Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0223851 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baldwin, C. L. Baldwin,Cynthia L UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Development of High Priority Immune Reagents for Food Security - Supplement
1014825 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baldwin, E. Bai,Jinhe ARS-USDA GA Accelerating implementation of HLB tolerant hybrids as new commercial cultivars for fresh and processed citrus
1020644 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bales, D. Bales,Diane UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Rural Health and Safety Education Grant (opioid prevention in rural communities)
1010492 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barbercheck, M. E. Barbercheck,Mary Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Going underground: Digging up the dirt on Metarhizium-plant-pest interactions in an organic cropping system
1016780 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barlow, J. W. Barlow,John W UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Bedding strategies that promote udder health and milk quality by fostering a beneficial microbiome on organic dairy farms
1016312 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barrett, J. E. Barrett,John E VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Life-Cycle Assessment of Biochar in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems: Effects on Production, Soil Fertility, and Economic Impact
1017199 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bartley, B. Bartley,Benjamin LA MONTANITA FOOD COOPERATIVE, INC NM Achieving FSMA Compliance through USDA Harmonized GAP - Preparing the Four Corners Region's Diverse Farmers for Food Safety Certification
1010777 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baszler, T. Baszler,Timothy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN:WA-Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Participation as a Level 1 Laboratory in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network
0192523 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bauer, M. C. Bauer, M. C. DINE' COLLEGE NM Development of a Nutrition Education Tool for Navajo Head Start
0203953 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bauer, M. C. Bauer, M. C. NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Summer Research Enhancement Program in Diabetes Prevention
1020516 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baynes, R. Baynes,Ronald NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Food animal residue avoidance databank (FARAD)
1023949 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baynes, R. Baynes,Ronald NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank 2020-2021
1018055 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baysal-Gurel, F. Baysal-Gurel,Fulya TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Improving production and profitability of nursery production using unmanned aircraft system
1016815 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bean, D. W. Bean,Dan William AGRICULTURE, COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CO Developing biological control of Canada thistle for Colorado?s organic producers using the host specific rust fungus Puccinia punctiformis
1021804 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bebe, F. N. Bebe,Frederick N KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Training in Proteomics, Metagenomics and Metabolomics to Develop and Enhance Research and Teaching Capacities in Animal and Poultry Sciences at Kentucky State University
1020807 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Becher, E. Becher,Emily UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Building Capacity in Rural South Dakota and Minnesota Tribal Communities: A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary, and Interstate Effort to Address the Opioid Crisis
1015905 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Belazis, L. Belazis,Laura D.C. CENTRAL KITCHEN, INC. (THE) DC Incentivizing Fruit And Vegetable Purchases At Retail Corner Stores In DC`s Food Deserts
1013838 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bennett, A. Kersten,Miranda NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Delivering IPM education and outreach to New Mexico`s Communities
0203720 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Benson, M. E. Benson, M. E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Experiencing Entrepreneurialism in Animal Science
0214687 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bequette, B. Buckner,Edmund Randolph ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS 1890 Facilities Grant Program: Alcorn State University
1017865 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bernard, M. Key,Cornelius Federation of Southern Cooperatives GA Development of Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi,and South Carolina
1020700 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Berrada, A. Berrada,Abdel COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Hemp Research & Education Conference
1020539 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Berti, M. Berti,Marisol T NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Alfalfa Management Practices and their Effect on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Populations - Towards Improving Health, Productivity and Sustainability of Alfalfa Production
1013673 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Besnilian, A. Besnilian,Annette California State University, Northridge CA Pathways to Success for Hispanic Students as Registered Dietitians ("Pathways")
1021772 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Besong, S. Besong,Samuel A DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Sabbatical to Enhance Faculty Knowledge and Build DSU's Capacity on Food Systems and Food Security in Africa
1015038 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Besong, S. A. Taylor,Betttina DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities and Financial Support to facilitate transfer from Community College to DSU’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics
1015933 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Best, M. M. Best,Maureen McNamara LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGRICULTURE PROJECT, INCORPORATED VA Virginia Fresh Match: A Regional Approach to Propel Statewide SNAP Incentive Growth
1013023 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Beyer, D. M. Beyer,David Meigs PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Collaborative Research and Extension Network Addressing Challenges for Sustainable Organic Mushroom Production
1009820 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bhat, M. G. Bhat,Mahadev G. FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL Innovative Curriculum for Agriculture Training and Career for Hispanics (iCATCH)