Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017153 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Watkins, C. Watkins,Christopher CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Dynamic controlled atmosphere storage for non-chemical maintenance of apple quality
1020822 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Washburn, L. T. Washburn,Lisa Tucker UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Preventing Rural Opioid Misuse through Partnerships and Training (TN PROMPT)
1013033 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS WARNER, R. WARNER,RYAN MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Developing a sustainable stevia industry in the United States.
1017262 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ward, T. Ward,Tracy EASTON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION MD Expanding Farmer Education to Create a Culture of Food Safety in the Chesapeake Region
1017596 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ward, H. Ward,Heidi ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR UA Cooperative Extension Service Food Animal Medicine Workshop Series: Utilizing Extension to Provide Continuing Education for the Expansion of Veterinary Services in Shortage Situations
1016962 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wanner, K. Wanner,Kevin MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Protecting Alfalfa Yield from Weevil Damage in the Intermountain West Region
1020627 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wanner, K. Wanner,Kevin MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Insecticide Resistant Alfalfa Weevils in the Western US: Quantifying the Scope of Resistance and Implementing a Plan to Manage the Threat
0223036 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Z. Wang,Zaisen LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Effects of selected nutritional components on immunity to Haemonchus in goats
1012072 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Z. Wang,Zaisen LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Combating Anthelmintic Resistant Parasitic Nematodes in the Small Ruminant Industry
1014110 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, H. Wang,Hehe CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development and Comparison of Pathogen Viability Tests for Seed Certification and Improved Management of Bacterial Spot of Tomato
1007451 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS WANG, C. WANG,CHANGZHENG KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Developing Value-added Products from Asian Carp to Encourage Its Removal from Kentucky Waters
0204896 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, B. Wang, B. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Empowering Undergraduate and Graduate Students with Advanced HPLC-MS Through Class Instruction and Research on Functional Foods
1019949 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walters, C. Walters,Cory UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Northern Plains Regional Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Partnership
1023804 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walters, C. Walters,Cory UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Northern Plains Regional Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Partnership
1013308 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walter, K. Walter,Kirsten ST. MARY'S REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER ME Growing Food Together-Cultivating Equitable Access to Food and Land in Lewiston-Auburn Maine
1014221 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Washington State IPM Extension Implementation Program 2017-2020
1023989 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wallace, H. S. Wallace,Heather Sedges UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network: Southern Region
0222744 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walker, S. L. Walker,Sharon UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Building Bridges Across Riverside through Nano-Water Research
1022486 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walker, L. T. Walker,Lloyd T ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL A Strategic Project to Support 1890 Scholars in Agricultural and Related Sciences at Alabama A&M University
1010011 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Walgenbach, J. F. Walgenbach,James F NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Management of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in US Specialty Crops
0219257 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vosper, J. Vosper,Jon INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. NY Accessing the American Farm Dream
1016833 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vivoni-Remus, C. A. Santiago-Beauchamp,Veronica UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Development of Puerto Rico`s Agricultural Extension Service Distance Education Infrastructure and Capacity Building
1001352 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vineyard, C. Maddirala,James UNIVERSITY OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Phase IV - CariPac Consortium Distance Education Grant for Institutions of Higher Education in Insular Areas
1026224 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Villafane-Santiago, M. Villafane-Santiago,Marilia UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO IN PONCE PR UPRP Distance Education Service Facilities Improvement Instrumentation Project
1011298 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS VerBrugge, M. K. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS 4-H Mililtary Partnership and Outreach Support Program
1014978 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS VENTURA, S. J. VENTURA,STEPHEN J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Farming the City: Building a Competent and Diverse Workforce for Urban Agriculture
1000910 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vavrek, M. Vavrek,Milan GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE WV Enhanced Agricultural Education and Outreach through a Unique Collaborative Model between Career/Technical and Post-Secondary Education
1015309 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vaughan, B. Vaughan,Barrett TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Online and Experiential Food Protection Professional Certificate Program for Food and Agricultural Sciences Students
1014005 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Varenhorst, A. J. Varenhorst,Adam SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD SDSU Integrated Pest Management: Agronomic Crops, Specialty Crops, Pollinator Health, Pesticide Applicators, Public Health and Diagnostic Clinics
1014410 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS VanGessel, M. J. VanGessel,Mark J UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE University of Delaware EIP - Extension Implementation 2017-2020