Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210963 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thompson, Y. Thompson, Y. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT Northern Cheyenne reservation youth and family economic/personal development through financial education and interpersonal skills training.
0210321 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Swenson, D. Swenson,Dwight CHIPPEWA VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE WI Preparing a Workforce of Nutrient Management Planners
0195740 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Everett, S. Everett, S. CLARK STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OH Advancing Agricultural Education
0206875 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Everett, S. F. Everett, S. F. CLARK STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OH Agriculture Curriculum Improvement Project
0185762 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Player, W. K. Player, W. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Multicultural scholars program in agriculture and food
0196304 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, S. Miller, S. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Competencies of Entry-Level College Graduate Employees in Agribusiness
0206392 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Davis, T. Davis, T. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Preparing Students, Producers, Agribusiness, Extension Agents, and Faculty to be Competitive in Global Agriculture
0199884 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Muff, K. M. Muff, K. M. Cloud County Community College KS Workplace Skills for the Midwest
0200335 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Secord, M. L. Secord, M. L. COASTAL BEND EXPT STATION TX Agricultural Program Development and Enhancement Continuation Project
0203210 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. M. Van Lopik, W. M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Monitoring the Microclimate of the Menominee Forest
0204021 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. Van Lopik, W. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Sustainable Development
0206653 TERMINATED SERD GRANT YoungBear-Tibbetts, H. Yazzie,Victoria L. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Assessing American Indians Affinity to Forestlands: Social Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management on Tribal Lands
0208195 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. M. Van Lopik, W. M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Advancing Sustainable Development
0210095 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. M. Van Lopik, W. M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Tribal Colleges Sustainability Indicators Research Project
0210488 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cook, M. Cook, M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Sustainable Forestry Academic Program Development
0195827 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rulofson, F. Rulofson, F. College of the Redwoods CA Student Agriculture Enterprise Project
0195823 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dutto, L. Dutto, L. College of the Sequoias CA Job Entry Skill Training for Secondary and Post Secondary Students in Dairy Food Processing
0211996 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dutto, L. S. Larry Dutto, L. S. College of the Sequoias CA Veterinarian Technician Training Program
0190264 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McConnell, S. McConnell, S. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Virtual Farm Animal Anatomy
0200296 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fenwick, J. R. Fenwick, J. R. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Seed Science Distance Education Program
0203628 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wilusz, J. Wilusz, J. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Animal Infectious Disease Training Program
0203690 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Niswender, G. D. Niswender, G. D. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancing the Quality and Accessibility of Education for Land Managers
0207013 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Littrell, M. A. Littrell, M. A. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Socially Responsible Advertising and Promotion of Food, Fiber and Related Products: Developing an Integrated Set of Undergraduate Courses
0196115 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lorence, R. Lorence, R. COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA USDA Diversity Recruitment and Retention
0200356 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cochran, J. Cochran, J. COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA Bilingual Agri-Science Instruction Project
0207143 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mendoza, M. Marisela Mendoza COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA Pipeline Enhancements to Recruit, Support and Invigorate Student Transitions (PERSIST) Project
0195062 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sweet, J. Sweet, J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Enhancing Diversity: Multicultural Scholars Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine-Cornell University
0195821 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, D. D. Miller, D. D. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Food Science Multicultural Scholars Program
0196401 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nydam, D. Quinlan, K. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Preparing Future Veterinarians for Careers in Food Animal Medicine, Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health
0200293 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wiedmann, M. Wiedmann, M. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY National Multidisciplinary Food Science Summer Research Program