Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0214194 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Workman, S. R. Workman, S. R. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY International Education and Training for Food, Fiber, and Energy Production
0220376 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Worku, M. Worku,Millie NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Agricultural Systems Engineering - Fellowship Program
1015207 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Worthen, D. Worthen,Dreamal FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Apalachicola Fire Station Incubator/Accelerator Project
1016973 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marlow, A. Worthing,Aundrea LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Ojibwe Cultural Education: Harvesting, Processing, and Consuming Natural Resources Sustainably
1024306 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marlow, A. Worthing,Aundrea LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI “Weshki niigaanizijig: New Leaders into the Future”
1031691 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Worthing, A. Worthing,Aundrea LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Hemp Intercropping to Build Soil Health and Profitability
1020252 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Worthington, M. Worthington,Margaret UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Research and extension needs assessment for the U.S. blackberry industry
1010456 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wortman, S. Wortman,Sam UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Leveraging Management To Speed Degradation Of Bio-Based Mulches In Soil
0222785 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, A. N. Wright,Amy AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Creating Virtual Nursery Trips to Improve On-Campus and Distance Education in Nursery Production
1006139 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, A. M. Wright,Ashton Potter BLUE GRASS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION KY The Bluegrass Double Dollars Pilot Program
0229395 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, J. C. Wright,Jifunza Charlene Alda Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living IL Rotating Apprenticeships Farmer Training in Chicago
0215160 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, K. Wright,Kevin WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Operation: Military Kids - Ready, Set, Go! Project
1014167 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wright, M. G. Wright,Mark UNIV OF HAWAII HI IPM extension and implementation, Hawaii
0222542 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wrinkle, N. Wrinkle,Nancy Northeastern Illinois University IL CREAR: Collaboration and Retention in Environmental and Agricultural Research
1010638 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Critzer, F. J. Wszelaki,Annette UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Bridging the Gap: Effective Risk Mitigation Through Adoption of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems
0218286 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Q. Wu, Q. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Thermoplastics Composites Reinforced with Natural Fibers and Inorganic Nano-Particles
1020384 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, B. WU,BULAN UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Improvement of Tropical Agriculture and Food Science Research at the University of Guam
0228632 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, J. Wu,JunJie OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR OSU-UC Davis Partnership For Agricultural and Resource Policy Research
0208834 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, V. Wu,Vivian Chi-Hua UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Patulin in Food Through Novel Sensor Development, Fungal Identification and New Processing Methods
1018068 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Y. Wu,Ying TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Microencapsulation for target delivery of antibiotic alternatives to enhance poultry performance
0214221 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu, Z. WU,ZHIGUO COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE PA Enhanc. veterinary schl faculty & student competence in a global econo. thru curricu. bldg & strgthing collabor. w/Chinese dairy industry
1016544 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wu-Smart, J. Wu-Smart,Judy UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Great Plains Regional Training for Beginning Beekeeping Farmers
1016907 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wuertz, N. Wuertz,Nicholas LUTHERAN SERVICES IN IOWA, INC. IA Training and Empowering Central Iowa Refugee Farmers for Success
0190631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wyman, J. A. Wyman, J. A. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Novel Tactics for Risk Reduction, Resistance Management, and Profit Through Pest Suppression
0226253 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wyse, D. Wyse,Donald UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Developing Native and Native-European Hybrid Hazelnut Germplasm and Agronomics for the Upper Midwest
0219172 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xiao, H. Xiao,Hang UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Food Science Graduate Training in Food and Health with Emphasis on Ingredient Delivery Systems and Food Policy
0232324 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xiao, H. Xiao,Hang UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Development of Naturally-Derived Antioxidant Esters to Minimize Lipid Oxidation in Low-Moisture Foods
1014224 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xiong, X. Xiong,Xi UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Developing Innovative IPM Tactics for Billbug Control in Urban Environments through Early Detection and Non-Chemical Approaches
1017104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, G. C. Xu,Jianfeng ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Isolated Microspore Culture of Soybean: A Pathway to Doubled Haploids