Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0213736 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Custis, D. B. Custis, D. B. ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL MARKETING, INC. OH Improved microbial formulations, strains and systems to increase crop yield and control disease.
1023924 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cutler, J. Cutler,Jeremy PELATRON TECHNOLOGIES LLC UT Research to determine feasability of a reliable, low-bandwidth, low-power mesh network for wildland fire management.
0197115 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fletcher, K. E. Dan Holcombe OREGON SOIL CORP. OR Suppression of Plant Diseases, Nematode, and Arthropod Pests by Vermicomposts and Weed Seeds and Human Pathogens
1025761 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Darchuk, E. Darchuk,Emily WHEYWARD SPIRIT, LLC OR Commercialization to Convert Whey to an Artisanal Clear Spirit
1016008 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dave, S. Dave,Shreya VIA SEPARATIONS, LLC MA Novel Filtration for Higher Nutritional Value Food Products
0199521 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Milburn, D. H. David Milburn Financial Systems Consultants, Inc. Attn: David Milburn VA Design an Automated Agricultural Trade Network to Support All Stakeholders in the Export/Import Process and Increase Small Business Exports
0210235 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Radin, D. N. David Radin BIOSTRATEGIES, LLC AR Plant-based BioProduction of Chicken IL-12 Adjuvant for Bird Flu Vaccines
0221856 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Davis, R. Davis, R. Organix. Inc. WA Anaerobically Digested Manure Fiber for Environmental Cleanup and Remediation
0199529 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT De Mars, A. De Mars, A. SPIRIT LAKE CONSULTING, INC. ND Computer-Integrated Staff Training for Care of Persons with Disabilities/Health Impairments
0199741 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shrestha, D. Deepak Shrestha Teel-Global Resource Technologies, LLC (TGRT) WI High-Fiber Content (>75%) Kenaf Fiber Thermoplastic Composites
1026202 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Delius, C. Delius,Charlie HOOD CANAL MARICULTURE INC WA Paradigm Shift Technology for Scalable, High-Density, High-Yield Commercial Multi-Species Mariculture
0213659 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Della Valle, G. F. Della Valle,Gene F ANDERSON TOOL & ENGINEERING CO., INC. IN Research, design, fabrication, and testing of a controlled dynamic radiant frying oven for par-fried foods for the fast food industry
1025791 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Denby, C. Denby,Charles BERKELEY FERMENTATION SCIENCE INC. CA Engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae for increased biotransformation and production of tropical flavors from agricultural products
0200777 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Manker, D. C. Denise C. Manker AGRAQUEST, INC. CA Development of a Volatile Antibiotic Producing Fungus for Control of Soil-borne and Postharvest Diseases
1013017 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Deshmane, A. Deshmane,Atul WHOLE ENERGY FUELS CORPORATION WA Cost competitive biodiesel based biolubricants
1025776 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT DiNovo, A. DiNovo,Augustine GUILD ASSOCIATES, INC. OH Development of a novel reagent for release of biofilm-embedded microbes from surfaces for detection by monitoring techniques
0210100 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Varlyguin, D. Dmitry Varlyguin GDA CORP. PA An Advanced Information System for Timely Assessments of International Crop Market Opportunities
0199839 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dooley, J. H. Dooley, J. H. FOREST CONCEPTS, LLC WA Marketing and Logistics System for Roundwood Component Kits and Materials
1014637 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dossey, A. T. Dossey,Aaron T UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Diversifying and Adding Value to the Food Industry: Mealworm Powder as an Ingredient
1023980 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dossey, A. T. Dossey,Aaron T UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL COVID-19 Rapid Response: Improving Food Security in the Face of Pandemics / COVID-19: Diversifying Protein via Mechanized High Density Mealworm Farming
1009749 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dossey, A. T. Dossey,Aaron Todd UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Reducing Cost, Improving Efficiency and Safety of Farming Crickets as Food Ingredients
0225981 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Douglas, J. Douglas,Joel eGen LLC CT eGen Low Flow Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Harvester
1023974 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dozier, D. Dozier,Danielle GSS GROUP 'A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY' AR Optimizing the CWDT Complete System to Increase Production Capacity of Small to Mid-Size Hydroponic Farmers By Utilizing Greenhouse "Dead-Space"
0199524 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Drukier, A. K. Drukier, A. K. BioTraces, Inc. VA Improved Methods for Prion Detection
0199513 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Powers, D. Duane Powers HAWKINS AND POWERS AVIATION, INC. WY Computer Controlled Automatic Loading Water Bucket System for Aerial Firefighting
0221769 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Duff, J. Duff,Jeff Airstreams Renewables, Inc. CA Online, internet-based training for wind technicians work on wind farms
0196344 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Durfey, T. Durfey, T. EMERALD RANCHES WA Biodiesel Production from Oil Seed Crops Fertilized with Municipal Residuals
0203007 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Allen, J. D. E. S. QUINTEK MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS, INC TN Predictive Modeling of the Engineered Wood Properties Using Genetic Algorithms with Distributed Data Fusion
0217812 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Roemer, E. D. Earl D. Roemer ECOVERSION, LLC KS Sorghum Protein Adhesives from Low Cost DDGS
1020395 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Easton, D. C. Easton,David Carr WATERSHED MATERIALS LLC CA SBIR Phase II: Community-based Mobile Manufacturing of Structural Masonry Using Regional Materials