Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026188 NEW HATCH Fairchild, EL. Fairchild, EL. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Advancing lumpfish aquaculture and their use as biological delousers in salmonid ocean farms
1026187 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Ramirez, A. Ramirez, A. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Resolving swine-human neonatal C. difficile infection paradox and its field application
1026186 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huang, Y. Huang,Yizhi ASPIRING UNIVERSE CORPORATION IL Developing a scalable and economic solution for real-time irrigation decision-making system for center pivots
1026184 NEW HATCH Gmitter, FR, G. Gmitter, FR, G. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Citrus Genome Sequence Resources: Development and Utilization to Create HLB Resistant Cultivars
1026183 NEW HATCH Coulter, AL. Coulter, AL. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Understanding past and present fish responses to habitat change to effectively manage and conserve populations
1026182 NEW HATCH Bailey, ER. Bailey, ER. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Optimizing land use for beef cattle production
1026179 NEW HATCH Giroux, MI. Giroux, MI. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Small Grain Quality and Molecular Biology
1026177 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, X. Chen,Xiongwen ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Identifying the relationship between cone production and timber growth for longleaf pine trees in the southeastern USA
1026172 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bartlett, J. R. Bartlett,Jannette Rose TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integration of Pastured Poultry as part of a Sustainable Farming Enterprise for Local Producers
1026169 NEW OTHER GRANTS Matthews, K. Matthews,Kwame DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Reversing On-Farm Anthelmintic Resistance in Small Ruminant Gastrointestinal Nematodes (GINs)
1026168 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Gershwin, LA, J. Gershwin, LA, J. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Training innate immunity to decrease bovine respiratory disease
1026165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Aboubakr, H. Aboubakr,Hamada FRONTLINE BIOTECHNOLOGIES INC. MN A Sorbent Technology for eDNA Collection and Concentration for Aquaculture Pathogen Detection
1026163 NEW HATCH Shaw, BR, DO. Shaw, BR, DO. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Mechanisms of Fungal Growth, Development and Dispersal
1026161 NEW HATCH Snyder, VI, A. Snyder, VI, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Energy-efficient water vapor condensation technologies for overcoming drought mortality of juvenile trees in reforestation projects.
1026160 NEW HATCH Flessner, MI, L.. Flessner, MI, L.. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Improving weed management in broad acre crops through diversification and integration of tactics
1026159 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Petersson, K. H. Petersson,Katherine H UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Partnership: Bacillus thuringiensis crystal proteins for control of gastrointestinal nematodes in livestock
1026158 NEW HATCH Hamilton, CH, . Hamilton, CH, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Evolutionary History of the Genus Coloradia and the Putative Effects of Climate Change on the Spread of Pine Pest in Idaho's Coniferous Forests
1026156 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Latimore, M. Latimore,Mark FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Association of Extension Administrators of 1890 Universities Systemwide Extension Conference
1026154 NEW HATCH Ready, RI, . Ready, RI, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Integrating Economic Valuation into Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Policy
1026153 NEW HATCH Skibiel, AM, . Skibiel, AM, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Mitochondrial Function in Relation to the Elevated Energy Demand of Lactation and Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
1026151 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Grala, R. Grala, R. FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Management for increased production and utilization of timber and non-timber forest products and their protection against extreme weather events and wildfires.
1026150 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Stokes, BE, . Stokes, BE, . FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Long-term Preservation and Protection of Engineered and Solid Wood Products
1026149 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Chitwood, CO, . Chitwood, CO, . OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Using camera traps to improve our ability to estimate wildlife demographic parameters in forested systems
1026146 NEW HATCH Bimczok, DI, . Bimczok, DI, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Role of Mycoplasma ovipnuemoniae as a respiratory pathogen in sheep
1026145 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Manning, D. Manning,Dale COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Inferring the Supply of Greenhouse Gas Abatement from US Commodity Producers in The Corn Belt Using Observed Practice Choices: Implications for Carbon Offset Programs
1026144 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Davis, J, . Davis, J, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Coevolution of Loblolly Pine and the Fusiform Rust Pathogen
1026142 NEW HATCH Sharrock, R, A.. Sharrock, R, A.. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Molecular genetics of plant shoot elongation
1026140 NEW HATCH Rivera, MO, . Rivera, MO, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Vector behavior of the Asian citrus psyllid: how biotic and abiotic factors influence feeding behavior
1026139 NEW HATCH Love, S. Love, S. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Domestication of Intermountain West Native Plant Species for Use in Sustainable, Water-Conserving Landscapes