Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1000416 REVISED HATCH Harwood, J. Harwood, J. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Quantifying the effect of habitat structure on biological control
1000337 REVISED HATCH Burr, TH. Nyrop, JA, P.. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Multistate Research Coordination Northeastern Region
1000318 REVISED HATCH Poole, DA, HE. Poole, DA, HE. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Improving Reproductive Tract Function and Pregnancy Success in Cattle Consuming Endophyte-Infected Fescue
1000151 REVISED HATCH Elbakidze, LE. Elbakidze, LE, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Mitigating Disruptions in Agricultural Production and Natural Resource Integrity/Stabilty
0233896 REVISED HATCH Struve, JU, . Struve, JU, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development of tools to enable place-based management of recreational fisheris
0233893 REVISED HATCH Hillman, B. Cohick, WE, S. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ NJAES Hatch Administration and Coordination
0233705 REVISED HATCH Davis, J. Davis, J. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Impacts of Stress Factors on Performance, Health, and Well-Being of Farm Animals (from W1173)
0233441 REVISED HATCH Mcevoy, P, . Mc Evoy, PE, BE. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants
0233439 REVISED HATCH Silvia, W. J. Silvia, WI, JO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Methods to Increase Reproductive Efficiency in Cattle (NC1038)
0233382 REVISED HATCH Hester, P. Hester, PA, YO. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Thermal Perches As Cooling Devices For Reducing Heat Stress In Caged Laying Hens
0233233 REVISED HATCH Karow, R. Noller, JA. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Systems to Improve End-use Quality of Wheat
0233173 REVISED HATCH Kriesel, W. Kriesel, W. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Community Health and Resilience
0232680 REVISED HATCH Morrissey, M. Morrissey, MI, T. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Overcoming Implementation Barriers to Food Traceability for the benefit of Small Scale Producers and Processors
0232660 REVISED HATCH Murthy, G. Murthy, GA. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Water-Energy Nexus: Emerging Regional and Global Challenges
0232574 REVISED HATCH Bermudez, L. Bermudez, LU, E. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Diseases of animals as important inhibitors of food security
0232573 REVISED HATCH DelCurto, TI. DelCurto, TI. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Improving ruminant use of forages in sustainable production systems for the western U.S.
0232447 REVISED HATCH Stevenson, K. L. STEVENSON, KA, L. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Management of Pesticide Resistance
0232240 REVISED HATCH Johnson, M. Johnson, M. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Eating Behaviors, Dietary Patterns, Weight Management, and Fatigue in Older Adults
0231659 REVISED HATCH Lewis, DA, . Lewis, DA, JA. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Benefits and Costs of Natural Resources Policies Affecting Ecosystem Services on Public and Private Lands
0231457 REVISED HATCH Harper, J. Harper, J. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Regulation of Photosynthetic Processes
0231444 REVISED HATCH Silvertooth, J. C. Silvertooth, JE, C.. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Improving Fertilizer Efficiencies in Irrigated Crop Production Systems
0230825 REVISED HATCH Weber, E.. Weber, E.. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Identification of temporal and spatial factors associated to the spread of aquatic disease
0229909 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Smith, MA, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Administrative Support for Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture Benefiting New York Agriculture Today and Positioning it for the Future
0229750 REVISED HATCH Makus, L. D. Makus, LA, D.. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Assessing PNW Price Behavior to Enhance Price Risk Management for Agricultural Producers and Handlers of Grain
0229062 REVISED HATCH Ravishankar, S. Ravishankar, SA. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Use of Ozone & Plant Antimicrobials for Improving Safety & Quality of Organic Leafy Greens
0228973 REVISED HATCH Davis, T. Davis, T, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Reproductive Performance in Domestic Ruminants
0228937 REVISED HATCH Kim, J. Kim, JA. NORTHERN MARIANAS COLLEGE MP Optimal processing conditions for healthy vinegar drink using sour sop (Annona muricata L.)
0228715 REVISED HATCH Mullis, R. M. Mullis, R. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Children as Change Agents for Prevention of Childhood Obesity
0228664 REVISED HATCH Mccurdy, S. Mccurdy, SA. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Analysis and Interpretation of Impact Data of Teaching a Curriculum for Food Service Food Safety Education to High School Students
0228596 REVISED HATCH Stafford, K. Stafford, K. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Family Firms and Policy in Times of Disruption (NC1030)