Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0220107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Arabi, M. A. Arabi,Mazdak COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO A Multi Criteria Decision Tool for the Assessment and Planning of Watershed Management Practices
0223079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sauve, R. J. Sauve,Roger TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A molecular model for tolerance to toxic metal ions in plants
1007232 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jabbour, R. Jabbour,Randa UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY A modular curriculum to teach critical concepts in organic agriculture across regions
0225877 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moore, K. J. Moore,Kenneth J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Modeling Approach to Unifying Concepts Taught in a Professional MS Agronomy Curriculum
1012118 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ning, Z. H. Ning,Zhu Hua SOUTHERN UNIV LA A Modeling Approach to Climate Change and Natural Resource Education
0219643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westgate, M. E. Westgate,Mark Edward IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A model to predict gene flow in open-pollinated crops
0189885 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schwartz, S. J. Schwartz, S. J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH A model system for functional foods: tomato products containing soy
0189042 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rakocy, J. E. Rakocy, J. E. UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI A Model Integrated Small Farm for the U.S. Caribbean and Pacific Islands
0223387 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maliga, P. Pal Maliga RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ A mode of inheritance survey in Medicago truncatula assessing the feasibility of transgene containment in plastids
0223082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pomper, K. W. Pomper,Kirk KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY A Mobile Kitchen for Fruit and Vegetable Processing Training and Extension Initiatives for Pawpaw and Sorghum Syrup
0218409 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bingen, J. Bingen, J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Michigan-French Partnership to Strengthen Global Competence in Agric. And Tourism
0219314 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dworkin, M. S. Vargas, L. R. UNIV OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO IL A Menu for AIDS Patients to Eat Safely
1017029 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pick, L. Pick,Leslie UNIV OF MARYLAND MD A mechanism-based strategy to assess risks of RNA interference in agricultural systems.
0186406 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eastwood, D. B. Eastwood, D. B. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN A Marketing Systems Approach to Removing Barriers Confronting Small-Volume Fruit and Vegetable Growers
0231213 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sleeper, F. Sleeper,Faye Regents of the University of Minnesota MN A Management Tool for Small Community Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: The Community System Owner`s Guide
0211995 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schoen, R. Schoen, R. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DC A Leadership Summitt to Effect Change in Teaching and Learning
0189965 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crawford, H. R. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Land Grant Network to Enhance Tribal College Community Natural Resources Education Programs
0186433 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Saylor, W. W. Saylor, W. W. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE A Holistic Evaluation of Phosphorus Management Practices for Animal Agriculture
1010714 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frye, M. Frye,Melinda COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO A Holistic Approach to Expanding Rural Veterinary Services and Improving Retention of Rural Practitioners
1012172 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fletcher, D. J. Fletcher,Daniel John CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY A High-Fidelity Veterinary Clinical Simulation Platform
0219236 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pawlak, J. J. Pawlak,Joel NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Graduate Program of Study in Biological Processing of Forest Materials
1002301 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS PHANEUF, D. J. PHANEUF,DANIEL J UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A graduate program in resource economics at the University of Wisconsin - Adaptation to climate change and policy
0219259 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wilcox, B. Krutovsky,Konstantin V. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A Graduate Program in Forest Resources: Developing Integrated Expertise in Forest Resource, Management, Conservation, and Restoration
0223050 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ozbay,G Ozbay,Gulnihal DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE A geospatial teaching laboratory for student education
0215277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, X. Wang,Xiaofei TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A genomic and proteomic search for segregating adipose genes in broilers
1012622 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bidgood, E. Bidgood,Emily APPALACHIAN RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL TN A fruit and vegetable prescription pilot program for northeast TN and southwest VA, impacting 100 SNAP-recipient families in Washington County, TN
0198072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Radcliffe, D. E. Radcliffe, D. E. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A Framework for Trading Phosphorus Credits in the Lake Allatoona Watershed
1013028 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krish FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL A Foundation for New Farmers in South Florida: Training and Transitioning Farmworkers and Veterans into Farmers and Nursery Growers
0212308 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McGill,D,W McGill,David W WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV A Forest Conservation Outreach Program Using the Netflix Model in West Virginia and Western Maryland
0214225 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhao, X. Zhao,Xin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Florida-Spain partnership for strengthening organic agriculture research and education