Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1006558 REVISED HATCH Macleod, J. Macleod, J. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Developmental Progenitor Cells of Articular Cartilage
1008665 REVISED HATCH Karathanasis, A. Karathanasis, A. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY The Chemical and Physical Nature of Particulate Matter Affecting Air, Water and Soil Quality. (NCR174)
1011341 REVISED HATCH Pfeiffer, T, . Venard, CL, . UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Evaluation of soybean varieties for use in Kentucky
1011780 REVISED HATCH Salmeron, MO, . Salmeron Cortasa, MO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Ecophysiology of soybean yield and water use efficiency-experimental and modeling approaches
1017448 REVISED HATCH Reed, M. Reed, M. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment
1017987 REVISED HATCH Maynard, L, . Kusunose, YO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Economic Analysis of Local Food Issues
1018313 REVISED HATCH Williams, D. Pearce, RO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1018323 REVISED HATCH Mcdowell, K. Mcdowell, K. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Impact of Tall Fescue on Uterine Endometrial Gene Expression and Peripheral Vasoconstriction In Horses
1018339 REVISED HATCH Adams, AM, . Adams, AM. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Understanding seasonal influences on inflammation and insulin dysregulation using an oral sugar test in horses with endocrine disorders
1018389 REVISED HATCH Matocha, CH, J. Matocha, CH, J. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Dynamics of Nitrogen Fertilizer Transformations in a No-Tillage Agroecosystem
1010290 REVISED HATCH Wahle, R. Wahle, R. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Broadening the relevance of the American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI) to stock assessment and biodiversity science
1021726 REVISED HATCH Ishaq, SU, . Ishaq, SU, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Recovering Microbial Communities in the Gastrointestinal Tract from Dysbiotic States
1009636 REVISED HATCH Wiebold, WI, . Wiebold, WI, . UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Reducing impact from profitable soybean production on the environment
1011241 REVISED HATCH Smith, MI, F.. Ortega, M., SO. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Reproductive Performance in Domestic Ruminants
1014519 REVISED HATCH Patterson, DA, J.. Thomas, JO. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Methods to Increase Reproductive Efficiency in Cattle
1020004 REVISED HATCH Lawrence, FR, C.. Yao, R. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Behavioral economics and the intersection of healthcare and financial decision making across the lifespan
1006859 REVISED HATCH Subbiah, JE, . Jones, D. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Engineering for food safety and quality
1007442 REVISED HATCH Schlegel, V. Weller, C. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Breeding Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for Resistance to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses, Sustainable Production, and Enhanced Nutritional
1009500 REVISED HATCH Koehler, KA, . Cramer, JO, T. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Interactions Among Exercise, Nutrition, and Musculoskeletal Health
1011124 REVISED HATCH Drijber, R. Drijber, R. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Enhancing nitrogen utilization in corn based cropping systems to increase yield, improve profitability and minimize environmental impacts
1014089 REVISED HATCH Chizinski, CH, . Chizinski, CH. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Understanding the Ecological and Social Constraints to Achieving Sustainable Fisheries Resource Policy and Management
1014685 REVISED HATCH Comfort, S. Comfort, S. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Multidisciplinary Approach to Pond and Small Lake Restoration in Nebraska: A Cooperative Case Study using Cushman Lake (Lincoln, NE)
1020768 REVISED HATCH Qi, YI, . Qi, YI, . UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Multi-scale assessment of vegetation status and processes in major mid-western agroecosystems
0181633 REVISED HATCH Thawley, D. Pritsos, C. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Multistate Research Coordination, Western Region
0231457 REVISED HATCH Harper, J. Harper, J. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Regulation of Photosynthetic Processes
1006332 REVISED HATCH Saito, L. Verburg, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Using Halophytic Plants To Improve Food Security And Environmental Quality In Dryland Ecosystems
0028121 REVISED HATCH Wraith, J. M. Bekkerman, AN, . UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Multistate Research Coordination Northeastern Region
1010738 REVISED HATCH Morrell, JE, S. Morrell, JE, S. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Using Behavioral and Environmental Tools to Identify Weight Related Factors Associated with Health in Communities of Young Adults
1013434 REVISED HATCH Johnson, K. Johnson, K. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Social, Economic and Environmental Causes and Consequences of Demographic Change in Rural America