Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031577 NEW OTHER GRANTS Luo, F. Luo,Feng CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC CAP: Fast selection, assessment, and delivery of HLB-resistant/tolerant citrus variants as new scion and rootstock cultivars
1031576 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stelinski, L. L. Stelinski,Lukasz Lech UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: IPM approach that delivers economic viability to citrus production with HLB
1031575 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, N. Wang,Nian UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: Engineering resistance/tolerance against citrus HLB using precision genome editing
1031574 NEW OTHER GRANTS Levy, A. Levy,Amit UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: Enhancing the delivery of therapeutics into citrus phloem by linking sugar molecules
1031572 NEW OTHER GRANTS Million, P. Million,Patrick NOT FORGOTTEN OUTREACH INC NM Agricultural VetCorps Program for Veterans and Military Families
1031571 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yang, C. Yang,Ching-Hong UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM WI SP: Evaluate the effectiveness of RAA, a natural metabolite, in controlling HLB through foliar spray and a combination of RAA with Oxytetracycline via trunk injection
1031570 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rutter, M. D. Rutter,Matthew D PROJECT VICTORY GARDENS SC Palmetto Veterans in Agribusiness
1031569 NEW OTHER GRANTS Renner, S. Renner,Sandra CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS NE Embracing Farm and Ranch Diversification, Adding Agritourism through farm stores, Upick operations and Outdoor events and experiences
1031568 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roop, J. Roop,Jenni APPALACHIAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT VA Boots on the Ground: Supporting Veterans in Agriculture
1031566 NEW OTHER GRANTS Salles, K. N. Salles,Kristen Nicole PACIFIC HEALTH RESEARCH & EDUCATION INSTITUTE HI Pacific Islands Pono Produce Prescription Program
1031565 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bollero, G. Bollero,German UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Modernization and Renovation of Meat Science Laboratory Project Funding Level 3
1031563 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kouba, A. J. Kouba,Andrew Joseph MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS The Mississippi State Center for Aquaculture Technology and Innovation: Request for Facility Infrastructure Support and Modernization
1031562 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mull, C. Mull,Casey PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN FY2023 Military Teen Adventure Camps
1031561 NEW OTHER GRANTS Guerrero, A. Guerrero,Amoreena GROWING GARDENS OR Garden to Farm: Partnership for Agricultural Education and Curriculum Building
1031560 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bradshaw, T. L. Bradshaw,Terence Lee UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Master Planning and Infrastructure Improvements for UVM Horticulture Research and Education Center
1031559 NEW OTHER GRANTS Colle, M. J. Colle,Michael James UNIV OF IDAHO ID Idaho Meat Science Innovation Center
1031558 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fain, A. Fain,Abi INTERTRIBAL AGRICULTURE COUNCIL MT 22007 Outreach to Native Producers
1031557 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tedeschi, L. Tedeschi,Luis TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Harnessing Precision Livestock Farming to Support Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Beef Cattle Production
1031556 NEW OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Department of the Air Force 4-H Military Partnership Outreach & Support Program
1031555 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lindemann, M. D. Lindemann,Merlin D UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Repair/Replacement Of The Ventilation System At The University Of Kentucky Swine Research Unit
1031553 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, R. M. Johnson,Reed M. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Developing and deploying novel tools to support varroa mite IPM for enhancing honey bee health for pollinating specialty crops
1031550 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fischbach, J. A. Fischbach,Jason A UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Increasing Crop Diversity in Wisconsin Through the WI Emerging Crops Coalition
1031548 NEW OTHER GRANTS Shi, A. Shi,Ainong UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Development of germplasm resources and molecular breeding tools to combat endemic and emerging diseases in US spinach production
1031546 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gude, V. Gude,Veera Gnaneswar PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Women and Minorities Participation in Water and Energy Sectors
1031545 NEW OTHER GRANTS Martin, K. E. Martin,Kenneth E. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Building Community Capacity to Support Mental Health and Prevent Substance Use Disorders in Rural Ohio
1031544 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ghanem, L. Ghanem,Lina INADVANCE CA Fresh5x Nutrition Incentive Program Expansion & Ready-To-Eat Produce Packs Pilot
1031543 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nicholie, M. Nicholie,Molly Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project NC WNC Farm Fresh Double SNAP Network
1031542 NEW OTHER GRANTS Haeussler, C. Haeussler,Carla FUNDACION MMM INC PR Fresh Access to Puerto Rico: increasing fruit and vegetable purchases for NAP participants
1031541 NEW OTHER GRANTS Irish, V. Irish,Vivian YALE UNIVERSITY CT SP: Analyses of susceptibility genes in a library of multiplex gene edited citrus plants
1031540 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coleman, S. M. Coleman,Shannon Monique IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Introduction of food science and safety practices to 4-H youth