Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023412 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS ZIMMERMAN, T. W. Zimmerman,Thomas W UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Supporting Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Agriculture
1023426 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pryor, B. Pryor,Barry UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Building A Western Commercial Mushroom Research Network (Wmrn)
1023427 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Marutani, M. Marutani,Mari UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Linking Insular Institutions for Higher Education Success
1023438 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zystro, J. Zystro,Jared ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Planning for Organic Seed Production Research
1023439 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, S. Johnson,Sara California State University, Fullerton CA The U-ACRE Project: Broadening Opportunities for High Impact Service-Learning Experiences in Agroecological Research
1023441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wen, H. Wen,Han UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX Redesigning and Customizing Food Safety Education for Hospitality Management Students in the U.S
1023442 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Loriz, C. Loriz,Cara ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA Connecting community to strengthen organic seed breeding and research
1023468 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fields, J. S. Fields,Jeb Stuart LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Ensuring the Future Success of North American Specialty Crops through Soilless Substrate Science
1023477 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ward, T. Gilmour,Lindsay EASTON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION MD Building the Capacity of Community-Based Produce Safety Education for Hard-to-Reach Farmers in the Mid-Atlantic
1023482 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fulcher, A. F. Fulcher,Amy Fagerlin UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN L.E.A.P. Labor, Efficiency, Automation and Production for Sustainability in the Nursery Crops Industry
1023486 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Interlandi, S. DeVoss,Margaret SOUTHSIDE COMMUNITY LAND TRUST RI Multilingual Food Safety Training from Field to Market for Small R.I. Farmers and Food Processors
1023488 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Feiereisel, K. Feiereisel,Kali COMMUNITY ALLIANCE WITH FAMILY FARMERS FOUNDATION CA Expanding Food Safety Resources for Local Food Producers in California
1023491 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mitchell, W. McCarthy,Billy NATIONAL FARMERS UNION FOUNDATION DC Assisting Small- and Medium-Sized Farmers through Cross-State Collaboration
1023493 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Adhikari, A. Adhikari,Achyut LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Develop And Deliver On-Farm Biological Soil Amendment Of Animal Origin Course Integrated With Hands-On Training
1023495 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wieczorek, A. WIECZOREK,ANIA UNIV OF HAWAII HI Hi!ag Consortium University of Hawaii: Expanding Agricultural Education in FY2020
1023502 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckland, K. Buckland,Kristine OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Developing the Organic Medicinal Herb Industry
1023505 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blas, A. L. Blas,Andrea L UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Capacity improvement for agricultural biotechnology and molecular diagnostics research and education at the University of Guam
1023519 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McFall, P. McFall,Pauline AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS American Samoa Community College - RIIA Grant
1023522 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Collier, S. Collier,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Transforming the Capacity of Higher Education to Train Future Food Systems Leaders: A Novel UW/WSU Approach
1023527 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wickings, K. G. Wickings,Kyle N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Assessing Best Management Practices, Design Options and Public Perceptions Towards a New Ionic American Lawn
1023541 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ullmann, K. Dixon,Colin UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Modernizing agricultural education through community based, culturally responsive experiential learning
1023543 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Magee, C. Magee,Christianne COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Virtual Bovine Anatomy
1023559 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, C. W. Simmons,Christopher W UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Development And Evaluation Of Novel Online Virtual Environment And Virtual Reality Tools To Enhance Instruction of Food Processing Curricula
1023563 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shankle, M. W. Shankle,Mark W. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS CleanSEED: A planning project to ensure the sustainability of U.S. sweetpotato seed programs.
1023569 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jacobsen, K. L. Jacobsen,Krista L. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Reclaiming High Tunnel Soil Health for Sustained Specialty Crop Production
1023574 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Scott, S. Scott,Samuel NORTH-SOUTH INSTITUTE FL Developing Market System Resilience through the Delivery of Food Safety Training and Outreach to Beginning, Socially Disadvantaged, and Veteran Farmers in Treasure Coast and South Florida Counties
1023581 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zegarra, J. Zegarra,Jorge COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS FOUNDATION CA College of the Sequoias FSMA Training for small and mid-sized farms, small processors, and small fruit and vegetable wholesalers in California’s Central Valley.
1023587 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tobin, D. Tobin,Daniel UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Northeast Organic Seed Conference: Strengthening the Regional Organic Seed Sector
1023589 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chen, Y. Chen,Yan LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Establishing Partnership And Building Infrastructure For Production, Harvesting, Processing, And Marketing Of U.S.-Grown Tea
1023593 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parr, J. B. Parr,Jessica Beckett CCOF FOUNDATION CA A Multi-state Initiative to Support Organic Food Processors with Food Safety Compliance