Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029675 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fasina, O. Fasina,Oladiran AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Leveraging Technologies to Enhance Rural Alabama`s Leading Agricultural Industries
1029753 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nazari, R. R. Nazari,Rouzbeh Ross UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM AL Catalyzing Local Food Value Chain Development through a Cross-functional Alliance and Economic Investment in Birmingham, Alabama
1029965 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walker, L. T. Walker,Lloyd T ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL A Strategic Project to Support 1890 Scholars in Agricultural and Related Sciences at Alabama A&M University
1030279 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ankumah, R. O. Vaughan,Barrett TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Tuskegee University Food and Agricultural Scholars Program (TUFASP)
1030352 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, F. Abrahamsen,Frank TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Adding Value to Weaned Beef Calves Belonging to Small and Limited Resource Producers in the Black Belt of Alabama
1030385 NEW OTHER GRANTS Min, B. Min,Byungjin TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Sustainable Plastic Alternatives Derived from Industrial Hemp Residues for Packaging Solutions
1030432 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hossain, S. Hossain,Shaik ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Patterns in natural regeneration of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) across the southeastern United States facing climate change.
1030434 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boateng, J. Boateng,Judith ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Application of Novel Non-Thermal Processing to Enhance Nutritional Quality in Dry Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)
1030435 NEW OTHER GRANTS Senwo, Z. Senwo,Zachary ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Project to provide Students with International Agriculture Internships, Cross-Cultural, and Rural Development Experiences
1030436 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abdelrahim, G. Abdelrahim,Gamal Eden ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Experiential Learning in Animal Bio-Health Sciences: Processing, Formulating and Feeding Sustainable Animal Feed
1030490 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bruce, T. Bruce,Timothy AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Investigation of vaccination and disease susceptibility of largemouth bass fry during the early rearing stages
1030711 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walker, L. T. Walker,Lloyd T ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL A Strategic Project to Support 1890 Scholars in Agricultural and Related Sciences at Alabama A&M University
1030870 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ankumah, R. O. Ankumah,Ramble O. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Tuskegee University Food and Agricultural Scholars Program (TUFASP)
1030913 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dunham, R. Dunham,Rex AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Optimizing Hormone Therapy to Increase Spawning in Single and Redundantly Sterilized Gene-Edited Transgenic Catfish
1030986 NEW OTHER GRANTS Maxey, L. Maxey,Lori THE HOUSE TUSCALOOSA AL Know : Grow : Show Community Garden Service-Learning Program
1031039 NEW OTHER GRANTS Young, C. Young,Cris AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Bookend Approach To Recruit Students And Retain Food Animal Veterinary Practitioners In Veterinary Shortage Situations Ky 233/234
1031048 NEW OTHER GRANTS Reed, B. K. Reed,Brian Keith AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BOVINE PRACTITIONERS AL Building Excellence in Rural Veterinary Practices
1031251 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stanton, L. Stanton,Lee UNIVERSITY OF WEST ALABAMA AL Partners in Agribusiness and Conservation Enterprises (PACE)
1031277 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rabinowitz, A. Rabinowitz,Adam AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Building Wealth Through Transition of Heirs Property Owners to New Agricultural and Forestry Production
1031301 NEW OTHER GRANTS Storey, A. Storey,Amanda JONES VALLEY URBAN FARM AL Good School Food Expansion
1031373 NEW OTHER GRANTS Shange, R. Shange,Raymon TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL 1890 Facilities Grant Program at Tuskegee University: Development of Facilities for Food and Agriculture Sciences Research, Extension, & Teaching: 2023-2028
1031578 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mohamed, A. Mohamed,Abdelrahman TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Acquisition Of High-Throughput Sequencing Equipment For Food And Agriculture Research At Tuskegee University
1031604 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kumar, S. Kumar,Sanjiv AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening Environmental Data Science program in the black belt region through undergraduate scholarships, curriculum development, and experiential learning
1031625 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kostelecky, K. L. Kostelecky,Kyle L. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL OneOp (Formerly known as Military Families Learning Network)
1031938 NEW OTHER GRANTS Woods, K. Woods,Kristin TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Black Belt Food Corridor: expansion of processing capabilities at the Black Belt Marketing and Innovation Center
1031939 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lunsford, L. E. Lunsford,Lindsey E TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Growing Connection: Linking Urban and Rural Agriculture Communities of Learning for Marginalized Populations
1031949 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rudolph, D. D. Rudolph,Danielle D ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Saving the Family Property: Heirs’ Property Prevention, Resolution, and Land Use
1031950 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. Warren,Tamara ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Cardiovascular Health, Aerobic, Management And Prevention Initiative Optimizing Nutrition
1031951 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yong ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing Graduate Biostatistical Program at Alabama A&M University