Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0208070 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Liu, Z. Liu, Z. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WV Efficient Tissue-Specific Transgene Removal and Containment System (TRECS) in Plants
0208152 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hibbard, B. E. Hibbard, B. E. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MO Risk of Western Corn Rootworm Adaptation to Transgenic Corn
0211504 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weller, D. M. Weller,David M. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WA Ecology and fitness of transgenic Pseudomonas fluorescens
0211509 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hellmich, R. L. Hellmich,Richard L. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IA Effects of new Bt products and larval ecology on the relative risks of European corn borer IRM strategies
0211768 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Liu, Z. Liu, Z. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WV An Integrated RNAi and amiRNA Silencing-Based Approach for Eco-Friendly and -Stable Sterility Effective for Transgene Containment in Plants
0218887 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cavigelli, M. A. Cavigelli,Michel AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD On-Farm Research and Extension to Support Sustainable Nutrient Management of Organic Grain Cropping Systems in the Mid-Atlantic Region
0219763 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hibbard, B. E. Hibbard,Bruce E AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MO Risk of western corn rootworm adaptation to transgenic corn
0219988 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhu, H. Zhu,Heping AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE OH Intelligent Spray Systems for Floral and Ornamental Nursery Crops
0220036 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scorza, R. Scorza,Ralph AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WV "FasTrack" a revolutionary approach to long generation cycle specialty crop breeding
0222310 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scott, P. Scott,Paul AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IA Strengthening public corn breeding to ensure that organic farmers have access to elite cultivars.
0222643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shipitalo, M. Shipitalo, M. J. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE OH Environmental Sustainability of Organic Farming Systems: On-Farm, Experimental, and Watershed Assessments
0222673 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, Y. Luo,Yaguang AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Innovative Technologies and Process Optimization for Food Safety Risk Reduction Associated with Fresh and Fresh-cut Leafy Green Vegetables
0223407 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS MILLER, P. J. Miller,Patti J Agricultural Research Service GA Recombinant Newcastle Disease Vaccines: Risk for Recombination, Reversion to Virulence and Spread in Non-Target Species
0226276 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simon, P. W. Simon,Philipp W. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Carrot Improvement for Organic Agriculture With Added Grower and Consumer Value
0226308 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Donoghue, A. M. Donoghue,Annie Marian AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE AR Use of Natural Strategies to Alleviate Enteric Pathogens in Organic Poultry
0226415 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Greene, S. Greene,Stephanie AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE WA Fostering coexistence: industry-driven field and landscape research on pollen-mediated gene flow in genetically engineered alfalfa
0226692 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leskey, T. C. Leskey,Tracy C Agricultural Research Service PA Biology, ecology, and management of brown marmorated stink bug in orchard crops, small fruit, grapes, vegetables, and ornamentals
0227144 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, J. Sheley,Roger L. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE OR A systems approach to seedling establishment on degraded rangeland: Managing ecological processes driving recruitment bottlenecks
0228837 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Isbell, T. A. Isbell,Terry Allen AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Accelerated Commercial Development of Hydrotreated Renewable Jet Fuel (HRJ) from Redesigned Oilseed Feedstocks Supply Chains
0231089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boateng, A. A. Boateng,Akwasi A Agricultural Research Service PA Distributed On-Farm Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biochemicals (FarmBio3) Development and Production via Integrated Catalytic Thermolysis
1000602 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Brunet,Johanne AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Linking pollinator behavior to gene flow to reduce gene flow risk over the landscape
1003877 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scott, P. Scott,Paul AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Breeding Non-commodity corn for organic production systems.
1004474 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Root Traits to Enhance Nutrient and Water Use in Alfalfa
1007133 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Yu, L. Yu,Long-Xi AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Developing Molecular Markers For Enhancing Resistance To Drought And High Salinity In Alfalfa
1007219 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Handler, A. M. Handler,Alfred M. Agricultural Research Service GA Assessment and mitigation of genetic breakdown of transgenic conditional lethality systems in insect pest species
1007473 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cavigelli, M. Cavigelli,Michel AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Leveraging Long-Term Agroecological Research to Improve Agronomic, Economic, and Environmental Performance of Organic Grain Production
1007504 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mirsky, S. B. Mirsky,Steven Brian AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Creating the Cover Crops that Organic Farmers Need: Delivering Regionally Adapted Varieties across America
1007557 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grusak, M. A. Grusak,Michael A. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE AR Innovating Beans: Linking Agronomic Aims with Functional Attributes to Increase Dry Bean Consumption for Human Health
1007599 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhu, H. Zhu,Heping AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Advancement of pesticide spray applications in specialty crop production with intelligent-decision technologies