Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1032749 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, S. Wang,Shifeng UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Vaccine to protect against Clostridium septicum-induced necrotic dermatitis and C. perfringens-induced necrotic enteritis in turkeys
1031044 NEW OTHER GRANTS McCall, M. G. McCall,Melinda G LOUISA VETERINARY VA VA234_Louisa Veterinary Service: Enhance and Expand Critical Food Animal Services
1031266 NEW OTHER GRANTS Varnell, H. Varnell,Hannah WELLFARM VETERINARY CONSULTANTS PLLC VA VA006_Wellfarm Vets: Herd Health for Rural Resiliency
1028713 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newbold, E. J. Newbold,Elizabeth Jane UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Utilizing On-farm Inspectional and Educational Observations when Developing a Tailored Approach to Regional Produce Safety Education
1028798 NEW OTHER GRANTS Parajulee, M. Parajulee,Megha TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Utilizing native resistance from wild relatives for integrated insects and disease management in sustainable corn production
1030270 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lohakare, J. Lohakare,Jayant PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Utilization of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae for sustainable food animal production and organic farming
1028727 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pheasant, S. Pheasant,Susan CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Utilization Focused Evaluation Conference for Pacific Coast HSIs - Maximizing Tools, Talent and Technology
1027595 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cuthair, B. Cuthair,Bernadette UTE MOUNTAIN UTE TRIBE CO Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Food Sovereignty: Grocery Store, Food Incubator and Sustainable Agriculture
1031397 NEW OTHER GRANTS Larsen, R. A. Larsen,Ryan A UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Utah and Intermountian Farm Business Management Benchmarking Consortium
1030411 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wilson, V. Ibrahim,Nourhan SHARING EXCESS INC PA Using Surplus as a Solution to Scarcity
1030960 NEW OTHER GRANTS Martini, X. P. Martini,Xavier Philippe UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Using semiochemicals, trap crop and visual cues in a push-pull strategy to control whitefly in cucurbits and tomatoes
1031203 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lohakare, J. Lohakare,Jayant PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Using Organic Mushroom Stems as Sustainable Feed Resource for Organic Poultry Production
1029616 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kamermans, B. R. Peacock,Melissa Dawn NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Using molecular methods to determine the role of phytoplankton in West Coast shellfish die-offs
1028894 NEW OTHER GRANTS Van Dis, K. Pistacchi-Peck,Ann HIGH DESERT FOOD & FARM ALLIANCE OR Using Fresh Produce to Improve the Health of SNAP Participants in Central Oregon
1029624 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mallon, R. Rombold,John S. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Using environmental DNA to discover Longfin Smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys) distribution in the North Salish Sea
1031761 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crews, C. Crews,Casey CITY OF RICH HILL MO Use it! Don't Waste it! Sustainable Strategies to Beautify Rich Hill Through Composting and Food Waste Management
1029518 NEW OTHER GRANTS Du, Z. Du,Zhi-Yan (Rock) UNIV OF HAWAII HI USDA-HEC: Education of Novel CRISPR Technologies for Hawaii Undergraduate and Graduate Students
0211989 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hyps, B. M. Hyps, B. M. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANT BIOLOGISTS MD USDA-CSREES Plant and Pest Biology Stakeholders' Workshop
0208803 NEW OTHER GRANTS BROWN, N. R. BROWN, N. R. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA USDA National Needs Fellowship for Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Forest Resources
1025129 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moore, J. C. Moore,John C COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO USDA MSP: Microbiobiome Science Pathways to Success
1029017 NEW OTHER GRANTS Renfro, M. Renfro,Mark HEALTHIE GEORGIA CORP GA USDA Food & Ag SouthEast Georgia Program
1031080 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balasuriya, U. Balasuriya,Udeni LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA USDA - NIFA - NAHLN - Level 1 Support FY 2023
1025346 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krishnaswamy FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL USA-ED Fellows at Florida International University
1029513 NEW OTHER GRANTS Senwo, Z. Senwo,Zachary ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL US-Sub-Sahara Africa Scholars Program: Workforce Development and Opportunities in International Agriculture
1030429 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mahapatra, A. K. Mahapatra,Ajit K FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA US-Ghana Collaboration: Developing FVSU’s Capacity in Ag Research, Education and Extension to Enhance Faculty and Students’ Experiential Learning
0225964 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nuri, K. Nuri,K. Rashid Truly Living Well GA Urban Oasis Beginning Farmer Training Program
1029237 NEW OTHER GRANTS Allen, E. Allen,Erika URBAN GROWERS COLLECTIVE, INC IL Urban Growers Collective - Grower Apprenticeship Program
0229298 NEW OTHER GRANTS Parker, K. Parker,Karen GROWING POWER, INC. WI Urban Farms for America with a Focus on Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in the Urban Agriculture Sector
1028644 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pacumbaba, R. O. Pacumbaba,Rodulfo Osi ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Urban Agriculture Virtual Teacher Training Program: Stimulating Ag Awareness with STEM in the Gardens
1030403 NEW OTHER GRANTS Navarrete-Tindall, N. Navarrete-Tindall,Nadia LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Urban Agriculture Learning Hub at Lincoln University