Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1021072 REVISED HATCH Nelson, E, . Nelson, E, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Detection and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus and Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine
1021129 REVISED HATCH Gu, XI, . Gu, XI, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Seed Quality and Performance
1021151 REVISED HATCH Anderson, G, . Anderson, G, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD A novel approach to reducing air contaminate release from swine confinement buildings and an advanced diaphragm design model for buildings
1021292 REVISED HATCH Weidauer, LE, . Weidauer, LE, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Exploring the Role of Diet and Physical Activity in Muscle, Bone, and Joint Health Across the Lifespan.
1021582 REVISED HATCH Osterloh, KR, . Osterloh, KR, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Digital Soil Mapping to Improve Precision Agriculture and Land Management in South Dakota
1021667 REVISED HATCH Yang, XU. Yang, XU. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Development of a cost-effective environmental monitoring system for swine and dairy operations
1021718 REVISED HATCH Wu, YA, . Wu, YA. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Improving Forage and Bioenergy Crops for Better Adaptation, Resilience, and Flexibility
1023153 REVISED HATCH St-Pierre, BE, . St-Pierre, BE, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Investigating transcriptional regulation of metabolic networks in ruminal bacteria
0156825 REVISED HATCH Brown, W. F. Brown, W. F. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Administration of Hatch Research
0172517 REVISED HATCH Brown, W. F. Brown, WI, F.. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Multistate Research Coordination, Southern Region
0224186 REVISED HATCH Klingeman, WI. Klingeman, WI. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Alternative Management Strategies for Urban Landscapes and Ornamental Plant Production
1009769 REVISED HATCH Smith, MI. Smith, MI. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing Poultry Production in Elevated Temperature Environments
1012359 REVISED HATCH Chmely, ST, C. Rials, TI, G.. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Adding value to lignocellulosic biomass through integrated biorefining
1012932 REVISED HATCH Hickling, GR, . Miller, DE. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Investigations in One Health: Surveillance, Risk and Management of Pathogen Transmission Among Free-ranging Wildlife, Domestic Species and Humans
1013923 REVISED HATCH Sorochan, JO, . Sorochan, JO. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Sustainable Turfgrass Management Practices for the 21st Century
1014161 REVISED HATCH Butler, DA, M.. Butler, DA. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Increasing sustainability of Tennessee fruit and vegetable production systems
1014800 REVISED HATCH Thompson, JA, . Thompson, JA. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing the Competitiveness and Value of U.S. Beef
1016740 REVISED HATCH Stewart, CH, NE. Stewart, CH, NE. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Agricultural Synthetic Biology
1017494 REVISED HATCH Womac, AL. Womac, AL. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy
1017615 REVISED HATCH Trout-Fryxell, RE. Trout Fryxell, RE. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Fly Management in Animal Agriculture Systems and Impacts on Animal Health and Food Safety
1017855 REVISED HATCH Grant, JE, . Grant, JE. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Biological Control of Arthropod Pests and Weeds
1017856 REVISED HATCH Walker, ER, . Grant, JE. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1019648 REVISED HATCH Pantalone, V. Pantalone, V. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Genetic Improvements in soybean Yield, Protein, Oil, and SCN Resistance for Tennessee and the Mid-South Region
1020535 REVISED HATCH Hawkins, SH, . Hawkins, SH. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing Poultry Production Systems through Emerging Technologies and Husbandry Practices
1020538 REVISED HATCH Logan, JO. Stephens, CA. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Cognitive Influence on Teaching, Learning, and Decision Making Around Critical Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues
1022068 REVISED HATCH Moorey, SA, . Moorey, SA. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Influence of ovary, uterus, and embryo on pregnancy success in ruminants
0183581 REVISED HATCH Nessler, C. Stover, PA. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Multistate Research Coordination, Southern Region
0208380 REVISED HATCH Reddy, S. M. Reddy, SA. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Methods for control of economically important viral diseases of poultry
0208578 REVISED HATCH Lupiani, B. Lupiani, B. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development of diagnostic tests and vaccines and identification of molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of avian viruses
1006315 REVISED HATCH Ansley, R, JA. Castillo, AL, . TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Ecology, Management and Utilization of Woody Plants on Rangelands