Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1011065 REVISED HATCH Hay, AN. Hay, AN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY What Happens to E. Coli in the Soil
1011162 REVISED HATCH Kraft, CL. Kraft, CL. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Understanding the Ecological and Social Constraints to Achieving Sustainable Fisheries Resource Policy and Management
1011555 REVISED HATCH Ortiz-Bobea, AR, . Ortiz-Bobea, AR. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research (NC1034)
1013293 REVISED HATCH Butler, WA. Butler, WA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Influence of ovary, uterus, and embryo on pregnancy success in ruminants
1013637 REVISED HATCH Gore, MI, AL. Gore, MI, AL. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improving the Nutritional Quality of Sweet Corn
1013728 REVISED HATCH Williams, LI, . Blakely-Armitage, RO, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Climate Change Risks: Displacement and Migration Impacts in New York State
1013734 REVISED HATCH Mcbride, MU. Mcbride, MU. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Reducing Toxic Metal Transfer to Food Crops from Contaminated Soils
1013822 REVISED HATCH Rangarajan, AN, . Rangarajan, AN, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Leveraging Cornell Investments in Regional Food Systems Viability
1013823 REVISED HATCH Ma, MI, . Ma, MI, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Developing a New Class of Antifouling/ntimicrobial Polymer Coatings for Food-Contact Surfaces
1013878 REVISED HATCH Cassidy-Hanley, DO, MA. Cassidy-Hanley, DO, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Students Engaging the Environment: A Student and Scientist Collaboration to Assess Invasive and Endangered Fish Species
1013971 REVISED HATCH Rangarajan, AN, . Rangarajan, AN, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Optimizing Tillage and Cover Crops for Small- and Medium-Scale Organic Vegetable Farms
1013974 REVISED HATCH Kopko, KI. Kopko, KI. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Parenting and Child Learning: The role of Parental Beliefs About Child Learning and Language Development
1013985 REVISED HATCH Mcgrath, MA. Mcgrath, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improving Management of Diseases Impacting Long Island Vegetable Crops
1014115 REVISED HATCH Buchon, NI, S. Buchon, NI, S. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Optimizing Biocontrol Agents: Proof of Principle with the Spotted Wing Drosophila
1014293 REVISED HATCH Alcaine, SA, DA. Alcaine, SA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Phage-based Visualization of Listeria Contamination in Dairy Products for Improved Food Safety
1014294 REVISED HATCH Decker, DA. Lauber, TH. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Communication to Promote Recovery of an Important Species for Agriculture: Perceptions of Risks and Benefits of Bats
1014296 REVISED HATCH Whitlock, JA. Whitlock, JA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Assessing the Efficacy of a Mobile Intervention for Reducing Self-Injury
1014301 REVISED HATCH Poveda, KA, . Poveda, KA, AN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Assessment of Costs and Benefits of Managed Crop Pollinators Under Varying Landscape Contexts
1014310 REVISED HATCH Doyle, JE, J. Doyle, JE, J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Conservation, Management, Enhancement and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources
1014384 REVISED HATCH Won, AN, ST. Won, AN, ST. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Social Connections To Local Food Producers Using Immersive And Non-Immersive Video
1014530 REVISED HATCH Stedman, RI. Stedman, RI. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Understanding Barriers and Opportunities for Renewable Energy Transitions in New York State
1014553 REVISED HATCH Steenhuis, TA, . Steenhuis, TA, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Reassessing Glyphosate Herbicide Mobility from Agricultural Fields
1014705 REVISED HATCH Petersen, KI, H. Petersen, KI, H.. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improving Vineyard Management Using Touch Sensitive Soft Robots
1014730 REVISED HATCH Stroock, AB, D. Stroock, AB. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY A New Foundation for Digital Irrigation Scheduling in Apple Orchards
1014955 REVISED HATCH Giordano, JU, . Giordano, JU, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY E-synch: A Tool to Automate and Optimize Cattle Reproductive Management
1015224 REVISED HATCH Park, HU. Park, HU. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards
1016621 REVISED HATCH Goddard, JU, M.. Goddard, JU. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis
1016738 REVISED HATCH Ivanek, RE, . Ivanek, RE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Antimicrobial Resistance
1017027 REVISED HATCH Van de Walle, GE, R. Van de Walle, GE, R. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY The Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome: a Biological Alternative to Treat Bacterial Infections of Agricultural Importance
1017053 REVISED HATCH Boisclair, YV, . Boisclair, YV. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows