Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031920 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hayes, S. Hayes,Sabrina FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Youth Technology Academy: Digital Futures Program
1031919 NEW OTHER GRANTS Alvarado, C. E. Alvarado,Carlos Enrique LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Cultivating Agricultural Leaders: Establishing Foundations for AI-Driven Innovation in Sustainable Dairy Farming and Student Training
1031918 NEW OTHER GRANTS De Silva, N. De Silva,Nirodha LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Data-Driven Innovation and Quantitative Competence (DDIQC): Undergraduate Agribusiness and Applied Economics Education at Langston University
1031917 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li-Byarlay, H. Li-Byarlay,Hongmei Central State University OH Transportation causes stress in honeybees
1031916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trauth, J. Trauth,Jonathan Central State University OH Creating a Therapeutic Horticulture Program for Treating Mental Health at a Rural Historically Black College
1031912 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dhir, S. K. Dhir,Sarwan K FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Leadership Academy to Develop Minority Undergraduates as Global Leaders
1031911 NEW OTHER GRANTS Terrill, T. H. Terrill,Thomas Howard FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Incorporating Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Animal Science Teaching, Research, and Extension: A Modern Approach to Curriculum Development
1031909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thapa, R. Thapa,Resham TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture through Nitrogen and Water Management in Cover Crop-Based No-till Crop Production Systems
1031906 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, Y. Chen,Yujuan TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Growing Future Climate-resilient Urban Forests from an Equity Perspective
1031905 NEW OTHER GRANTS Maharjan, P. Maharjan,Pramir TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Small Flock Poultry Drinking Water Sanitation Practices on Tennessee Farms: An Approach to Thriving Small-scale Poultry Operations Through Improvement in Poultry Drinking Water Management
1031904 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sinha, A. K. Sinha,Amit Kumar UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Stress memory as a potential strategy to mitigate the adverse effects of elevated ammonia, hypoxia and water-borne iron in catfish aquaculture
1031903 NEW OTHER GRANTS Muhammad, A. Muhammad,Azali ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Professional Development On Unmaned Aerial Vehicales (UAV)
1031902 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zhang, C. Zhang,Chunquan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Enhancing Crop Stress Tolerance Through Beneficial Microbes And Future Agriculture Workforce Development
1031900 NEW OTHER GRANTS White, T. White,Tomekia UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Cultivating A Greener Tomorrow through Smart and Sustainable Agriculture
1031899 NEW OTHER GRANTS Silva, R. C. Silva,Roberta C NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Strengthening the Food Sciences Program through a Chocolate Science Education
1031894 NEW OTHER GRANTS Prats, G. M. Prats,Gabriela M CITY OF LAS CRUCES NM City of Las Cruces Curb Your Waste - Food Recycling Project
1031893 NEW OTHER GRANTS Devarajan, S. Devarajan,Sankar UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Leveraging the Medicinal Properties of Arkansas Rice Bran Varieties to Strengthen the Nutrition Expertise and Research Skills of Undergraduates by Collaborative Research and Extension Efforts
1031892 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chang, A. Chang,Anjin TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Leveraging AI and Image-based Indoor Phenotyping in Greenhouse for Vegetable Productions
1031891 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wu, Y. Wu,Ying TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN An In-Depth Elucidation Of The Correlation Between Dietary Fiber And Gut Microbiota
1031890 NEW OTHER GRANTS Porter, M. Porter,Mary YAKUTAT TLINGIT TRIBE AK Expanding Yakutat Tlingit Tribe's Community Composting & Gardening Program
1031889 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warhoftig, N. Warhoftig,Nicole CITY OF PLANO TX City of Plano Residential Food Scrap Composting Program
1031887 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sanders, C. Sanders,Colleen UMATILLA INDIAN RESERVATION OR Nixyaawii, Awku Cawpam Akaatta!: "Nixyaawii, Don't Throw it Away!"
1031878 NEW OTHER GRANTS Henderson, R. Henderson,Robin CITY OF CINCINNATI OH The Cincinnati Food Waste Reduction & Composting Project
1031873 NEW OTHER GRANTS SCOTT HENRY, B. SCOTT HENRY,BRENDA CITY OF GARY IN Sustainable Homes: Communities of Color Composting Collaborative
1031861 NEW OTHER GRANTS Winter, S. Winter,Steven CITY OF NEW HAVEN CT Elevating Solutions to Food Recovery and Composting in New Haven
1031858 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pollard, E. Pollard,Eric ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL OK GOV OK Central Oklahoma Community Composting Pilot Project
1031854 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stockton, D. Stockton,Deanna PRINCETON NJ Municipality of Princeton Food Waste Drop Off Program
1031853 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yi UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Light/Dark-Inducible Suicide Bio-circuits for the Containment of Recombinant Microorganisms
1031851 NEW OTHER GRANTS Medeiros, B. Medeiros,Brandi CITY OF SUTHERLIN OR City of Sutherlin Composting and Food Waste Reduction (CFWR) Pilot Program
1031849 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roska, J. Roska,James CITY OF LOS ANGELES CA Growing Community through Compost in the City of Los Angeles