Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1021224 REVISED HATCH Nelson, NA, O. Nelson, NA, O. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Decreasing Dissolved Phosphorus Loss And Building Soil Health With Multi-Purpose Conservation Systems
1021223 REVISED HATCH Michel, K, . Michel, K, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Fungal entomopathogens for larval and adult mosquito control
1021213 REVISED HATCH Fox, AM, AN. Fox, AM, AN. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Validating Emerging Technologies in Precision Agriculture
1021210 REVISED HATCH Averill, AN, L. Averill, AN, L. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Sustainable Solutions to Problems Affecting Bee Health
1021209 REVISED HATCH Keiser, AS, . Keiser, AS. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Land use and management practice impacts on soil carbon and associated agroecosystems services
1021208 REVISED HATCH Spokas, MI, . Spokas, MI. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Carbon Dynamics and Hydromorphology in Depressional Wetland Systems
1021175 REVISED HATCH Price, DA, . Price, DA, C.. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Biology, Ecology & Management of Emerging Disease Vectors
1021151 REVISED HATCH Anderson, G, . Anderson, G, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD A novel approach to reducing air contaminate release from swine confinement buildings and an advanced diaphragm design model for buildings
1021136 REVISED HATCH Elias, SA, . Elias, SA, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Seed Quality and Performance
1021129 REVISED HATCH Gu, XI, . Gu, XI, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Seed Quality and Performance
1021118 REVISED HATCH Goula, MA, . Goula, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Increasing Aplicability and Performance of Carbon Sequestration Methods by Visualizing/Modeling and Assessing Opportunities for Land Cover Change within the Erie Canal Heritage Corridor
1021072 REVISED HATCH Nelson, E, . Nelson, E, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Detection and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus and Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine
1021061 REVISED HATCH Bourland, F. Bourland, F. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Breeding Cottons for Arkansas Conditions
1021059 REVISED HATCH Blesso, CH, . Blesso, CH. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients and Beyond
1021045 REVISED HATCH Hendricks, NA, P.. Hendricks, NA, P.. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Management and Policy Challenges in a Water-Scarce World
1021010 REVISED HATCH Gauthier, TE, . Myers, G. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1020989 REVISED HATCH Archontoulis, SO, . Archontoulis, SO. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Predicting Genotype by Management by Environment Interactions across Scales
1020987 REVISED HATCH Wang, XI, . Wang, XI. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Detection and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus and Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine
1020955 REVISED HATCH Martinez, CA, EN. Martinez, CA, EN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Glyphosate Reactions with Soil Organic Matter
1020938 REVISED HATCH Checura, CE, . Checura, CE, M.. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Germ Cell and Embryo Development and Manipulation for the Improvement of Livestock
1020887 REVISED HATCH Zhang, LI, . Zhang, LI. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment
1020800 REVISED HATCH Gibbons, BI, . Gibbons, BI, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Regional Research Coordination, North Central Region
1020795 REVISED HATCH Bicalho, RO, . Bicalho, RO. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Evaluation of a Novel Subunit Vaccine Against Klebsiella Pneumoniae Mastitis
1020769 REVISED HATCH Elliott, HE, . Elliott, HE. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Beneficial Use of Residuals to Improve Soil Health and Protect Public, and Ecosystem Health
1020768 REVISED HATCH Qi, YI, . Qi, YI. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Multi-scale assessment of vegetation status and processes in major mid-western agroecosystems
1020764 REVISED HATCH Gevens, A. Gevens, A. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Advancing Precision Integrated Disease and Insect Pest Management in Potato with Agricultural Informatics
1020763 REVISED HATCH Asher, AA, JE. Asher, AA, JE. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Management and Policy Challenges in a Water-Scarce World
1020756 REVISED HATCH Threlfall, RE, TE. Threlfall, RE, TE. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Physicochemical and marketability evaluations of fresh and processed specialty crops
1020745 REVISED HATCH Francis, SA, LU. Francis, SA, LU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving the health span of aging adults through diet and physical activity.
1020737 REVISED HATCH Goodin, M. Goodin, M. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY The role of nuclear proteins in replication and movement of plant viruses