Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1021548 REVISED HATCH Hock, GA, A. Hock, GA, A. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Multistate Agricultural Literacy Research
1021607 REVISED HATCH Presley, D. Presley, DE. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Land use and management practice impacts on soil carbon and associated agroecosystems services
1021608 REVISED HATCH Patrignani, AN, . Patrignani, AN. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Soil, Water, and Environmental Physics to Sustain Agriculture and Natural Resources
0063381 REVISED HATCH Wintersteen, W. K. Robison, DA, J.. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Regional Research Coordination, North Central Region
1011809 REVISED HATCH Greder, KI. Greder, KI, AN. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Iowa Rural Latino Family Project: Exploration of Individual and Family Influences on Health and Well-being
1017042 REVISED HATCH Keating, AI, . Keating, AI. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Physiological basis of animal production, health and welfare
1017235 REVISED HATCH Mosher, GR, A. Mosher, GR, A. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and BioProcess Coproducts
1017381 REVISED HATCH Choi, EU, . Choi, EU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment
1017842 REVISED HATCH Ramirez-Ramirez, HU, A. Appuhamy Jayasooriya, RA. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows
1020745 REVISED HATCH Francis, SA, LU. Francis, SA, LU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving the health span of aging adults through diet and physical activity.
1020989 REVISED HATCH Archontoulis, SO, . Archontoulis, SO. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Predicting Genotype by Management by Environment Interactions across Scales
0030193 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Smith, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station Administrative Project
0164647 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Gilbert, R. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Hatch Faculty Travel and Publications
0181801 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Smith, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Multistate Research Coordination Northeastern Region
0184740 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. Smith, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Administrative Support for Plant Growth Facilities, Environmental Growth Chamber and Non-growth Chambers at Cornell University
0220894 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. Smith, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Administrative Support for Communications Services for Multidisciplinary Research Projects at Cornell University to Maximize Impact
0224205 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Smith, MA, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Administrative Support for Adoption of a Culture of Sustainability Emphasizing Distributed Bioenergy Production and Energy Conservation to Reduce Cornell's Carbon Footprint
0229909 REVISED HATCH Hoffmann, M. P. Smith, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Administrative Support for Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture Benefiting New York Agriculture Today and Positioning it for the Future
1007200 REVISED HATCH Angenent, LA, T.. Moraru, CA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Converting NYS Greek Yogurt Waste into a Valuable Platform Chemical - Caproic Acid Oil
1007388 REVISED HATCH Grantham, DE, G. Grantham, DE, G.. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Evaluation of Spectral Data from UAVs to Measure Soil Parameters and Crop Yields
1011065 REVISED HATCH Hay, AN. Hay, AN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY What Happens to E. Coli in the Soil
1011555 REVISED HATCH Ortiz-Bobea, AR, . Ortiz-Bobea, AR. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research (NC1034)
1013728 REVISED HATCH Williams, LI, . Blakely-Armitage, RO, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Climate Change Risks: Displacement and Migration Impacts in New York State
1013823 REVISED HATCH Ma, MI, . Ma, MI. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Developing a New Class of Antifouling/ntimicrobial Polymer Coatings for Food-Contact Surfaces
1013878 REVISED HATCH Cassidy-Hanley, DO, MA. Cassidy-Hanley, DO, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Students Engaging the Environment: A Student and Scientist Collaboration to Assess Invasive and Endangered Fish Species
1013985 REVISED HATCH Mcgrath, MA. Mcgrath, MA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improving Management of Diseases Impacting Long Island Vegetable Crops
1014115 REVISED HATCH Buchon, NI, S. Buchon, NI, S. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Optimizing Biocontrol Agents: Proof of Principle with the Spotted Wing Drosophila
1014293 REVISED HATCH Alcaine, SA, DA. Alcaine, SA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Phage-based Visualization of Listeria Contamination in Dairy Products for Improved Food Safety
1014296 REVISED HATCH Whitlock, JA. Whitlock, JA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Assessing the Efficacy of a Mobile Intervention for Reducing Self-Injury