Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027377 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jeppson, A. Jeppson,ashley DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE NEVADA NV Nevada Farm and Rancher Assistance Network
1027387 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cohenour, M. Cohenour,Meriruth AGRICULTURE FOOD AND FORESTRY, OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF OK Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Mental Health Initiative
1027388 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bloomer, C. Flaherty,Linda Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties NV Rural Retail Fruit and Vegetable Project
1027393 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Green, G. T. Green,Gregory Tamu SR1 MS Community Oriented Opportunities for Learning (C.O.O.L.™) Farming Project
1027394 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Laban, A. Laban,Amanda GUIDESTONE CO Securing a Future on the Land: Improving Land Access Education and Land Matching Services for Colorado Farmers, Ranchers and Land Owners
1027410 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN NCRCRD-Resilient Rural Communities
1027429 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cutulle, M. Cutulle,Matthew CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Developing a national team to optimize non-herbicide weed management techniques in cole and leafy green crops
1027437 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hill, M. Hill,Michael PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN National Plant Diagnostic Network (CERIS- Purdue University)
1027441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Myers, A. E. Linnell,Dusti OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE OR Coast to Forest Rural Expansion: Mitigating COVID-19 and Mental Health Crises in Lincoln and Lake Counties
1027445 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stafne, E. T. Stafne,Eric Thomas MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Exploring the Potential of Passion Fruit in Subtropical North America
1027452 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guan, W. Guan,Wenjing PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Develop a System-based Approach for Managing Root-knot Nematode on Vegetable Crops in Temperate Regions
1027454 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckner, E. R. Wakefield,Dexter ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Scholarships for Students at 1890 Institutions, Alcorn State University School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
1027459 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garwood, A. Guerrero,Amoreena GROWING GARDENS OR Youth Grow-Growing Food; Cultivating leaders; Connect students and families with food through hands-on education, develop leaders in food systems and contribute to regional school garden programs.
1027463 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Caley, M. Caley,Megan SPROUT CITY FARMS, INC. CO Agrivoltaic Incubator Project for Specialty Crop Production in Colorado
1027471 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bowyer, S. Bowyer,Shane MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, MANKATO MN Applied Agriculture in Action
1027474 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mutini, S. I. Mutini,Solialealofiole I.T. ASG DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AS American Samoa Department of Agriculture (ASDOA) Farmers De-stress & Prevention Assistance Grant
1027475 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fox, M. Fox,McKenzie KENTUCKY HORTICULTURE COUNCIL, INC. KY Connecting the Dots: The Kentucky Farm to School Network
1027487 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Henricksen, L. Johnson,Jennifer LOWER COLUMBIA SCHOOL GARDENS WA Lower Columbia School Gardens: Facilitating Garden-based food, agriculture and nutrition education for rural southwest Washington K-8 Youth
1027490 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, G. L. Iles,Jeffery IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Increasing Resiliency through Greater Tree Diversity
1027545 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BYRD, T. BYRD,TATJANA EARTH CHARTER INDIANA, INC. IN Thriving Schools Challenge: School Gardens for Youth Leadership & Food Equity
1027546 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marutani, M. MARUTANI,MARI N UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Building Research and Communication Skills in Food and Agriculture Science Education at University of Guam.
1027548 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cox, J. L. Cole,Dawn UNITED WAY OF NORTHERN NEW YORK INC. NY Food Policy Council of Jefferson County
1027552 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, S. Marshall,Susie GLEANING NETWORK OF TEXAS, THE TX More North Texas Farm Success
1027553 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Henderson, H. Post,Ava WATTS LABOR COMMUNITY ACTION COMMITTEE CA Regenerating Watts Farmers, Renewing Watts Farms
1027560 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garreau, J. Garreau,Julie CHEYENNE RIVER YOUTH PROJECT, INC. SD Planning for Food Sovereignty and Security on the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux Reservation
1027589 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Page, S. Callens,Judith AGRICULTURE, OREGON DEPARTMENT OF OR Oregon Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Support
1027611 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bell, K. Bell,Kay NATIONAL WOMEN IN AG - TEXAS CHAPTER TX National Women in Ag Texas Chapter presents: Learning Important Farming Training Skills (L.I.F.T.S) Project
1027697 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clarke, J. Clarke,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE National Ag Producer Data Cooperative: A Strategic Framework for Innovation
1028360 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN NCRCRD: Enhancing Regional Partnerships