Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017984 REVISED HATCH Bauner, CH, . Bauner, CH, . UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Advertising, Price Competition, and Entry in Concentrated Industries
1017876 REVISED HATCH Barrington, DA, . Barrington, DA. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT New molecular markers to discover geographic centers of genetic diversity in the fiddlehead fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris, Onocleaceae)
1014098 REVISED HATCH Barkley, A. Barkley, A, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Determinants of Agricultural Returns, Land Values, and Agricultural Employment in the Great Plains
1022666 REVISED HATCH BARAK, JE, D. BARAK, JE, D. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Phytophagous insects transform leaves into a conducive environment for Salmonella enterica
1021238 REVISED HATCH Banna, JI, . Banna, JI, . UNIV OF HAWAII HI Minimizing Food Waste in Adolescents: Understanding Perspectives to Inform Design of Educational Messages
0222738 REVISED HATCH Ballington, J. Schaber, MA, A. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Blueberry and Muscadine Grape Breeding
1010058 REVISED HATCH Baker, TH, C. Baker, TH, C. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Chemical Ecology of Multi-trophic Interactions Among Insects, Plants and Microorganisms
1014058 REVISED HATCH Baker, G. Baker, G. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Cuticular Sensory Receptors on the Legs and Genetalia of the Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae): Ultrastructure, Morphology and Distribution Patterns
1015935 REVISED HATCH Bailey, L, . Bailey, LY. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Folate Status Assessment for Evaluating Global Risk for Neural Tube Defects (NTD) and Monitoring Effectiveness of Folic Acid Fortification Programs
1017401 REVISED HATCH Bahng, Y, . Bahng, YO. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Understanding Hawaii Female Entrepreneurs' (HFE) Performance and Well-being: Resources, Capabilities, Barriers, Success, Motivation, and Stress Level
1026646 REVISED HATCH Avila, CA. Avila, CA. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Combining Molecular and High-throughput Phenotyping Breeding Approaches to Improve Yield, Quality and Disease Resistance in Tomato and Spinach.
1021210 REVISED HATCH Averill, AN, L. Averill, AN, L. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Sustainable Solutions to Problems Affecting Bee Health
1002636 REVISED HATCH Atwood, J, A.. Atwood, J, A.. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Agricultural Finance & Farm and Ranch Management
1017257 REVISED HATCH Atungulu, GR, . Atungulu, GR, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Engineering Novel Energy-Efficient Processing Technologies for Grains and Bioproducts to Preserve Quality and Safety
1017772 REVISED HATCH Atungulu, GR, . Atungulu, GR. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and BioProcess Coproducts
0065065 REVISED HATCH Askew, G. R. Agudelo, PA. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Multistate Research Coordination, Southern Region
1008925 REVISED HATCH Askew, S. Askew, S. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Mode of Action, Mechanism of Selectivity, and Efficacy of Methiozolin
0199218 REVISED HATCH Ashwell, C. Ashwell, C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Identification of genes underlying traits of economic importance in poultry
1020763 REVISED HATCH Asher, AA, JE. Asher, AA, JE. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Management and Policy Challenges in a Water-Scarce World
1001834 REVISED HATCH Arthurs, S. Osborne, LA. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Working Group on Improving Microbial Control of Arthropod Pests
1002506 REVISED HATCH Arthurs, S. Osborne, LA. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Alternative pest management tactics for ornamental plants in Florida landscapes
1015850 REVISED HATCH Arthington, JO, . Arthington, JO. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Impacts of Stress Factors on Performance, Health, and Well-Being of Farm Animals (from W2173)
1022795 REVISED HATCH Arriola Apelo, SE, . Arriola Apelo, SE, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Milk Fat Depression Understanding its Causes and Mechanisms
1013249 REVISED HATCH Arnold, TO, . Arnold, TO. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Advancing Our Understanding of Migratory Gamebird Conservation through Improved Analysis of Banding Data
0005345 REVISED HATCH Arkin, G. Arkin, G. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization (OLD S-009)
1021579 REVISED HATCH Arguelles-Ramos, MI, . Arguelles-Ramos, MI. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Enhancing Poultry Production Systems through Emerging Technologies and Husbandry Practices
1020989 REVISED HATCH Archontoulis, SO, . Archontoulis, SO. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Predicting Genotype by Management by Environment Interactions across Scales
1017007 REVISED HATCH Archer, ST, R. Archer, ST, R. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands
1012678 REVISED HATCH Arcaro, K, . Arcaro, K, . UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Lactating Women to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk