 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Allen, P. Landeck, J. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA Collaborative Research and Education for Sustainable Food Systems
0219434 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Toews, M. D. Toews, M. D. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Cotton Insect Management and Fiber Quality
0218891 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lym, R. Lym,Rodney NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Renewable Energy and Products
1001234 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Al-Khatib, K. Al-Khatib,Kassim UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA CA Management of Regional Integrated Pest Management Competitive Grants Program-Western Region
0198651 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cumming, G. S. Cumming, G. S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Sustainability and Land Use in the Caribbean Region
0226109 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Brannen, P. M. Brannen,Phillip M UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Comprehensive management of plant-parasitic nematodes on peach with cultural practices, novel biorationals, and reduced rates of fumigants
0197105 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stiegert, K. W. Stiegert, K. W. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI The Organization, Regulation and Performance of the U.S. Food System
0222486 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Burns, J. K. Burns,Jacqueline K. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Infection processes associated with citrus canker and citrus greening
0195728 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Johnson, L. A. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Enzyme Modification to Enhance Soy Protein Ingredients in Food and Industrial Products
0203335 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rathge, R. Rathge, R. NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Regional Center for Rural Development in North Dakota - 2005 Special Grant
0195194 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wiedmann, M. W. Decker, D. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Listeria Database Expansion: Ecology of Listeria spp. and Evolution of Pathogenicity and Environmental Survival Characteristics
0201452 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Nerurkar, P. V. Nerurkar, P. V. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Morinda Citrifolia (Noni): Potential Role of Nuclear Transcription Factors in Ameliorating Hyperlipidemia
0191758 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Etherton, T. D. Etherton, T. D. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Improved Dairy Management Practices
0200787 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Burridge, M. J. Burridge, M. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development of a Pheromone Based Decoy Technology for Control of Cayenne Ticks (Amblyomma Cajennense) in Trinidad
0190113 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Browning, H. W. Browning, H. W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Biology, Epidemiology and Development of Methods for Detection and Suppression of Citrus Canker
0207183 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lewin, H. A. Lewin, H. A. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Livestock Genome Sequencing Initiative
0199924 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Fluharty, C. Fluharty, C. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Rural Policy Research Institute
0206806 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelley, W. T. Kelley, W. T. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Integrated Fruit and Vegetable Research, GA
0205022 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Vincent, D. L. Vincent, D. L. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research (t-Star) for Hawaii: Management 2005
0214499 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Zink-Sharp, A. Zink-Sharp, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Sustainable Engineered Materials from Renewable Resources:Advanced Forest Management Linked with Innovative Bio-Based Materials
0204124 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gallardo, F. Segarra, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Augmentation of Mirax insularis Muesebeck, for the Suppression of the Coffee Leafminer, Leucoptera coffeella, Population in Puerto Rico
0214072 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gill, B. S. Gill, B. S. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Wheat Genetics Resource Center at Kansas State University
0192795 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Morrison, D. Morrison, D. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Development and Evaluation of New Technologies for Louisiana Aquaculture
0210599 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Merchant, M. E. Merchant, M. E. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Multi-state Evaluation of School IPM Cost-Calculator and Training Model