Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210963 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thompson, Y. Thompson, Y. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT Northern Cheyenne reservation youth and family economic/personal development through financial education and interpersonal skills training.
0210925 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McLean, D. L. McLean,Deborah BRISTOL BAY CAMPUS - UAF AK AK Native Education & Community Development Within a Changing Landscape - Supplement
0210903 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Martin, S. M. Martin, S. M. TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND TMCC Wellness and Culturally Grounded Youth
0210895 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Given-Seymour, S. E. Vanessa Cooper NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Developing a Culturally Relevant Problem Solving Model for Diabetes Prevention and Other Tribal College Extension Programs
0210892 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, C. R. Johnson, C. R. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Healthy Animals Healthy Communities
0210846 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fish, W. F. Fish Wilbert, W. F. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Blackfeet Community College Extension Service
0210845 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Campbell, M. Archdale, C. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Successful Bio-Energy Production on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
0210828 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pete, M. Pete,Mary KUSKOSWIM CAMPUS - UAF AK Elitelta Naunranek: Let's Study Plants
0210773 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sullivan, L. LaVerne Sullivan CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Tribal College Extension Services - Increase Extension Capacity Projects
0210756 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dupuis, V. Dupuis, V. SALISH KOOTENAI COLLEGE MT Integrated Extension Programming in Land and Health Restoration for the Flathead Indian Reservation
0210722 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Paetz, K. M. Paetz, K. M. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND United Tribes Technical College Extension Program
0210683 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Amass, S. F. Amass,Sandra Faye PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN National Model Training Program for Veterinary Homeland Security
0210681 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wilson, E. W. Wilson, E. W. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Agricultural Biotechnology in Today's Society: An Interdisciplinary Course
0210680 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hodges, N. N. Hodges, N. N. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA NC Collaborative Development of Global Fiber, Fabric, and Related Products Industry based Problem-Solving Modules for Undergraduate Curricula
0210669 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wangberg, J. K. Wangberg, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY USDA National Awards Program and Regional Teaching Workshops for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agri...
0210633 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Anderson, W. crotser, M. P. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI Sustainable Agriculture in Western WI
0210591 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Given-Seymour, S. E. Given-Seymour, S. E. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Create a Permanent Northwest Indian College Cooperative Extension Office
0210546 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evans, M. R. Evans, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Resource Sharing for the Enhancement of Curricula in Core and Emerging Issues in the Plant Agricultural Sciences - A Planning Proposal
0210488 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cook, M. Cook, M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Sustainable Forestry Academic Program Development
0210412 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wray, V. Wray,Vince SHELLEY HIGH SCHOOL ID Utilizing Outdoor Classrooms, Community Partnerships, Service Learning and School-based Businessess to Enhance Agriculture Education
0210411 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ellis, B. Rios-Ellis, B. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY LONG BEACH FOUNDATION CA Comienzo Sano: Familia Saludable / Healthy Start:Healthy Family
0210409 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Calderon, L. Laura Calderon CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and curricular development for the Food Science + Technology and Nutrition Programs
0210408 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jastrzembski, J. P. Jastrzembski, J. P. ALLEGANY COLLEGE OF MARYLAND MD Enhancing Forestry Education Through Articulation, Graduation, and Economic Development
0210406 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, T. W. Johnson,Terry Wayne GERALDINE HIGH SCHOOL AL "Connecting with Outside Resources to make High School Horticulture Instruction More Job-Related"
0210404 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rosa, M. Rosa, M. UNIVERSIDAD DEL TURABO PR Strengthening Retention and Graduation Rates of Disadvantaged Students in a Nutrition/Dietetics Program at Universidad del Turabo
0210392 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sandoval, R. Ayers,Stacey S. SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Undergraduate Biotechnolgy Engagement Track
0210391 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rankin, R. L. Rankin, R. L. TRINIDAD STATE JUNIOR COLLEGE CO TSJC Associate of Science Transfer Program Improvements
0210390 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sanderson, R. L. Beel, J. A. LAKE LAND COLLEGE IL Building a Secondary Agriculture Education Program
0210389 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Proyecto Alimento II: Success in Food & Nutrition-Recruit, Retain, Transfer of Hispanic Students from 2 to 4 year Nutrition Degree Program