Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0227054 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lappin, J. Goforth,Brett CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Year 4: Watershed Management Experiential Learning for USDA Careers
1004493 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Samson, B. J. Samson,Biuma COLLEGE OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS MH Year V: Developing Distance Education in Food and Agricultural-Related Sciences in Insular Areasâ¿¿ Institutions
1004338 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. Brummer,Edward UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Yield Improvement and Fall Dormancy Characterization in Alfalfa
1012592 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perry, K. Perry,Kara YOLO, COUNTY OF CA Yolo Bonus Bucks Program
1006216 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS O`Hara, N. O`Hara,Nancy YOLO, COUNTY OF CA Yolo County CalFresh Bonus Bucks Program
0230464 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leong, S. Umar,Gohar FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Youth Development Summer Inst. Phase II: Enhancement of Research & Ext. Learning Labs (RELL), In Search of Next George Washington Carver
1016974 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marlow, A. Marlow,Amber LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Youth Development: Honoring Our Past and Strengthening Our Future
0196796 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Benjamin, J. M. Benjamin, J. M. Sustainable Agriculture Program, Missouri Dept. of Agriculture MO Youth Education Initiative
1010157 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weah, W. Weah,Wokie YOUTHPRISE MN Youth Engagement in Food System Transformation
0222905 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Haynes, B. Haynes,Bruce YMCA of Central New Mexico NM Youth Food Action Project
1027459 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garwood, A. Guerrero,Amoreena GROWING GARDENS OR Youth Grow-Growing Food; Cultivating leaders; Connect students and families with food through hands-on education, develop leaders in food systems and contribute to regional school garden programs.
1017183 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frechette, B. Frechette,Brandon Leigh COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Youth Heritage Program
0197923 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boyles, S. L. Boyles, S. L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Youth Livestock Environmental Assurance Program
0210530 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chamberlin, B. Chamberlin, B. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Youth Understanding of Food Borne Illness, with Computer-Based Intervention for Science Classroom and Informal Learning Settings
0220173 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Black, L. R. Black, L. R. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE OR Youth/Adult Teams: Working Together to Prepare for Disasters
1011201 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hall, C. M. Hall,Cristin Marie PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Zero Suicides - Safe Kids: Supporting Empowering Students At-Risk (SEAS)
1010416 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Connelly, C. R. Telg,Ricky W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Zika Information and Preparedness Campaign
1005557 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, E. G. Johnson,Evan G UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Zinkicide A Nanotherapeutic for HLB
1004509 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS LeJeune, J. T. LeJeune,Jeffrey T. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Zoonoses Prevention in Rural and Underserved Populations
1024306 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marlow, A. Worthing,Aundrea LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI “Weshki niigaanizijig: New Leaders into the Future”