Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020708 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Advancing the use of alfalfa leaf protein concentrate in aquafeeds to enhance finfish production and reduce environmental impacts in aquaculture production
1020700 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Berrada, A. Berrada,Abdel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Hemp Research & Education Conference
1020699 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Keshavarz Afshar, R. Keshavarz Afshar,Reza COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Increasing Yield, Quality, and Economy of Alfalfa Hay through Grass Species Selection and Planting Configuration
1020678 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hase, C. C. Hase,Claudia C OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Novel treatment of vibriosis in shellfish hatchery production
1020663 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vickroy, T. W. Maunsell,Fiona P UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL 2019 Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) Program: University of Florida Component
1020655 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Qureshi, J. A. Qureshi,Jawwad A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Assessment To Quantify Current Practices And Research Priorities For Organic Citrus Growers Combating Huanglongbing
1020649 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kim, J. Kim,Jang Ho UNIV OF IDAHO ID Customized Food Safety Education Strategy for Hard-to-Reach Audiences in the Western Pacific Islands
1020647 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pena-Purcell, N. Faries,Mark TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Teens ThinkSmart: A Novel Approach to Preventing Opioid Misuse Among Adolescents in Rural Texas
1020627 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wanner, K. Wanner,Kevin MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Insecticide Resistant Alfalfa Weevils in the Western US: Quantifying the Scope of Resistance and Implementing a Plan to Manage the Threat
1020606 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rudi Polloshka, J. Rudi Polloshka,Jeta CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Supporting underserved California leafy-green producers` FSMA compliance, through interdisciplinary food safety, communication and marketing training
1020601 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Greenewalt, S. Greenewalt,Stasia LOCAL FOOD HUB, INC. VA Rules to Reality: Practical Application of Produce Food S for Small to Midsize Virginia Farms
1020599 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Harkleroad, N. J. Harkleroad,Nathan J AGRICULTURE & LAND-BASED TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ALBA) CA Latino Independent Farmers Trained in Organic Farm Food Safety
1020589 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Formiga, A. K. Formiga,Alice K OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Developing the Next Generation of Organic Agricultural Researchers: Student Article Competitions and Oral Sessions
1020580 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stamm, M. Stamm,Michael J KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development and Management of Canola in the Great Plains Region
1020576 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Tallaksen, J. Tallaksen,Joel UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Improving alfalfa-based livestock forage production systems using life cycle assessment.
1020574 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Krug, M. D. Krug,Matthew David UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Food Safety Practices and Introducing FSMA Regulations Through Hands-On Activities in Shared-Use Commercial Kitchens Across Florida
1020554 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS White, G. A. White,Gloria A ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX A Conference Proposal for "Building STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics) at Texas Hispanic-Serving Institutions"
1020539 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Berti, M. Berti,Marisol NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Alfalfa Management Practices and their Effect on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Populations - Towards Improving Health, Productivity and Sustainability of Alfalfa Production
1020517 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lin, Z. Lin,Zhoumeng KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD)
1020516 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baynes, R. Baynes,Ronald NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Food animal residue avoidance databank (FARAD)
1020507 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Owensby, K. Owensby,Kelly TRANSPLANTING TRADITIONS COMMUNITY FARM, INC. NC Improving Food Safety Practices for Under-served Asian Refugee Farmers
1020493 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dannenberg, D. R. Hutchings,D'Arcy UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK ANNH: The Alaska Open Education Initiative
1020491 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caldeira Rocateli, A. Caldeira Rocateli,Alexandre OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars To Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, And Forage Quality In Water-Limited Environments
1020486 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Min, D. Min,Doohong KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Establishing the Value of Alfalfa with Highly Digestible Fiber
1020475 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pethybridge, S. J. Pethybridge,Sarah J. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Building Resilient Foliar Disease Management Strategies for the Organic Table Beet Industry
1020470 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, A. Rortvedt,Helen NORTHEAST ORGANIC FARMING ASSOCIATION OF VERMONT VT Embedding & Sustaining Farm to School Successes in Rural, Low-Income School Districts
1020448 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hatton-Bowers, H. Hatton-Bowers,Holly UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Resource Toolkit To Support The Wellness Of Extension Employees Following A Natural Disaster
1020438 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ehlers, S. Ehlers,Shawn PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Indiana PREPared (Purdue Rural Emergency Preparedness), Development of targeted rural-disaster specific resources and associated training with special emphasis on agricultural production sites.
1020434 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Watson, D. W. Watson,David Wes NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Improving Welfare And Disease Management On Organic Dairy Herds Through Fly Control